7.14.16+12:12pm // how i make my spreads! // so a lot of people have been asking me many questions about how i make my spreads, such as where i get my pictures, if i resize them, etc. after weeks of forgetting, i finally remembered to use one week’s spread as my step-by-step “tutorial,” per se. so here you go! long story short, i get my pictures from my aesthetic sideblog @brandisher, arrange/resize them in a word doc, then cut/paste them how i want to. after that comes all the writing and decorating. that’s it! :) hope this helps!

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okay so i’m the first person to stick up for the prequel trilogy but honestly, the thing w those films is that they’re badly scripted & badly directed. lucas’s directorial style was quite out of fashion for the film industry at the turn of the millennium, and that’s why so many of the scenes come off as ‘stiff’ and ‘forced’. a lot of people like to blame the actors for the way the films turned out, but honestly, they’re all good actors and they did what they could with what they were given. if you go back and watch interviews with hayden, ewan, and natalie, this is made clear.