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Mauro Ranallo: Welcome back to smackdown live i’m Mauro Ranallo here with John Bradshaw Layfield , David Otunga ,Tom Phillips and our guest Dean Ambrose

DO: we are here with Y/N vs Natalya

JBL: And once again Dean you are here to watch Y/N match why

DA: YN has an interesting style in the ring and i enjoy watching good quality matches

JBL: Oh please Ambrose you like YN  and are way out of your league

DA: *Glares *How about to watch and comment on the match like you are suppose to

“aj, you had a great year, but cena’s had a great decade.” 

ah yes, aj styles was just floundering around doing nothing and sucking at wrestling for the ten years before he got to the wwe. ah yes…..what is tna……what is njpw……..we just don’t know……

To anybody who was curious, a list of everybody who accepted the Ice bucket challenge by ALS

Felipe Melo de Carvalho[19]
Alex Nicolao Telles[20]
JJ Abrams[21]
David Alaba[22]
Jessica Alba[23]
Robbie Amell[24]
Stephen Amell[25]
Carmelo Anthony[26]
Sean Astin[27]
Iggy Azalea[28]
Victoria Azarenka[29]
Steve Ballmer[30]
Hakan Kadir Balta[31]
Elizabeth Banks[32]
Travis Barker[33]
John Barrowman[34]
Dave Bautista[35]
William Beckett[36]
David Beckham[37]
Nikki Bella[38]
Gary Bettman[39]
Jeff Bezos[40]
Jessica Biel[41]
Paul Bissonnette[42]
Jack Black[43]
Matt Bomer[44]
Jon Bon Jovi[45]
David Boreanaz[46]
JR Bourne[47]
Sergey Brin[48]
Chris Brown[49]
David Bryan[50]
Luke Bryan[51]
Dez Bryant[52]
Kobe Bryant[53]
Charlie Carver[54]
Max Carver[55]
Osric Chau[56]
Chris Christie[3]
CM Punk[57]
Emre Çolak[58]
Lily Collins[59]
Holly Marie Combs[60]
Harry Connick Jr.[61]
Tim Cook[62]
Dick Costolo[63]
Sidney Crosby[64]
Russell Crowe[65]
Kaley Cuoco[66]
Vin Diesel[67]
Novak Djokovic[68]
Shannen Doherty[60]
Robert Downey Jr.[69]
Hilary Duff[71]
Lena Dunham[72]
Kevin Durant[73]
Dale Earnhardt Jr.[74]
Ansel Elgort[75]
Jimmy Fallon[78]
Anthony Fantano[79]
Lou Ferrigno[80]
Fifth Harmony[81]
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Foo Fighters[85]
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The Game[88]
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Rebuilding WWE's Roster and Booking

WWE is in need of remodeling.

A roster featuring young, promising talent finds itself up against repetitive booking patterns and hesitancy to allow new names on the marquee. When Cesaro told Liverpool Echo’s Neil Docking, “I’m sick of seeing John Cena against Randy Orton for the 500th time,” he was far from alone.

There’s both a staleness and spark to WWE right now.

Men like Cesaro keep rapping on the door that separates the midcard from the main event. He is a key member of a group of wrestlers brimming with potential. Too often, though, WWE is not opening that door for men seemingly in line to be the next big thing.

The company took a huge step in a positive direction having Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins headline Hell in a Cell, but there are other places to better entice a fanbase pining for the past, to move boldly into whatever era is approaching next.

The following is a look at how to best blend the emerging and established stars, to insert fresh faces into the spotlight and best use the skills of the men and women in WWE’s employ.

The tag team division will get more of a focus. The Divas division will undergo a major overhaul that betters the chance for great in-ring action. The percentage of comedy characters will decrease.

The product will improve.

Cuts, Commentary Changes

NXT’s top prospects are plenty ready to make the jump to the main roster. You can’t just cram every talented wrestler down at WWE developmental into the roster without first making room, though.

That means taking out the rarely used wrestlers and the ones who don’t contribute much.

You don’t let benchwarmers stay on the team when there are talented prospects ready to be called up. That’s bad news for the following Superstars:

The Great Khali
David Otunga
None of those guys is going to help sell a show, improve ratings or help create great matches.

Sin Cara is fitting in well at NXT as one half The Lucha Dragons. Leave him there for now. He can help Kalisto develop and eventually come back to the main roster as a well-established team.

In the Divas division, ask the following women to leave:

Rosa Mendes
Eva Marie
NXT has at least three women who have them beat in terms of both wrestling ability and mic work. WWE would still have a large part of the current Total Divas cast to utilize.

As for commentary, an easy way to make SmackDown feel like more than just a watered-down Raw is to change up the commentary team. John “Bradshaw” Layfield and Michael Cole don’t need to work both shows. Let Byron Saxton serve as the play-by-play guy and have Christian come in to be the color guy.

If concussions have truly ended his in-ring career, there’s no reason not to use his sense of humor and knowledge of the business.

The next order of business is directing both commentary teams to focus more on the matches. Quips and sidebars are welcome, but the men at the announce table’s job should be to make folks care about the battles that are happening in the ring.

Tell the story of what victory would mean for each wrestler. Sell how powerful, crafty, agile, resilient or whatever each Superstar is.

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