Pacific Rim!AU

A/N: Miroku and Sango got some monster butt to kick. 800 words

“We’re compatible, you know.”

Sango looks up from the giant yellow machine she had been tinkering with (to get this exact man out of her mind), shoots him a wildly unimpressed glare, and turns her back to him to, continuing her tampering.

“Miroku, I think the word you’re looking for is: incompatible.” She chews on her cheek and then fiddles around her tool box for another wrench.

The man stares at the grease markings on her shoulders for a second, recalling the way those same shoulders bent and flexed when they were avoiding him in battle. Her arms dancing like the matching electricity that ran tingles down his spine; her moving around him and he moving around her like they were born for it.

When he had challenged her for a spar in the training room earlier that day, he had no idea that it would awaken a longing in his brain stem so deep that every cell in his body cried out to meet hers.

She was attractive, that was indisputable; but a gravitational force that centered him so perfectly he couldn’t help but be enticed by it?

Nothing can prepare you for that.

“As much as I’d like to entertain that line of thought, I think you know what I’m talking about.” He licks his lips and crosses his arms, trying to reel in his confidence.

Sango’s head jerks up, the skin lining the back of her neck tightening. Because she does know.

“We’re Drift compatible.”

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2016 Sketch #203: PACIFIC GRIMM
Movie poster rough

Had this idea for a year now and I wanted to pay tribute to Monty in a big way, so what better way than with big Mecha? PACIFIC RIM+RWBY crossover yeah buddy! I hope to do you proud Monty!

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This is the #artvsartist for my cosplay. Oldest one dating back to 2013-2014ish to now. In order of appearance: Scruffy Morty, Draco Malfoy, Hermann Gottlieb, Veronica Santangelo,(me, irl) Ruby from Rubyquest, Hunter Zombie, Star Butterfly, and an Atom Cat . I just got to my new town, and I’ve got a little more work to do before I can start cosplaying again. This post just motivates me to work harder ☺️ #voltaicandvitriol #artistsoninstagram #coslay #cosplayers #cosplayersofinstagram #rubyquestcosplay #rubyquest #svtfoe #starbutterfly #pacificrim #fallout4 #falloutnewvegas #left4dead #zombie #mortysmith #rickandmorty #dracomalfoy #somanytagsaaaargh

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Gypsy Danger // 11"x14" Ink

I started this in 2014 and I finally picked it up to finish last week. It took longer to finish than I expected 😅 But I definitely do not like the way my past self structured this. Its off symmetrically and the robot framework just doesn’t make sense lol. I should probably redo this one 🤔

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All done #otachi from the movie #pacificrim #kaiju #jimelitwalk #ascensiontattoo #easyglowink @maximotattoocables #whatsnottaliketattoosupply @spikeinkmaster #electrasyncleanser #sketch #joshfordmachines @hopeandanchored #onetrickpony #INKMASTER #inkmasterseason7 @ascension_tattoo @electrasyncleanser @joshford13 (at Ascension Tattoo Orlando)

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anonymous asked:

sorry if this has been asked before, but do you ever plan on continuing your GinHijiGin pacificrim!au?



I have a bunch written for that, I just need to like… go through it and post it. What I already posted is a prequel to the whole thing and all the rest goes through how Gintoki and Hijikata came to be pilots together etc etc I had a lot of fun with it, honestly. I’ll write that down and see if I can revisit it soon to make some of it presentable.