sometimes when i need a mood boost i just go on amazon and read customer reviews of stuffed animals because theyre always so nice and happy

i just saw this post on /r/relationships where a woman was like “help, this girl who lives in another state stole my amazing original halloween costume idea” and she kept going on and on about how good this costume was and what a “perfect combination of sexy and hilarious” it was and then people went in her post history and proceeded to discover that this costume idea was Kinky Winky, aka a teletubby in bdsm gear

every short film about a trans man

[scene opens on a mother and an underweight white attractive teenager with a good jawline]

mother: Brenda, You half to wear a dress to The Event that we are going to, which is very important .

teenager: Well ok mother.

[teenager goes upstairs]

[teenager removes their clothes and is wearing a perfectly matched underwear and bra for some reason. teenager looks in their full-length mirror with a wistful look on their face. teenager twists around their body to look at it for a solid minute or so. there is a dress on their bed and they put it on]

teenager: Why does this feel so…. Wrong ?

[breathe me by sia starts playing]

[teenager rips off the dress and runs really loudly to the bathroom and grabs some kindergarten scissors and starts dramatically chopping off their hair in giant jagged hunks. the music swells. the camera cuts and they emerge from the bathroom with a perfectly styled undercut, somehow]

[teenager destroys like 3 cabinets searching for ace bandages very dramatically, goes back to full-length mirror, wraps ace bandages around chest, heaves a trembling sigh of relief. teenager puts on a flannel and jeans because those are the only clothes the Trans Council allows us to wear. the music slowly trails out]

[teenager walks confidently downstairs]


teenager: No…. Mother…. I am a boy…. I have been my whole life…. I have been trapped in a womanse body…. And my name….. is………. Brendan.

mother: [slaps teenager across the face]

teenager: AUGH 

mother: Fuck I’m sorry the budget for the production of this film is running out so we have to draw the emotional arc to a close here. I am sorry my child and I will try my best to accept you for who you are

teenager: I understand and forgive you

[they embrace]

[fade to black]

[breathe me by sia plays again]