Tumblr Of The Week: liekeland

This week we’ve selected an amazing artist to be our LTMI Tumblr Of The Week. Her work is detailed, her colours neutral and her subject matter is taken from her daily inspiration such as working in her vegetable garden.

Check out this video of Lieke starting her own garden:


It’s always interesting to see where and how an artist comes up with their ideas. We’ve enjoyed her work from the very first time we came across her stuff on http://www.pikaland.com/  We are happy that she has joined Tumblr, she is a great inspiration! We feel that you guys will also enjoy her work too, visit her website at http://www.liekeland.nl/ and stop by her Tumblr and give her a follow. 

Fantastic work Lieke van der Vorst!

I always felt this…this…“ his eyes are intense, concentrating, ”…this hole…I mean it wasn’t an empty hole, there was always something in it, but it was never right. It never fit.“ 

Finally, he looks right at me. 

"And then I met you…and it was like something just went off in my head, or it woke up, I-I don’t know, but…”

He stands in front of me again. I want to cry, but I don’t.

“…but I knew that whatever it was, it was right. It fit. You fit.

—  The Edge of Never; J. A. Redmerski | happinessloveandlife
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