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Along with the ponyboy dad thing, can u go into detail about his kids? Like what their names are, what they look like, their personality, etc. thx!

- he’s about 28 when he has his kids 

- he wanted to get through college, own a house and car, be married, have a stable job, all that
- he wanted the financial stability that he didn’t really have as a teenager

- he wants to have his brothers 2.0
- after a while, he learns to love his brothers no matter what
- he even appreciated how hard Darry could be on him because it pushed him towards success and prosperity

- but the poor baby has triplets
- but he loves them all so much

- so they’re fraternal triplets  
- all girls yet they don’t look alike

- when he heard he was having triplets, he was basically Ben Wyatt
- “I added up all the expenses for the next eighteen years. it’s a lot. and then I multiplied them by three. and y'know what happened? the numbers got a lot higher.”
- he was freaking out the entire pregnancy
- but once she held his baby girls, he knew everything was gonna turn out okay in he end

- one of his girls looks just like him and he couldn’t be happier
- they do everything together
- he’ll never admit it, but she’s his favorite
- she’s got his curly brown hair and green eyes

- another has blonde hair and for a full five minutes he thought it was cause Johnny dyed his hair
- he was so concerned that things he did in his life would effect his kids (like scars or something like that)
- all his logic left his brain
- Steve tried explaining but Pone was like “we don’t time for your fancy talk in this time of crisis” and Steve was just done
- finally, Dally pointed out that Pone’s wife is blonde  

- one of his kids looks like him and his wife combined
- she’s so cute

- Ponyboy has tea parties and dresses up with them
- all his girls love the Disney princesses
- they’re his princesses

- he’s so protective
- “you cannot date Steve’s sons but maybe Johnny’s. Dally’s kids are off limits but Two-Bit’s sons are a maybe.”
- he just wants the best for his little girls

- the house is always a mess
- he learns to accept it
- the triplets are always doing stuff
- there’s no such thing as boredom  

- the girls are so different it’s quite amusing
- they have a nerd, an artist and an athlete
- but he’s so supportive of all of them

- he helps them all with their homework
- it’s so cute when it comes time to do homework
- they do it at the kitchen table and he over explains when helping them
- “Dad, I know what that means. I just don’t understand the question” and “Dad, we learned this all at school today. I didn’t forget it.”

- he caught himself telling his nerdy lookalike to be out playing with her sisters
- and he’s like “I turned into Darry. I’m Darry. oh my God.”
- and he apologizes over and over and never tried to control his daughters again  

- he’s just the best dad he can possibly be
- and he loves his girls with all his heart
- someone asked him if he wanted sons and he’s like, “do I have sons? no. do I care? no. I have three beautiful, wonderful girls and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.“ 

Two bit's bits!!

Two bit: hey Darry do you have a favorite band?

Darry: uh sure, the temptations, what’s yours?

Two bit: my favorite band is a RUBBER band!!!

Darry: …

Two bit: …

Darry: …

Two bit: maybe I STRETCHED that joke to far.

Dally headcannons

these are for @tuffoutsiders because she isn’t feeling too great right now.

•Okay,, so he loves when you lie on top of him.
•He loves being able to wrap his arms around you and play with your hair

•Secretly loves snuggling with you!!
•He always falls asleep and wakes up with messy hair

•Whenever you guys play a game he’s on your team and claims someone cheated if you lose
•You guys are the three-legged-race champions™

•Random compliments all!! the!! time!!

•He is always touching you in someway
•Dallas could just be leaning against you
•Or have his arm around your waist
•Or around your shoulders
•Or holding your hand
•Or he has you pulled against his side

•He lets you stand on his feet and he’ll dance around

•He takes you to animal shelters just to look at the animals
•He’ll drag you to the dogs first
•Dallas will legitimately bark back at the dogs
•This boy i swear
•Then he takes you to the cats and gets made bc they’re all sleeping
•Like “I hate these damn cats. They have no personality.”

•Takes you on long car rides just because he can

•Spoils you

•Lets you borrow his jacket(s) all the time
•You can barely shiver and he’ll be like
•"Here have my jacket.“
•"Do you wanna put my shirt on too?”
•"Do you need me to go get you another jacket?“

•Tries to cook for you
•Is a terrible cook
•He can cook like,, toast…
•That’s pretty much it

•You’ll catch him looking at you
•When you ask him why he’s staring at you he just gives you the crooked smile and
•"You just look really pretty today.”

it’s too cold outside for angels to fly, chapter 1

A/N: The long-anticipated guardian angel!Andrew fic! Warnings for child abuse, though nothing too graphic.

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Nathaniel Abram Wesninski is born on a blustery night in January to a mother with regret in her eyes and a father with danger in his smile. Andrew takes one look at the baby, crinkled and screaming and gross as newborns tend to be, and knows he’s going to be trouble.

“Trade me,” he orders Renee, whose current charge is a giggling delight of green eyes and tousled brown hair. Andrew knows Jean won’t be an untroubled kid - untroubled kids don’t need guardian angels. Still, learning French would probably be easier than trying to keep an eye on this brat.

“Now that wouldn’t be very fair to Jean, would it?” Renee smiles beatifically and Andrew rolls his eyes. “Besides,” Renee says as floats a little closer to peer down at the baby, who quiets and stares at her with wide eyes. “Nathaniel is a sweetie.”

Andrew frowns at the baby, who, apparently now disinterested in the glowing woman hovering over its crib, sticks its fist in its mouth. It looks over at Andrew, icy blue eyes piercing. Andrew’s frown deepens.

Renee turns back toward Andrew, a case file now in her hands. “I need to get back to Jean,” she says, and holds out the folder. Andrew glares at it. Renee sighs. “He needs you, Andrew.”

Andrew takes the folder. Renee smiles. The baby giggles, and Andrew glares at it.

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Imagine Being a Girly Girl and in the Curtis Gang

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- Lets get one thing straight you are a greaser. A bad ass greaser girl who just happens to love pink.

- And glitter, and sparkle, and skirts

- Its certainly makes you stand out when you’re standing next to Dallas Winston or Steve Randle in a skirt and pink top

- It sometimes makes the guys uncomfortable being around all of that pink and glitter

- Sometimes it would be easier for them not to think of you as a girl rather than just one of the guys

- But for the most part its not a problem

- You’re still just one of the gang

- You still fight and carry a blade and can cuss a Soc up and down with the rest of ‘em

- If anything your girly side makes you more amazing as a greaser because people don’t expect a delicate, pink young woman to be a tuff girl

- It takes a while for you to get this through Ponyboy’s head and get him to stop treating you like a freaking flower or something

- If Two Bit ever flipped your skirt up (without your permission) you’d probably pull a blade on him

- Its a pink blade 

- Dally gave it to you for your birthday