Breathe × Part 2 × Justin Bieber Imagine

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The next week in the hospital was not as terrible as I had originally expected it to be. Justin along with my mom and two brothers had practically moved into the hospital and taken over my floor.

My mom made sure I was being fed only organic, natural, vegan foods. My brothers made sure I was entertained, constantly bringing in new boardgames or movies that I loved. And Justin was a source of safety, the only time he left my bedside was to use the restroom or shower.

I was having a hard time sleeping and he made that easier by telling me stories or singing until I dozed off.

The doctors still had no explanation for what had happened. My heart rate was back to a normal pace, my lungs are working again, but there was no reason for me to have collapsed. All systems of my body came to a hault and the terrifying thing is that it could happen again at any moment. Tomorrow I am supposed to be released but if the improvement stops they will have to bring me back in for even more testing

Their biggest fear was that it was cancer, lung cancer specifically. But there were no cancer cells in my body. It was a mystery.

Although I hadn’t gotten out of bed much the past week, I was exhausted. If I didn’t have a visitor, I was doing interview after interview over the phone, meeting after meeting on skype followed by quality time with family.

Tonight my brothers would be staying with my mom in her Calabasas home, they deserved to sleep in a real bed.

Justin was the only one left to stay with me.

Our relationship wasn’t awkward, but it wasn’t what it once was. He’s changed a lot, with his new album and new persona it was almost strange to see him being so.. organic.

His clothes actually fit him, he had even asked my brother Harley to give him a haircut which the nurses were NOT happy about.

Justin was being himself, the part of him I thought had disappeared a long time ago.

That night after the nurses had checked on me for the last time of the hour, Justin climbed into the hospital bed with me.

The bed was small, it hardly had enough room for me, let alone Justin so we both were forced to lay on our sides, face to face, our noses only an inch apart.

“Thanks for keeping me company in here, you really didn’t have to,” I said.

“I wanted to, and after that first night, I couldn’t leave. I don’t know why I thought us breaking up was even a good idea.”

“I broke up with you!” I laughed, poking his chest.

“yea whatever,” he smirked.

The tension was there, the urge to kiss him and I know he felt it to.

“Would it be okay if I..” he began but before he could finish I closed the gap and kissed him.

I could tell we were both a bit rusty but we both still knew eachother well.

We started off with slow, nervous, small closed mouth kisses before he began to go for my bottom lip.

“Wait,” I groaned, ducking away from the kiss.

He groaned back, laying back down on the bed.

“We aren’t getting back together, are we?” He asked.

I sighed, cuddling into his side. “Let’s deal with that tomorrow.”

  • Marceline:do you have the time
  • Bubblegum:for you, marceline? marcy are you joking? are you yankin my chain? are you joshin me? marcy. i would always make time for you. my time is precious but you are more so. marcy, you… are a shining pearl in a sea of mediocrity. i would do anything for you *wipes tear*
  • Marceline:no dude like what time is it