Minato: it’s really hard choosing who to have in the party when its time to fight

Yu: yeah the people you leave behind dont get experience so whoever you have with you your stuck with even if there weak to everything in the place

Akira: what are you guys talking about? my team has a system where three people hang out in the front with me while the others follow a little bit behind us, and I can call for someone to switch out with another person at a moments notice if a enemy has a attack the ally is weak too or someone else has a attack thats useful, but I kinda get the exp complaint since the people in the back dont get as much as those in my current party though i feel like if I talk with mishima about it

Minato & Yu: (very jelous, glaring death at akira)

Akira: W-what’s with the evil eye?

(somehow, you feel as if your bond has grown weaker somehow….)