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@leonygunawan said: HI ITS ME AGAIN!!! i have a lot of ideas so i apologize if you constantly see my user pops up. tonight i present you my idea of a jeff atkins y/n have a job at a daycare in the toddlers section and one day jeff surprised y/n at work and he ended up playing with a lot of the kids, he would carry them above his head since he’s buff as fck (can i cuss?) and the little girls would ask him to be their bf lol okay yeah. this is a very long ask so i will bid you a doo au revoir and gracias 💖💖💖💖

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Having a summer job at a private Daycare is both a blessing and a curse. For one the paycheck every two weeks along with the children’s laughter really brightens your day, but on the other hand, waking up at the butt crack of dawn and dealing with tantrum throwing toddlers is really nerve grating.

But in the end, you wouldn’t have any other job.

“Hey, Y/N, I’m gonna go ahead and take my lunch break. You good to keep an eye on the babies for me, too?” Your co-worker asks. You glance up at Makenzie, energy already dwindling for the day while she still looks bright-eyed, but smile and nod nonetheless. “Thanks! I’ll bring you back something sweet.”

Fortunately for you, the wall separating the infants from the toddlers is about chest high and you can easily see into both rooms at the same time. The toddlers are currently down for their naps, but the two infants that the Daycare takes care of are set to wake up any moment now.

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(From kareshi wa nanika wo kakushiteru drama cd)



Ziva David: Dead or Alive? An analysis

Is Ziva dead? The show wants you to believe this and it is plausible since there was the fire at her house in Israel, but is she actually dead? It’s only a possibility when you cover what was said and done in the episode.

We start with the fact that the body found in the house was burned beyond the point of identification. Ducky even says that the crispy critter found inside couldn’t be truly identified. So how are they so positive that it is Ziva David? And just when has the NCIS team been the type to take such news at face value? They would have that body- or at very least a bone and/or tooth- analyzed until they have confirmation from that stray dash of DNA that they were somehow, magically able to suck out of the only part of the body they managed to find that wasn’t so badly degraded by the fire! They wouldn’t just go with, “well she was living there and there’s a dead body so it must be her!” No, they would have done everything to prove it, especially since she was/is family.

Then there’s the fact that Tali was “pulled from the rubble.” The house was supposedly burnt to the ground, but Orli tells Tony that Tali was in a wing of the house that was untouched. Hmm, burnt to the ground or not completely? Could she have hidden? Was she on her way to Tali when the fire broke out and killed in the process? May we ever know? We need that fancy-schmancy DNA test over here!

Could Ziva have been aware of an attack order on her? As Tony fired off at Orli- Mossad knows everything! Ziva may not be serving Mossad or NCIS these days, but they still protect her at all cost. She was the daughter of the former chief of Mossad! It’s not like they aren’t going to continue to protect her. Orli also stated that she and Ziva mended fences over the last few years, you really think that she wouldn’t give her a heads up? Orli was aware of Tali, I doubt that she would allow an innocent child be killed, no matter how hard of a shell she may have she has a heart beating under there. Ziva could’ve have been alerted to an incoming attack and packed Tali a go-bag, placed her in Orli’s care with orders to take her to Tony, arragned for a body to be placed in her house or for the false reports of a body found in the house and gone underground. Tony is Ziva’s safe place and therefore she would feel that Tali would be safest with him than going under with her. It’s harder to ghost with a small child in-toe and we have long established that Ziva knows how to ghost. Send Tali to Tony, he’ll be angry for not being told, but he’s also be smitten beyond words to find out that he has a child. Ziva knows Tony better that Tony realizes. This is also why she didn’t tell Tony about Tali yet. It’s not that she didn’t want him to know, she did, but she didn’t want to be the reason he quit what he still loved so deeply and wasn’t ready to give up. I bet you double or nothing she kept tabs on him and was likely preparing for the big reveal after receiving reports of his current behavior. She knew he was ready to move on from NCIS so she would be ready to reveal the truth without feeling that she was forcing him out of NCIS for the sake of a child or herself.

Tali’s go-bag. It’s just too perfect and so completely untouched. It has Ziva’s scarf from when she went to bury her father. Tony knows this scarf, Tony likely packed her bag for Israel. It also has just the right amount of everything in it to care for Tali, including her stuffed dog who would’ve easily been forgotten in the chaos of fleeing. If Ziva had warning she would be sure to put that very loved on dog in her bag. Plus there is that framed picture of her and Tony in Paris that was tucked away in a side pocket. Why is there a framed picture in that bag? I’ve packed many a go-bags and diaper bags, framed pictures are not what is included, only the picture that is light and easy to pack. Too many clues in that little go-bag.

Let’s talk about Tony. Now it’s easy to say that he wasn’t using much past-tense wording toward Ziva because he wasn’t to the point of accepting the fact that she was gone, but seriously? To Trent Kort, “Ziva is my family.” To Gibbs in the basement when asked what Tony will do next, “I’m going to take Tali to Israel to get answers for both of us and then I’ll take her to Paris. Ziva loves Paris.” Um, hello? Wouldn’t that be Ziva loved Paris if she was dead? No, I think Tony started putting the pieces together after finding that picture of him and Ziva together in Paris and Tali exploded ovaries everywhere by calling Ziva her Ima and Tony her Abba. He was late to killing Kort because of Tali’s revelation and could it also be because the penny dropped as well? I think it would be a valid argument.

So is Ziva dead? I don’t think it can be stated as a fact that she is. At best it is only a possibility. Tony could easily take Tali to Israel, go to that orchard that is just beyond the house that is supposedly burnt to the ground (short of that special little nook that Tali was miraculously pulled from and was left untouched), find where they had buried Ziva’s bucket list and dig it up to find that Ziva left a message that he and Tali are to go to a house only to find that it’s Orli’s and she gives him a heartfelt apology for lying to him and an address to Berlin. Orli lied because they had to be sure that Tali and him stayed safe and once the perpetrator of the attack was dead then he could be looped in. Off to Berlin and a little café where he and Tali wait at a table outside. Tony points things out to Tali speaking in broken Hebrew until a waitress shows up with an envelope and give it to him. Tony opens it to find an address in… Paris! Inside, at the bar, you see Adam Eschel nursing a drink in a dark corner just out of sight of Tony. Tony and Tali head to Paris and find a key and address at the location that was in the envelope given to him in Berlin and they go to this place, Tony unlocks the door and enters with Tali to find Ziva as she comes out of a bedroom. Ziva collapses to the floor and Tali runs into her Ima’s outstretched arms and Tony joins them on the floor in a family hug and boatload of tears. Of course Tony and Ziva will have a lot to discuss and feelings to vent, but they will be family at the end of it all.

Ziva isn’t for certain dead, only possibly.

Or I could still be in denial. Any word of if the asylum takes group discounts? I know there’s a large group that is ready to check-in!

~ Hello, thy name is denial… or is it?

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Peeta would be the sweetest, gentlest, most protective dad ever. Like, he'd spoil those little toastbabies like there was no tomorrow. I can't even imagine him raising his voice to his children; only if they did something to put their life in danger. And then the toastbaby would cry because they're not used to Daddy raising his voice, and then Peeta would go to another room and cry because he made them cry. I think Katniss would definitely have to be the official disciplinarian, lol.

Oh! I love you. This made my ovaries explode everywhere, but that’s okay. lol. 

He’d be so patient with his children, and he’d always know how to make them laugh. He’d know just the right thing to say when they come home from school crying because someone had broken their hearts. He’d show them what it means to play, and he’d teach them the value of meaningful work.  

And the line: “We have each other. And the book. We can make them understand in a way that will make them braver.” This says it all. 

He’s so reassuring and calm and supportive. And he knows he can tell their children about the past in a way that they will understand what their parents went through, why they made the choices they made, and how they came to be where they are. When he says “we have each other,” he doesn’t just mean as a way of supporting each other as a couple and family (although that’s HUGE). He’s saying that a way of making their children understand is by showing them how much they love each other- as an example. He mentions Katniss’ book, which I’m sure means the world to both of them, but is something she NEEDED (and still needs, like her lists). So he’s supporting his wife and what she needs- and he knows that the book, to her, is how she can explain to her children when she doesn’t have the words (like he does). 

He wants to make his children braver. It’s not just that he’s gentle and doting. And oh my god- his protective arms! And the piggyback rides! All of that, yes.  But he wants his children to be brave and strong, to have a moral compass. 

My god. That man has my heart. There is no finer man in fiction. 

Personally: Won't watch "Gifted"

*sigh* I love Chris, I really do. I’m happy he’s happy but morally, the fact that this is where they met Jenny and now they’re dating just nauseates me. I can’t support this film at all no matter how great it’ll be to see Chris in a paternal role (ovaries with be exploding everywhere, blah, blah, all that wholesome stuff). I just can’t be ignorant to the drama that’s unfolding. It’s not even about his work anymore, literally the press it’s getting is “real-life couple star in movie” or “the couple met while filming…” and then their PR behind all of this is just atrocious! This could have all been handled soooooooo much better but instead it’ll just end up as a marketing ploy for the film. We’re all entitled to having our personal opinion and while none may share mine, that’s absolutely fine. I’m talking about MY personal issue: The only scenario I can picture where this relationship would ever be okay to me is if Jenny had been single the entire time or already legally separated or already divorced. Cuz then it’s just about them, as any relationship (in the media or in private) should be and not this mess that follows but she’s not. She was not. She was a married woman and legally still is.

BTW: there should really be dates on these things, I’m pretty sure I wrote this in June 2016. I’m sure she’s probably divorced now or whatever but I still feel this was. NO ONE ELSE IS BEING COERCED OR OBLIGATED TO SHARE IN MY VIEWS and I say that because instead of reading something you don’t like and ignoring it (like I plan on ignoring this film in general), some feel the need to berate, troll or however one chooses to describe the comments left by less than favorable people. It’s my personal thought, as you’re all entitled to express as I have done ON MY PERSONAL BLOG. (‘BTW’ was added 01/19/17)