“The SEVENTEEN High School Host Club is where the school’s handsomest boys with too much time on their hands entertain those who also have way too much time on their hands. Just think of it as the Seventeen Academy’s elegant playground for the super-rich and beautiful.

The Hosts:

With his good looks and princely charm, Jeonghan is the Titular President and most popular member of the Host Club, with a 70% request rate according to the Club’s true director, Seungcheol. 

Seungcheol: Shrewd and calculating, but still with a big heart, Seungcheol is known as the “Shadow King”, because he controls it from behind the scenes, allowing Jeonghan to serve as its figurehead and top draw. He and Jeonghan, while very different in personality, are extremely good friends. Also known as the “Daddy” of the Host Club.

Wonwoo and Mingyu: They are mostly known as the “Meanie Twins”. When hosting, they demonstrate an excessive brotherly love which borders on the incestuous, but which appeals to a large percentage of their clientele. The Host Club members are the first friends the twins have had apart from one another.

Jihoon and Junhui: Commonly kwown as Woozi and Jun, these two are cousins. Woozi is the smaller of the group, with a cute appearance, but also a frightening side. Despite this, Jun continues to watch out for Woozi and is the only one able to control his kinda violent personality. Woozi is the "Boy Lolita” of the Club, who charms people by being excessively cute, while Jun is the strong and silent type. 

Jisoo: Forced to join the Host Club after accidentally cutting a lock of Jeonghan’s hair (sorry not sorry), Jisoo is a “natural rookie” and attracts customers with his modesty and calmness. The six hosts love him dearly, in their various ways, and are shown to be extremely protective of him; he, in turn, grows deeply attached to each of them. 

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just-kaoru-hitachiin asked:

Just... please write Tamaki, the twins, and Kyoya walking in on their S.O wearing their sweater and having major sweater paw syndrome. I would love you so much. 😢

I hope this is what you’re looking for ^^  


“Are you cold, princess?”

You had been unconsciously burrowing into his side, and while he liked it, the tip of your nose was getting redder with every step in the Suoh mansion gardens.    

“Only a bit.”  Already expecting your answer, he swiftly lifts his sweater over his head and hands it to you.  “You should wear it until we get back to the mansion.”

Before you can protest, he shushes you with hand on your mouth and claims “these feeble gusts of cold could never quell the fire in my heart when you’re near.”

“Oh Tama,” you sigh, shaking your head with breezy laugh.  You pull the sweater over and rejoice at the immediate heat it provides.  Hi scent is still lingering in the fabric, which you can’t help but nuzzle your nose against.  It’s big enough to shield your arms and body down to your thighs.  The sleeves, particularly, hang past the tips of your fingers and billow in the wind, which you can’t help but point out. “Perfect fit, don’t you think?” you ask, holding them up to him.

A blush immediately envelopes his entire face and he brings his hands to his mouth to control the impending outburst. He stares at your, burning the endearing image of you in his sweater into his memory.  

“You’re being weird again,” you say, quite used to his panic attacks.  

“Apologies, dearest.  I was just captivated by your exquisiteness.” He tilts his head to get a better look at you and smiles.  “A perfect fit,” he agrees.  


“Hikaru… what are you staring at?”

His eyes narrowed at the sight of you.  “… Is that… are you… wearing one of my sweaters?”

“Well, yeah…I got cold and you have a ton of clothes,” you reply, settling onto his sofa.

He walks around you, scrutinizing your choice from every side.  His sweater is tad long; it goes past your mid-thigh and the sleeves hanging loosely past the tips of your fingers.  The shoulders are too broad so it falls off one shoulder, revealing some skin.    

“Okay, I know I look a little ridiculous but-

“You look good… very cute and adorable,” he announces, giving you two thumbs up and an ear-to-ear smile. “In MY sweater,” he continues, smirking at you while waggling his eyebrows.  

“Oh, get over yourself,” you say, waving a hand dismissively. The motion causes a portion of the sleep to whip you in the face.  You scrunch your face in response and Hikaru snickers, covering his mouth from being too obnoxious.

“Real smooth,” he manages between fits of laughter.  He plops down on the sofa and stretches out, laying his arms behind your shoulders.  “But as much as I love you looking like a fool because of me, there is something I’d prefer.”

You let out a deep exhale, followed by a wary “what?”

His arm pulls you closer to him and he whispers in your ear, “If you took the sweater, and everything really, off.”  

You hold his devilish gaze for a few seconds before holding your arm up and repeatedly smacking him with your sleeves.  “You’re such a perv, Hikaru.”  



“OH WAIT, THIS SWEATER; THIS SWEATER WOULD LOOK GREAT ON YOU!” Kaoru yells from his inside his closet.

“No, this one’s warm and fuzzy on the inside; it’s too late to take it off,” you yell back lazily.  “We’re going outside for a walk, not your mother’s winter fashion show!”  

Kaoru saunters out of his closet with a couple sweaters in tow.  He hadn’t heard you.  “You look cute in everything so it was really hard to narrow it down but-“

“I’m not changing,” you interject, sitting up and crossing your arms.  He finally stops inspecting the clothes to give you a proper retort but it gets stuck in his throat when he looks at you.  

His cheeks light up with a rosy flare as he takes in the image of his sweater on you.  It’s very loose and doesn’t flatter any of the curves that he loves so much about you, but he couldn’t care less.  “Looks a bit long, doesn’t it?” He points to your fingers that are being cut off by the sleeves and gives you a lopsided smile.  

“It’s comfortable,” you reason, pulling at the sleeves.  “It kind of feels like a paw,” you remark, curling your arm like a cat would.  

He grins, and walks over to pinch your cheeks.  

You shirk away, flapping your hands at him.  “What was that for?”  

His smile doesn’t waver as he answers, “You’re just too cute.  I couldn’t help myself.”


“Kyouya, why do you have sweaters stashed in a cupboard in your living room?”

Without turning around, he replies, “… those are… clothes that I’d prefer not to wear.”

You pull them out, gingerly refolding each article after a moment’s glance with a raised brow.  “They’re quite… colorful… and patterned… not exactly what I’d expect you to wear.  And this one’s shoulders look rather lumpy.”

He plucks them out of your hand and gives them a slightly exasperated look.  “My sister knit these a few years ago.  You know how she is when it comes to these sorts of hobbies.”

You hum in agreement, holding up one that isn’t as colorful as the others.  “Aw, this one looks pretty decent.”  You hold it up to his shoulders, gladly proclaiming, “and it looks like it’d fit!”

He frowns at it.  “To be perfectly honest, I would probably never wear it in public.”  

“Oh, then mind if I take it?  I think I could make it work.”  He shrugs with indifference and you pull it over to try it on.  “How does it look?”

Kyouya turns around and studies your appearance.    His hands are drawn to the sleeves that are just a bit too long and stop inches before your fingertips.  The seconds of silence to such a simple question is disconcerting.

“It’s too long…” he comments dryly.  

“I could roll them up?”

“No need.  You pull it off well,” he smirks, tossing you a flirtatious smile.  “You’ve never looked bad a day in your life; a shoddy sweater could never diminish your beauty.”  

~Admin Yvette

“It’s been pretty quiet around here lately. I wonder what’s going on.”

“Nobody’s bothered to show up the past few days.”

“Even the regulars are M.I.A.”

“So far, the lack of guests has done nothing to affect our funds, but if this continues we may have to reevaluate things. At the very least, we should work on reverting Tamaki back to his usual state.” 

*dying from lack of attention*

anonymous asked:

how long would it take for the hosts to fall in love/realize they're in love?

This made me laugh. Why? I wish I knew. XD

Tamaki: How long do you have? *shot* Either instantaneously, or months later, there is no in between with him.

Kyoya: 1 month

Hikaru: 2-3 weeks

Kaoru: a week

Mori: 1-2 months

Hani: a week

Haruhi: Slightly less than Tamaki A couple months