It’s nice that K-pop is getting more exposure but some of these YouTuber’s are really using you guys for views and subscriptions. I even watched one guy say “my friend told me if I wanted to boost my channel to just react to K-pop so here we go” really??? This is pissing me off now. Don’t get me started on the racist and disgusting remarks.


blue night radio ♡ 161007
subbed by: freakey on air
full shinee cut / english subtitle


We’ve never had a big fight and We have big trust in each other. - TOP

I feel like i can do anything as a member of BIGBANG. - GD

Dream as high and as big as possible. - Taeyang

I’m not afraid on taking challenges. I’m not afraid at failure. - Seungri

There are still a lot of things that i want to do. - Daesung 

Photo by: me/thekoreanbigbang/koreanghetto