mom: hey are you alright?

me: yes of course. what makes you ask that

mom: well you’ve been listening to “hey ya” by outkast for 12 hours and


Like Channel Orange, Blonde has a stunning array of sounds: There’s cinematic soul (the Beyoncé-aided “Pink + White”), serene gospel (“Solo”), outré electronica (“Pretty Sweet”), steamy blues (“Self Control”) — even spoken-word segments (“Be Yourself”).

Despite all that wattage, it’s Ocean’s message that strikes the deepest: Blonde reflects the anxieties many Americans might feel today, whether brought on by racial tension (“Nikes”), domestic uncertainty (“Seigfried”) or social media (“Facebook Story”). It’s ambitious, sure, but Ocean tackles those concepts with such strikingly intimate tunes, it feels as if you’re slyly scrolling through his texts.

Frank Ocean’s Blonde: EW Review


Frank Ocean - Solo (Andre 3000 Reprise)

Aye, aye, so now I’m

[Verse: Andre 3000]
So-lo that I can see under the skirt of an it
So-lo that I don’t get high no more when I geronimo I just go hit
So-lo my cup is a rojo, my cholo, my friend
So-lo that I can admit
When I hear that another kid is shot by the popo it ain’t an event
No more
So-lo that no more high horses, so hard to wear Polo
When I do I cut the pony off, now there’s a hole that once was a logo
How fitting
So-lo that I can give a fuck about what is trending
Tryna cut down on my spending
Regardless of winning, instead of pretending
And bending over backwords
Over half of these hoes had work done
Sayin’ they want something real from a man
Just saying it, we being real persons
I hate that it’s like this, I feel for you Ann
I don’t know what it’s like with a skirt on
So pardon me if I am being insensitive but darling this only work songs
So-lo my halo, say way low, it feels like it’s bent
So-lo that when they throw pussy on pesos I pay no attention to it
So-lo that I am no rookie but feel like a kid
Lookin’ at the other kids
With astonishment while I’m on punishment, watchin’ the summer come close to an end
After 20 years in
I’m so naive I was under the impression that everyone wrote they own verses
It’s comin’ back different and yea that shit hurts me
I’m hummin’ and whistlin’ to those not deserving
I’m stumbled and lift every word, was I working just way too hard?
“Blond” Album


(Throwback) ATLiens - OutKast

OOOOOOOOO Lawdddd,,, Big Boi You Sho Look Pissed cuz we found out You Usin them Viagras wit Yo Ecstacy

Rapper Big Boi (real name: Antwan Patton) was arrested in Miami in August 2011 while getting off of a cruise ship after U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents found Ecstasy and Viagra–which he had no prescription for–on him.

One half of the duo OutKast, Big Boi was booked into the Miami-Dade County jail on three counts of possession of a controlled substance as well as possession of paraphernalia.

Joining fellow Grammy winner and partner Andre 3000 in posing for a mug shot, Big Boi, 36 was released from jail after posting $16,000 bond.