Gabriels Day (Mate To Three Brothers P4)

Mate To Three Brothers  P2  P3
Parings: Reader x Michael, Reader x Lucifer, Reader x Gabriel
Word Count: 547
Warnings: pranks, swears
A/N: First time writing Michael and first multi-lovers fic so hope you like it! Also with this part I incorporated the song “Dark Side” by Kelly Clarkson for Taylor’s 300 Followers Challenge, lyrics are bolded. Feedback is always greatly appreciated.  
Summary: You were made for the Archangels. It was their choice to accept you or not, there was just one problem when their father made you for them. Every rejection hurt you physically, like a burning pain inside you. It was a kink he couldn’t quite get rid of when he made you…. oops. Will knowing that affect their decision?

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akisona  asked:

Hi Neni, I've heard from several sources that P3 is still more popular in Japan than P4, while it was the other way around in western/overseas markets. Do you have any expansions or theories for why this might have been?

My “theory” is that this is simply a rumor that seems to have originated on TV Tropes. In the one year I spent in Japan, I met more people who knew Persona 4 than Persona 3 and found tons of more merchandise for P4 than for P3, even though the movies for P3 were currently in theaters, while P4′s anime was airing reruns at best (this is relevant, because due to how marketing in Japan works, animated adaption ALWAYS get out more merchandise than whatever they are originally based on.) 

If that isn’t enough to convince you yet; even the P4 Manga was given priority over the P3 Manga by the publisher, making the later be stuck in limbo for ages, while the former actually completed its run recently. This isn’t just due to this one author’s preferences either; on the two Comikets I visited (Comiket being a semi-annual market for self-published works, which always includes copious amounts of fanfiction of all sorts and shapes), the section for Persona 4 was large enough to almost warrant its own small hall both times, while Persona 3 had “only” half a row of tables dedicated to it.

Honestly, I don’t know who planted the “P3 is more popular in Japan than P4″ rumor. As far as I can tell, it might have sprung out in the time from before the Persona 4 Anime aired, during which Atlus was broke and insolvent and had almost no money to advertise Persona 4 after its launch, leading to a brief window of a couple of years where the game was actually more obscure than Persona 3, which, of course, meant that it also had less fans than Persona 3. However, as soon as Atlus was bought by Index and they commissioned the P4 Anime, that changed entirely. I can say without a doubt that nowadays, Persona 4 is definitely the more popular installment between the two, and that this is definitely due to the P4 Anime coming out before the P3 movies did. 

The Persona 4 Anime was probably the most successful advertising campaign Atlus ever ran, and it wasn’t even them who made it happen, but Index. Go figure. 

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@m1nktank asked if the Meme Squad could be a thing. And I said…


Myself as Alphys and the narrator/human

@recorderdude as Sans and Papyrus

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