OUTOF.    feels strange to be in a popular fandom again,  but i can’t say it’s been a bad experience at all !  despite not getting to interact with a lot of people yet, due to my own slo-mo self,  there’s been nothing but welcoming people in the community  [   dc or not  !   ]  and i hope i can return the favor a little bit with this shout-out here. going to keep it short and sweet, so thanks for being so inspiring, talented, and kind xo

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      wowzers !! ok so i returned to this blog almost a month ago and i’ve already rekindled friendships, met new amazing people and, of course, i’ve missed you all! i’ve loved playing sigrid so much over the past 3 years ( wow!! ) and so many of you have contributed to the growth of her as a character as well as me as a person. i, myself, have changed so many times, probably as many times as my muse, and i hope it’s all been for the better. i’d never had made it this far if not for so many of you. thank you guys for sticking around and supporting me no matter what. i love you to the moon and back. i appreciate you and all you do. xo

      enough of the mushy stuff now, let’s get on to the damn list, yeah? of course, if i missed someone, pls don’t take it personally. it’s 4am and i’m writing this. 

      F A M ~
these fine folks are some of the most wonderful people who’ve stayed with me through thick and thin, one change to another, to hell and back again before dinner. i love you guys so much and i might not show it all the time, but i do. i really do. nothing i do can express how grateful i am for your friendship. 

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       B A B E S ~ 
      whether or not it’s mutual, whether i’ve known you for 2 days, 2 months, or 2 years, i think of you all as friends. or you’re just really cool and i super look up to you. either or. some may get this notification going “who the flying frick is this” and that’s okay. just know that there’s a wee lil nerd out there who thinks you’re the bees knees. 

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