blue night radio ♡ 170224
translation: thatcoolcatmeow 

jonghyun: when we stay in japan, as soon as i get out of the car, i say: “i’m the first to take a lower body bath!” since i like lower body bathing. then a member says: “i will wash first before jonghyun hyung takes a lower body bath”, then another member says something like: “i will wash before taemin who will wash before jonghyun takes a lower body bath.” (laughs) so, all four of them end up washing before me. shinee is that humorous. (laughs)

Don’t change yourself to suit with your bias’ ideal ‘type’. Their type may be fair and skinny, but they may fall for someone of a darker skin tone and isn’t skinny. These 'types’ are just preferences; don’t set out to be just like their ideal type, they love you for you.


(cut) 170223 bumkeyk instagram live stream — key (source #2)