Ok hear me out: imagine p4: dancing all night but with love live sunshine character, settings, and songs instead. Like you could choose any girl to dance during any song, and it would be sick because we could see the differences between how each girl danced? Like Kanan could have exaggerated movements that looked more like flexing than dancing, while someone like Riko could have more fluid motions. Plus there would be pair dancing (like this) so it could be rly shippy and gay and satisfying on top of having great rhythm game controls

Closed P2/P4/P5 RP with @mintycoolness [Tatsuya Suou/Souji Seta + Ann Takamaki]

“Stop right there!”

The thieves scattered as Tatsuya Suou, with his new detective in training Souji Seta by his side, moved to chase them down the dark alley. 

The only one of them they managed to get was one in a red suit with blonde hair and blue eyes after they cornered her in an alley.

“Nowhere to… run… now!” Souji smiled cheerfully as she stared them with a strangely out of place grin on her face. “Stay put! You are…!”

“Quiet down, Seta.” the redhead spoke as he walked over to the female thief and tied her arms up so she couldn’t fight back. “Less talk, more action. While you are talking, the culprit could already manage to escape. I thought you knew better then this.”

Meanwhile, Panther watched as the younger man - clearly a novice in this work if he was being scolded like this - looked down and nodded.

“Right. I’m sorry, Suou-san…”

“Don’t be.” the detective holding onto her hands shook his head. “You can make up for your mistake by talking to this one… try to find out anything that we could use against them, understood?”

“Yes…” Souji glanced over the girl - who seemed to be only a couple of years younger - in pity but was surprised when all he got in response was a fierce glare. “… you are…”

“Let’s go, you two can talk back at the station…”

“Lead the way, detective.” the blonde girl’s voice showed no fear. In fact, she sounded so smug and amused that it worried Souji…

Tatsuya snorted. “Do me a favor and shut up.”

Hearing an adult speak to her in such a way again, Panther growled sounding suspiciously like the big cat that she was named after but did nothing else as they pushed her inside one of the police cars.

Souji couldn’t help but think that she was just a distraction for the others in her group to get away… and if that was the case…

… would Suou-san even listen to his opinion? 

Unless he came up with some facts, probably not…

( @mintycoolness )

problems with making an amv that covers every persona game:

they all use different resolutions for their cutscenes.

persona 4′s cutscenes are basically squares, but persona 5 uses a widescreen format, and so does the opening of p2is. persona 1 is close to persona 5 when you scale it up a bit, but persona 3 fes has short-wide cutscene resolution. (the top and bottom are blank space.) persona 3 portable flat out doesn’t have animated cutscenes - everything is done with the ingame models - so if i want hamuko i have to break the anime format entirely. persona 2′s ingame cutscenes also do the box thing that p4 does (except the opening).

there’s a solution for p4 and p3 (male version) because they got adapted for tv and movies, which puts them at the same resolution as p5… BUT i have not watched p4ta in a long time and i have NEVER seen the p3 movies, so i don’t know where everything is in them.


stand still in my sight
a switch got hit somewhere back in my mind
just then I realized there what I have
to do, because I couldn’t stand to look
at you across another crowded room
and know that you would not be mine

a kinda minimalistic comic from my sketchbook about a boy in too deep

Persona 5 Ask Meme
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  • 1. Favorite male thief?
  • 2. Favorite female thief?
  • 3. Favorite Persona design?
  • 4. Favorite thief design?
  • 5. #1 thing you are most looking forward to in the game?
  • 6. #1 thing you are not looking forward to in the game?
  • 7. Favorite ship/ships, if any?
  • 8. Character you think will surprise you?
  • 9. Character(s) you will date first?
  • 10.NPC co-ops you are most looking forward to?
  • 11.Your ideal main party? (Pick 3)
  • 12.Top Personas you hope to recruit.
  • 13.Persona 5 theory/headcanon you think will come true.
  • 14.Your opinion on the combat system.
  • 15.How would you spend your ideal in-game day in Persona 5? (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, etc.)
  • 16.List any festivals, school events, or calendar events you want to be in the game (i.e. Beach trip, Valentine's Day)
  • 17. Do you think there is a traitor? If so, who?
  • 18. If there is a cameo from the past games (Persona 1-4), what would you like to see?
  • 19. Do you think Persona 5 will surpass your favorite Persona game?
  • 20. How hyped are you for Persona 5 (add a pic or gif)?
  • 21. What will you name the Persona 5 protagonist?