Five days to Magisterium Five: The Bronze Key!

A snippet:

Call’s palms had started to sweat.

Call gritted his teeth and wiped his hands on his pants. Hadn’t Jasper just been testing his Evil Overlordliness? That was what Call needed to focus on. Evil Overlords, even ones who might not remember Evil Overlording, shouldn’t be scared of meeting up with their friends who just happened to be girls. Call was going to be fine. He had this.

With renewed and slightly desperate optimism, he headed toward the tapestry map. He could see Tamara and Aaron, still dancing out on the floor with the others. He wondered if it had occurred to Tamara to ask him to dance, but he knew she would always choose Aaron first. He’d accepted it a long time ago. He didn’t even really mind.

Anyway, Celia had said to come alone. Which he should definitely do if this was going to be about dating. Which he really hoped it wasn’t.

According to the map, the Trophy Room wasn’t far. He headed away from the crowd, through a set of doors and down a marble corridor with small alcoves set into the walls, holding old manuscripts and artifacts. Call liked the clicking sounds his shoes made on the floor as he went. He stopped to peer at an old wristband that must have been the prototype for the one he wore. The leather had been worn thin and several of the stones were missing from their setting. He didn’t recognize the name of the mage who was on the plaque behind it, but the date of his death was 1609, which seemed like a very long time ago.

A few more steps and Call came to the Trophy Room. Over the door, a sign read awards and honors. The door was propped open, so he slipped noiselessly inside.

It was a dim, solemn room, smaller than the main hall. Like the hall, the space was illuminated by an enormous chandelier, this one with blown-glass arms in the shape of octopus tentacles, each sucker dripping with crystals, as though droplets of water clung to them. The walls were covered with a collection of plaques and medallions that must have been given to students at the Collegium.

Call was entirely alone.

He took a turn around the room, glancing at the pictures of mages on the walls, wishing for a window where he could look at a fish or something to pass the time. He was sure Celia would be along in a minute.

After a few more minutes, he decided she wasn’t coming.

He felt unexpectedly glum. If this was his first date, it was a bust.


Novel vol.11 new PV

The Portal fandom is a sprawling place filled with nice art and writing, but I’m honestly craving something that has actual robots in it.

I know that GLaDOS being Caroline puts everything into question, but real, actual artificial intelligences are what peak my interest. Sentient, non-human beings created and then abandoned; a whole underground facility, miles wide, cut off from the rest of the world and under siege of a casually murderous and formidable overlord, housing what sounds like a thriving, functioning society. And societal pressures. Like getting a job and the importance Being of Use, which doesn’t sound like a mindset imparted by the scientists who once commanded the bots at all. No wonder humans have a bad rap down there, the workers of Aperture Laboratories couldn’t have been the most moral and sound of mind. But holy hell, once they died and the robots filled their spots, doing everything their way… what is it like now?

I understand the appeal of tragic backstories of robots who were once human, but Wheatley’s canon offered backstory is really good. A sentient AI whose sole purpose is to make mistakes and offer the worst solution possible to any problem. While also being subtle enough to get GLaDOS to fall for it. Who was then rejected by GLaDOS, pranked repeatedly by the scientists, who had trouble finding work and a place in the overall hierarchy of bot society, who had quite a vendetta with the word “moron” well before GLaDOS used it… I have so many theories. Here’s two.

~Do you think he replaced his real name as the Intelligence Damphening Sphere with “Wheatley” so he could hide what he’s made for? I imagine it would have made him quite a black sheep, especially in the Usefulness department. He was quite eager to escape from Aperture and cut all ties.

~There was a point in the endgame where he tries to save Chell from moving debris by switching the gravity beam off while she was above a pit, and then exclaimed “Wait! No! That’s not helpful! Rrrr, I don’t know why I thought that would help!” Does that mean his programming is equivelant to subconcious thought and out of his control, and if so, is his nervousness (”DON’TPRESSTHATBUTTONWEDON’TKNOWWHATITDOES”) and (somebody pointed this one out before me, saying it contrasted GLaDOS) his ability to analyze the past and learn from it actually coping mechanisms? So that, you know, he doesn’t get himself killed?

Wheatley has an inferiority complex and is angry with his ‘coworkers,’ his old job, himself… and then was placed in charge. The classic “victim turns into bully,” except with more “attempted murder” thrown in.

Just. So much potential. Is there any material that features the cores being actual robots? I’m asking for serious, I’m not having any luck finding many?

Yay! Finished my last commission - the commissioner’s armored OC Overlord Faust enjoying a pina colada!

Thanks so much to all my commissioners for giving me a chance!! I was nervous about my first time doing real commissions but I really enjoyed it and learned a lot.

I’ll be opening them again soon after a short break to work on my webcomic Paracosm– I will be adjusting commission prices and adding more advanced options, so keep an eye out ^_^

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Can you do a mtl about who would be into dating a complete book nerd? I hope this is fluffy enough for you😁

this was really hard to rank, i think they’d all be happy to date you so it’s basically in my head as ‘who is irl a complete book nerd’


Wonwoo (the overlord of book nerds)

Mingyu he is dating a complete book nerd lmao

Jihoon/Woozi (I feel like if he had more free time he’d read a lot)

Joshua (would read with you all the time)

Seungkwan (would ask you about the book you’re reading and if you’re enjoying them and what you’re going to read next)

Seungcheol/S.Coups (would always be bringing you home random books he’s bought because he thinks you’ll like them)

Seokmin/DK (would love listening to your voice if you read to him)

Hansol/Vernon (see DK)

Soonyoung/Hoshi (would be interested in your books but would get distracted easily)

Minghao/The8 (wouldn’t mind you reading a lot but would turn into savage minghao if he thought you were prioritizing the books over him)

Chan/Dino (would get a little grumpy if you paid more attention that the books than to him)

Jeonghan (see Jun)

Jun (would probably try and distract you from reading to get attention on him lmao)


What can we expect from the next tech-dominated administration? We can expect moves, backed also by corporate Republicans, to expand H-1B visas, and increased mandates and subsidies for favored sectors like electric cars and renewable energy. Little will be done to protect our privacy—firms like Facebook are determined to limit restrictions on their profitable “sharing” of personal information. But with regard to efforts to break down encryption systems key to corporate sovereignty, they will defend privacy, as seen in Apple’s resistance to sharing information on terrorist iPhones. Not cooperating against murderers of Americans is something of fashion now among the entire hoodie-wearing programmer culture.
Louis Walsh on One Direction split, 'monster' pop stars and why Nick Grimshaw was wrong for X Factor
When Louis Walsh was signed up by his old music-industry buddy Simon Cowell to judge The X Factor, back in 2004, he had no idea what he was getting himself into.

[Walsh is a tool, but this article is pretty good. The writer gets in some solid hits while writing the required XF promo piece]

“Simon’s mind would be ticking over: ‘Who am I going to throw to the vultures tonight?’ and it was usually me. I did mind initially because I had the idea that [The X Factor] was a talent show. But it’s not, it’s a soap opera meets reality show.”

In that soap, Walsh played tittering court jester to Cowell’s evil overlord: weeping, bickering, wailing: “This is one of the hardest decisions I’m ever going to have to make,” as he consigned no-hopers to showbiz oblivion, or “You owned the stage!” to the likes of his favoured acts such as, er, Jedward.

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What would you think of an Overlord themed game played Fire Emblem style?

Do you want my yggdrasil gold coins now or later? I want the first copy.

Crux sacra sit mihi lux! Non draco sit mihi dux!

“May the holy cross be my light! May the dragon never be my overlord!”“ Awesome. As soon as I have my own walls, that’s getting painted in gothic lettering.

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why ever time i google overlord i found some gay img about robot love wtf is that ?

We don’t talk about that. *cringes* Stick to writing “Overlord "Anime”.