once upon a time 07.01

Imagine if I walked through that door and told you that I was your son.
That would be a kicker.


Roni in 7x01
        « But if we can admit to ourselves what we want is out there somewhere then maybe we can fight for it. And if we do that then we’re halfway to getting it. That’s the thing about the people of this town. Things can seem hopeless. When suddenly, someone gives the rest of us inspiration. Because the first step to a new beginning is imagining that one is even possible. And I’ll be damned if I stand by and let a bully like you take that away from us anymore. »


CS Halloweek » Oct 27th: Myths, Legends, and Fairytales» Cinderella AU

Young deckhand Killian Jones has spent most of his life serving on a ship of a ruthless captain Silver. He had dreams of becoming a lieutenant, and eventually a captain of his own ship. However, his dreams would have to wait, until his debt to Captain Silver was paid.

Luckily, he befriended some of the more seasoned crew members, who wanted a better life for their young friend. The perfect occasion arrived in a form of an open invitation to all bachelors of the kingdom to attend a ball. Killian was not thrilled about it, but the thought of being somewhere else, even for a night seemed appealing enough.

With the help of his fairy godmother, Killian was ready for the ball in no time. He danced the night away with none other than the princess Emma herself. However, the night had to end sometime and for him it was with the clock striking midnight. This meant the spell would be broken and he would return to his raggedy old self. So, he ran as fast as he could, not hearing the princess asking him to wait.

What he did not expect was for the kingdom to go on high alert, looking for a young man who has captured the princess’ heart. He was not the only one who has felt the connection the night of the ball it seems, for he has made an impression on the princess too. Needless to say, they were reunited and were excited to experience the happily ever after together.