THE PACK MEMBERS + seven heavenly virtues and deadly sins
(3/?) →  Leah Clearwater

I’ll get out of your way. I’ll do whatever you want, except go back to Sam’s pack and be the pathetic ex-girlfriend he can’t get away from.


                                        I sat alone, in bed ‘til the morning
                                      I’m crying, “They’re coming for me.”
                                And I tried to hold these secrets inside me
                                        My mind’s like a deadly disease


THE PACK MEMBERS + seven heavenly virtues and deadly sins 

(2/?) → Sam Uley

What they’ve bred won’t be able to control its thirst. Every human will be in danger.

When we point out that Amerika was the most completely bourgeois nation in world history, we mean a four-fold reality: 1. Amerika had no feudal or communal past, but was constructed from the ground up according to the nightmare vision of the bourgeoisie. 2. Amerika began its national life as an oppressor nation, as a colonizer of oppressed peoples. 3. Amerika not only has a capitalist ruling class, but all classes and strata of Euro-Arnerikans are bourgeoisified, with a preoccupation for petty privileges and property ownership the normal guiding star of the white masses. 4. Amerika is so decadent that it has no proletariat of its own, but must exist parasitically on the colonial proletariat of oppressed nations and national minorities. Truly, a Babylon “whose life was death”.

The settler masses of Colonial Amerika had a situation totally unlike their cousins back in Old Europe. For the privileges of conquest produced a nonproletarian society of settlers. The large majority of settlers were of the property-owning middle classes (insofar as classes had yet become visible in the new society): tradesmen, self-employed artisans, and land-owning farmers. Every European who wanted to could own land. Every white settler could be a property owner. No wonder emigration to the “New World” (newly conquered, newly enslaved) was so popular in Old Europe. No wonder life in Amerika was spoken of almost as a fable by the masses of Old Europe. Young Amerika was capitalism’s real-life Disneyland.
—  J Sakai, Settlers: the mythology of the white proletariat

Baby boomers worked the 9 to 5.

Millennials work the 7 to 5 for minimum wage, followed by a 8 to 12 split shift with a 6 til close on the pot wash, followed by an open shift which violates your legal minimum time between shifts, followed by…

                              “You still belong with us.” I raised my eyebrows. “Two Alphas can’t belong in the same place, Jared. Remember how close it got last night? The instinct is too competitive.” “So are you all just going to hang out with the parasites for the rest of your lives?” he demanded. “You don’t have a home here. You’re already out of clothes,” he pointed out. “You gonna stay wolf all the time? You know Leah doesn’t like eating that way.”

Communists didn’t let you own a factory, and if you did own one when they came to power you were shot. Fascists often refrained from nationalizing a factory, but if you as the alleged owner didn’t do as you were told, you were shot. Under either system, real ownership was in the hands of the omnipotent State, regardless of what any scrap of legal title paper said.
—  Lawrence W. Reed, in his book Excuse Me Professor : Challenging the Myths of Progressivism (Chapter 16: “Ownership Must Be Tempered By Sharing”)
Just him

Theres nothing more beautiful than being at his feet. Rather im serving him on knees or sitting at his feet..holding on to him. He doesn’t see me as worthless or just of use at the moment.
Rather hes choking me, looking down on me as i take him deeper, or bending me over. Im his. In the moment and after,im his.
Rather im sick, or happy. Rather were sitting at home or out… I know i can always look at him and see that goofy smile spread on his face. I can see the uncontrollable want in his eyes.
He loves me. He cares for me. Even when its rough,its love. I let go with him because i know in the end i can trust him with my life and my body.
My power is to give him power, his power is to make me let go. Yet in the midst of it all were equals.