I bet you weren’t expecting this.

To be honest, we’ve actively shied away from reuploading, redistributing, and even reminding people about Midnight Channel the Musical - also known as the Persona 4 Musical - but after some discussion and a lot of reflecting, we’ve decided to make the songs from this project available to the public again.

For those that don’t know, Midnight Channel is a full length musical adaptation of the video game Persona 4.  The project ended in a bad way, but for several reasons, we believe we should now be able to share these songs again without causing any backlash.  The project is still dead - there will be no performances of the show, and we aren’t writing any more songs - but you can find a playlist of all the show’s songs here. 

Music by jakesmithsings

Lyrics by floatslikebricks

P4DAN Disco Fever Edition Giveaway

This game looks really great, I know I’ll get my copy so for those who want a free copy, if you’d like, you could enter this!

One winner will get x1 Disco Fever Edition and if they are following me I will throw in a special Persona related prize worth $50+ in value.


  • You do not have to be following me unless you’re running for the special prize. You may also follow if you like Persona because that’s all I’ll be blogging about. If you are following for the Persona and not the second prize, please let me know if you win.
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  • I ship from the United States but I’m willing to ship the package internationally, so feel free to enter from wherever you may be located.
  • This giveaway ends September 24th, 2015. The winner will both be messaged and announced on that day.

Good luck! ^_^

tehsharkster asked:

Are you willing to share any details about the nekomata au you commisioned strengestquiet to make art for? I'm always a slut for youkai aus, so I'd love to know any particular details, tidbits, headcanons, or the sort about it. owo

HAHA OH JESUS UH I’ll try and keep this semi short but that’s basically impossible so! Disclaimer: this is a weird mix of Japanese mythos and other assorted stuff that impureimpulse and I thought sounded neat:

Souji’s a bakeneko who comes to Inaba to live. Inaba seems like a normal town to most people, but it’s actually a hive of youkai who all live together. Youkai all have at least one normal form and one human form, so the humans that reside there are all unaware that they’re living among monsters. 

Yosuke’s family is a long-running line of onmyouji, and Yosuke’s dad is the current head of the clan, and protects Inaba from any humans or youkai that cause trouble on the magic side of things. Yosuke is thus-far unaware of this and hasn’t awakened to his abilities, but shortly after Souji arrives (Yosuke befriends him, thinking he’s a transfer student/a weird stray cat that likes to follow him around) he goes digging through his family’s storage and discovers an old necklace and some notes about onmyouji practices. He puts on the necklace, and the pendant seals itself right between his collarbones, and thus his ability to use magic is activated.

After his powers awaken, he can see the forms of all the youkai in town: Chie’s a dog demon, Yukiko’s family is a bunch of tengu (so she’s a bird, basically), Kanji’s an oni, Rise is a kitsune (she moves in later on), Kou’s a kappa (who’s been adopted by an ancient family of dragons), and Daisuke is… just a normal person who remains blissfully unaware. Yosuke can also now see that Souji’s human form has ears, a split tail, and yellow cat eyes. It freaks him out, to say the least. 

Souji eventually talks him into a pact/seal/bond that’s kinda Drakengard-esque in that it binds their lives together, and it takes the form of a seal on his palm (which, when he’s in housecat form, translates to being on his little kitty paw pad) and tl;dr they start to take on some of the responsibilities of protecting the town and interacting with the various youkai that live there. 

(Fun facts: Souji’s got a speech impediment where he tends to turn “na” sounds into “nya”. He’s worked hard to get rid of it, but occasionally when he’s flustered or worked up about something he falls back into using it and will do things like call Yosuke “Hanyamura”. Chie has a similar one where “wa” turns into “wan”, i.e. “Kujikawan”. Also, she and Souji don’t really get along too well at first because Souji likes to stare at Yukiko…)


A bit tenuous of a connection to this blog’s normal contents, but given that I like using the place to dump hard-to-find Atlus information and whatnot in general, I figure this is good enough.

Anyway! For those of you just tuning in, this is the archive for a pre-launch stream Atlus held back in June 2015 for the then soon to be released Persona 4: Dancing All Night over on NicoNico. I went to the trouble of archiving it mainly because apparently nobody on YouTube had already done so, save for a long, low quality encoding of one of DJ Waka’s songs he did live there.

It was a pretty dumb fun time for those looking forward to the game. The main highlights include DJ Waka’s live remixes, his pretty hot Macbook cover, and social media campaigns passing thresholds so fast that the venue couldn’t keep up, among other things. Given that the first 20-ish minutes or so are just pre-stream nothingness it’s highly suggested that you jump to one of the following times below to actually see some content in a timely manner. There’s more that happened, but I ain’t got time to scrub this whole show again.

22:40 Official stream start with an introduction from Teddie and Rise
24:46 Game music video reruns begin
52:40 DJ Waka’s live performance starts
1:30:50 Main show begins
2:54:41 DJ Waka returns for another show

Until next time!



FINALLY ! I wait for like 2 months but I finally found acceptable stage pictures of my mitsuru cosplay ! So happy ! (still waiting for the one with shudan pictures… hope I have them someday !)

its was from the ECG (european cosplay gathering) french preselection at japan expo in paris ^^

I work really hard on this costume, it was my first big contest, and my first catsuit. happily I got a lot of support from my friends.