Elliott Bay by Tom


Vi startade dagen med omelett följt av en liten golfrunda innan vi landade ute på landet. Det första jag gjorde var att klippa gräset och sedan började vi med maten. Niklas pappa kom även förbi och gjorde oss sällskap vid middagen. Nu sitter vi ute och njuter av den vackra utsikten ☀️


Snow Lake Trail by Tom


Up by Julien Ballet-Baz
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@ Taipei, TW


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Estrangulamento Đe Lapela
Marque seus amigos de treino
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[G][Fluff] Scenario #019: “She’s my Girlfriend”

After a bad breakup with your boyfriend who you have dated on and off for a year and a half, you cannot help but run to your closest friend, Jongup, confiding with him every details and complaints of what have happened between the two of you. Due to Jongup’s quiet and loyal nature, he sits and listens to you even if you were repeating the same thing all over.

As months gone by, you are slowly coming out from a broken heart with Jongup’s help. He always takes you out as a friend, picks up your phone call at the first ring, and is always opened for what you have to say. With his patience and support, you are able to smile again. But one day, you have encountered your ex-boyfriend again. He, still the same person, asked you to come back with him. You deny, obviously, because you know that history always finds its way in repeating, but he doesn’t give up and continues reasoning with you, in which you become uncomfortable and wanted to take leave.

As you begin walking away, he grabs onto your wrist and orders you to stay with him. “Let me go!” You protest, trying to yank his grip off.

“Not until you say yes.” Your ex continues with his intense stare.

“What’s going on?” A sudden voice comes from behind.

You turn behind and see Jongup walking to the scene with his hands in his pocket. You froze speechlessly, not wanting him to get involve. Jongup comes in between the two of you and forces your ex to release his hands from you.

“(Your name), you know this guy?” Your ex exchange glances to you and back to Jongup.

Before you can answer, Jongup interrupts. “She’s my girlfriend.”

The two of you turn to him with stun.

Jongup continues. “Making you in no place to grab her like that.” He gently pulls you closer to him and wraps his arms around you. What will you do?


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Atuação da pequena Nya Rutolo @nyalator, de apenas 7 anos, na Rickson Cup, no Japão. (Repost @jiujitsubrasiloficial) #kids #kidsofinstagram #criancas #crianca #jiujitsu #bjj #brazilianjiujitsu #oss #tatame #artesuave #luta #fight #fighting #fighter #fights #girl #girls #jiujitsukids #jiujitsulifestyle #jiujitsuparatodos #jiujitsulife #jiujitsu4life #bjjlifestyle #bjjlife #bjjgirls #bjj4life #bjjforlife

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[One-shot] Run Away

Featuring: Dae Hyun + Fictional Female Lead

Rated PG | Genre: Angst | TW: Stalking | Graphic

I remember coming home one day after I picked up the clothes from the laundry. I heard my husband shuffling through his office room. “Dae Hyun?” I called, opening the door. He looked at me with a smile. He didn’t look too happy or sad, he looked more worried.

He turned back toward his desk, seem like he was ignoring me. I decided to get in and see what he was up to. “Dae Hyun, what are you doing?” I asked in curiosity.

“I cannot talk now, honey.” Dae Hyun spoke. I stared at his actions. He just stacks paper into a folder and slides them on his hands.

“What’s going on?” I continue to ask. Dae Hyun stops the shuffling and finally done sliding everything in a folder. He turns around and looked at me no longer with any smile.

“I need to get going.” He suddenly said.

“Now?” I asked as he just nodded his head. “Do want me to do anything?”

“No, it’s OK. Don’t wait for me.” He smiled. I stared at my husband as he walked out.

For the entire afternoon, I kept my eyes on the front door. I wait for my husband to arrive but he still hasn’t to get time go faster, I began to clean the house over and over. I didn’t know how many times I did so before I heard a knock on the door. Finally, I thought, Dae Hyun is finally coming home. He should be home now.

At the door, I instantly stop smiling. There were two police officers on the front. One female and one male. I just stared at him, hoping this wasn’t concerning about Dae Hyun.

“Are you the wife of Jung Dae Hyun?” The woman officer asked.

“Yes, is something wrong?” I asked.

“Is this your husband?” She asked, handing over a photo. I grabbed onto the photo and only took a quick glance of it.

“Mr. Jung is charged with crime of domestic violence and sexual assault.”

“That doesn’t make sense. Dae Hyun would never do anything involved with that.” I handed the photo right back.

“I know it’s alarming but understand that we just want to make sure you are safe.” The male officer jumps in when he sees how frustrated I got.

“Where is he?” I looked at the two officers for a positive opportunity.

“Before we can capture him, he had taken off. We are now on the search for him.” The woman officer continued.

“What’s going to happen?” I asked.

“We want you to stay here and wait. Close everything and make sure you don’t open the door. If your husband come home, contact us as quick as you can.” She suggested and handed over a card to me. I took the card and did not bothered to read it.

“Thank you…for informing me.” That was all I can say.

“Stay safe, ma’am.” Both of the officers bowed and left. I just slowly closed the door. I didn’t want to believe their words. Dae Hyun, my husband, would never do anything that horrible.

Suddenly, something in me jerked me to look around the house. I walked straight to the window to shut them tight. I went every single window, making sure everything was in its place. I even made sure that all the lights were turned off.

Throughout the night, I lay on the sofa in the dark. I didn’t bother to turn the lights on because it wasn’t necessary. Instead, I stayed in the dark and thought about what the two officers had told me. The news was a shock but it had me thought more about my husband. He has the potential to do something unexpected. I tried to push my thoughts away, hoping this was all of a fake. However, I couldn’t.

Dae Hyun wasn’t returning back. He vanished since noon and passed his leave from work. I was sure that he wasn’t coming back. He’ll call if he had something to do.

Before I can close my drowsy eyes, I heard a knock on the door. Startled, I stared at door. Again, a knock came. I stared and sat up. Suddenly, the knock became a bang. I nervously stared as I quietly sat up.

“Honey! It’s me, Dae Hyun.” Dae Hyun’s voice appeared. I stood by the door, wanting him to leave. “Open up, honey!” My husband called through the door. I walked over to the front door and slowly, I moved to the side window to see who it was. Dae Hyun, he finally came home. I pulled away from the curtains immediately, hoping he wouldn’t see me.

“Honey, I know you are in there! Please let me in!” His knocks were no longer calm anymore. His palms were slamming hard. He began to rattle the doorknob for any chances to get in. “Soon Hee! I know that the police might’ve come by and told you about all of these stuffs but let me in to explain!” He insisted.

I shook my head and I began to cry. It was probably true then. It was true that he did committed some sort of crime. I didn’t want to hear any of this and tried to step away from the floor but I couldn’t. I knew that I would collapse and he would hear me. I kept my mouth shut and ears opened.

“Soon Hee! Just let me in! Let me explain!” Dae Hyun still had his calm voice but more full of fear. “It’s urgent! I need to talk to you!” He slammed the door and yelled my name over and over again.

I stood and looked at the door. I didn’t want to believe what I am hearing. He wanted to talk to me. That made me scared that I couldn’t even trusted my husband. I didn’t want him to hear me. I buried my face down to my arms. I didn’t want to hear his voice as well. I made sure that I just closed my eyes, hoping everything will all go away.

Luckily that I was able to get away from that life. I didn’t want to be a part of anything horrible. It would be a risk to live in a living nightmare. After I had divorced my husband, things have been easier. I was able to find a better job, a better home to stay. I stayed home once in a while during the weekdays because I just happen to stay at work. I never really want to come home anyway. It was probably because after I had found out that my husband’s dark side. I tried to stay away from him as far as I can. So I continue to work late to make enough to actually go further away.

I yawned once I opened my door. I was tired but at least I was glad it was a Friday night. I can finally sleep for tomorrow morning. My favorite time of the weekends. Though I was exhausted from the long day, I make sure that everything was already shut. I already knew that everything was sealed shut as expected but I just wanted to make sure. It just became a habit that I always have to do this. The kitchen, the living room, the hallway window, the office room and my room. Perfect as it was this morning. This has become a part of my procedures to my daily life. I just feel that I cannot be peaceful if nothing is closed. That’s just one thing I hate.

Me and my insecurity.  

I enter in my room, taking my shoes off. My fingers go directly to my coat and begin to unbutton it. I placed the coat gently on my chair along with my purse. I grab my hair band, brushing my hair back. I didn’t care what it looked like. I prepare to wash up and change into my comfort clothes to sleep. Just when I finished with my hair, I realize a small breeze in my room. I look around my room and see my window opened just a little. Probably about seven to nine inches open.

Slowly, I walk over and look at the window. A thought instantly sparks. I begin to think about someone had finally found their way into my home. Whoever the person was, maybe they were still here. I shake my head mentally and deny the thought. I decide to just think the other way around. I probably just forgot to close the window before I left in the morning. Yet, that thought did not made me felt any better. I clearly knew that I would never open the windows unless I am home. Without any further thoughts, I just quickly close the window down shut and lock it.

My finger touched the blind stick, almost closing the shades in. Suddenly I stopped the moment I feel an unusual presence surrounds me.

“Soon Hee.” The familiar voice calls from behind. My fingers stop moving. I must be hearing things. Of course, that wasn’t believable. Then, I force myself to turn around.

Right across the room, I see his silhouette figure. Without a doubt, my husband is standing there. Being divorced for over an eight months, I am still able to recognize him in the dark no matter what. The moonlight shines to him when he walks forward. My husband still looked the same when I last saw him in our marriage except he seemed he has aged. His hair now black, spilt ends. His innocent eyes that look stressed. His skin had become paler. I couldn’t say anything. I am in shock to see him. I swore that I had locked everything before I went to work in the morning. It was impossible. How can he get in when I locked everything? It honestly didn’t make sense.

“What do you want?” I ask, wanting him to get away.

“Soon Hee, I’m not going to hurt you.” Dae Hyun walks closer. I couldn’t avoid his stare coming closer. I miss seeing him, but this isn’t the same anymore. I begin to move away from the window. I knew that I didn’t have any chance to get out from the window. My chance for the door wasn’t possible as well. Either way, I knew there was no chance to get out at all.

“Don’t get near me, please.” I slowly make my way to towards the door than just standing here.

“Soon Hee, don’t say that. It’s just me, Dae Hyun, your husband.” Dae Hyun calmly speaks with a breaking voice. He comes closer, already halfway of the room. My body begins to break out into a cold sweat, nervous about his next move. Looking at the door, this is the chance that I am willing to take.

“Get away Dae Hyun! Don’t you dare to come any closer to me! I swear!” I begin to cry, afraid of my life. Yes, this is Dae Hyun. The man I was once married to but I cannot allow myself to learn how to love him again. I am too afraid to do so. He had hidden a secret away from me. A secret I did not know at the time of our marriage.

Trying my best, I move towards the door and reached for the doorknob. Before I can even pull, Dae Hyun grabs my wrist. I suddenly yell in panic. He turns me around and hugs me. I start to cry, covering my mouth. I am terrified. I had no idea what is going to happen to me. My fear corrupts our embrace.

“It’s OK honey, it’s OK.” Dae Hyun tighten me closer. I don’t want to get close with him but he wouldn’t let go of me. His hand huddle around my back and with his other hand, he held my head. “Just stay put. I just want to hold you.”

“No…” I cry through my mumbled words as I move around to avoid him. It didn’t help anything. I just make myself more afraid.

"Sh…Soon Hee, don’t be afraid. It’s Dae Hyun.” Dae Hyun brushes the back of my hair. I silently cry, continuing shaking my head. I can feel him leaning against my shoulder. “Do you know how much I need you? It was so heartbreaking to stay away. Whenever I came and finally found you, you were always gone. I could never come to you when I needed. I didn’t want to but I had to follow you. It sounds crazy right?”

I just silently continue to let my tears come down. I didn’t want to act up. Something may happen. “I became so desperate in having you back in my arms. I’m so glad when I found you.” Dae Hyun pulls away from me, just staring at me.

“I’m sorry, Soon Hee. I’m sorry.” He begins to softly rub my cheek. His hands pull my hands away. I just stare down to avoid his eyes. He just slowly lifts my face up. There it is. His gentle and innocent smile, like how I remembered. “Don’t be afraid all right?”

I still remember his face. He just looks sadder than before. Dae Hyun wipes my tears. I don’t bother to say anything or do anything. I am just scare in his arms. He hugs me once more, closing his eyes with a sigh.

The entire night, I didn’t bother to talk. Dae Hyun didn’t speak as much either. I wanted to insist him to go away and don’t ever come close to me but he was always stubborn. I knew there would be no point to say anything so I didn’t want to fight with him.

Dae Hyun wanted to stay with me so we both just happen to lay in my bed. His arms circulates my waist, I can feel him breath against my chest. I couldn’t help myself but just look at him innocently sleep in my arms. I slowly almost reach to brush his hair but I hold myself back. I couldn’t possibly do this. Seeing my ex-husband so close to me again no longer feels the same. I slowly tried to push myself away from him but he didn’t want to let me go. Dae Hyun did not bother to open his eyes and kept them closed. I calm myself down and decide to go what he wants for the night.

I wake up. The window open up halfway with its blind open. I can see the sunrise peeking over the sky. I stared around, seeing an empty space besides me. I quickly get away from my bed and search around the house. I check every piece of the room to make sure everything was in its place. I come back to my room. I see a note besides my purse. The note didn’t say much except that he is sorry about what had happened and will see me soon.

I begin to search for a new place to live in. I will usually walk in apartments if I saw a sign that it’s for rent. Sometimes I would drive by a neighbor and quickly call the owner of that place. Before the weekend can wrap up, I already packed what I need and left the house. I move away, leaving most of my belongings and furniture behind. I didn’t have the time to take them. It was best if I just moved out. This time, I had decided to move into an apartment. It would be smaller and much easier to see everything instead of a home.

At the same time, things didn’t feel the same anymore. Coming back home feels different. I was no longer turning the front step of a home but an apartment. I had neighbors much closer to me, divided by walls. There were no floors except for a flat apartment on the third floor. I try to adjust myself into this apartment life.

I close the door, seeing the empty living room with no sofa or television set. This definitely did not feel like home. I sigh, going to the room to put my belongings away. I didn’t feel like eating tonight. Just to make sure, I take a look all over the apartment. The windows and railing door were shut tight like I did this morning. No one around. My head starts to pound so after I had changed to comfortable clothing. I wash up and goes straight to sleep.

A good seven days passed by. I begin my habits again. Even if I became restless and hungry more than I expected, I continue to act as if nothing is going on. It is probably because I pushed myself to work for more hours.

Sometimes I even forget that I live here. Slowly, I walk in. I almost walk into the room but I smell something. I begin to ignore my tiredness and throw my bag and shoes near the hallway entrance. I make my way to the kitchen in a hurry. There I see plates on the counter, covered. I turn the lights on. Once my hands touch the covers, I can feel the heat. The food were freshly cooked.

I didn’t bother to peak into this plates. I am definitely sure that the landlady did not do this. Even if she always help or check on me, I knew she would not do so. If she had something to give me, she would hand me food in person. I look around to see if there are any changes around the kitchen. The pan and the pot is on the dishwasher. I shake my head, coming forward. I never have time to pull the pot and pan out. I never have time to stop to eat dinner. It couldn’t be. I shake my head and just decide to go down the landlady myself.

I pace myself to the first floor. I decide to lightly knock on the door when I did not seen her at the front counter. The door slowly opens. I see the landlady.

“Is there something going on?” The landlady asks. I look at her, trying to think what to say. Suddenly, she starts with a question. “Is there a problem with the toilet?”

I shake my head and start something different. “I’m sorry to bother you like this. There’s something I am curious about.” I sigh. “By chance, did anyone drop by any time today while I went to work?”

The landlady thinks for a while with her eyes wondering around. I just patiently wait, not wanting to rush her to think.

“No.” She shakes her head.

“Are you sure?” I look hardly at her.

She thinks again. I begin to feel unsure about her answer. She looked like she forget things easily for a middle-aged woman. The landlady nods her head. “Oh, I remember clearly now. There is this gentleman asking if you are living here.” She answers.

“How did this gentleman look like?” I continue questioning.

“He had spilt black hair. He has big eyes and heavy cheekbones. A bit of thick lips. He’s a light tan skinned man and about this tall.” She measures the height above her head and adjusting it up, still measuring. Without even listening to her describing, I knew who it was. I begin to not believe this is coming true.

Dae Hyun has finally found me after a week since he last came. I stare at landlady. “What did you tell him?” I ask one last time.

“Nothing. I just answer his questions if you live here.”

“He did not ask you anything else?”

“Why no. Do you think I would give information without consents? No, I wouldn’t do that.” She exclaims. Quickly, she looks at me. “Did something happen?”

“No, nothing happen. Thank you. Good night.” I bow and left without even caring for what she has to say. I rush back up the stairs, entering my apartment.

Everywhere I stand, I can still feel his presence. I don’t know he is able to find me. The man I was once married used to be a warmed heart person but he had done something wrong that made him darker than ever. There was something that had changed him.

I begin to feel shaking. I slowly sit myself down in the living room. I thought getting away from my husband. I believed that I have done well enough to get away. I was just too glad and I thought I succeed. My eyes begin to sting. My tears are finally falling down. I try to hold myself in but it didn’t work. I just had to let them come down. I don’t know when this is going to end. My husband would never stop. He will chase me until the end. Who knows how long this will go. I face around once more, just in case he is in here. No one around. Pure loneliness and darkness.

All I can decide to do is to move out once more. I know this won’t help but it’s the least I can do.

Det som inte fick hända har hänt. Jag har varit tagen av dig, helt besatt av tanken av oss i tio månader sedan jag sov hos dig och du inte rörde mig utan att fråga. Jag har förälskats i varenda liten detalj med dig, jag har väntat, hoppats, överlevt och varit helt ofokuserad pga av dig. På fyllan för två veckor sedan vid tvåtiden på natten ringde jag och berätta allt. Hur jag tycker om dig och vill va med dig, hur jag inte ens fattar själv att jag kan känna såhär för en person jag knappt känner men att du ändå är den finaste jag vet. Ett trettio minuter långt samtal. Du blev rörd, generad och tyckte det var fint, modigt och väldigt oförberett. Du fick ångest för att jag haft ångest för att jag burit på detta. Du sa att du gillar mig och tyckte att vi skulle ses. Du sa “åh herregud” när jag sa att du är den finaste jag mött och att du fattar att det kan bli så ibland. Du lovade att inte berätta för någon. Du hörde inte av dig. Jag var så glad att jag inte kunde andas normalt. Iförrgår hörde jag av mig. Du sa att du tänkt en del. Att du borde sagt det tidigare. Att det är inte det att du inte gillar mig eller inte vill träffa mig för det ville du sa du men du sa att du inte har tiden till att starta något nytt. Du sa att du är stressad och tiden räcker inte till. Du sa att du inte ville göra mig ledsen eller besviken. Att du hoppas på att vi fortfarande kan höras för att du gillar att prata med mig. Ja sa att det var lugnt, att jag förstod när jag menade tvärtom och började gråta. Jag sa att vi ska definitivt ändå hålla kontakten men fan heller. Fan heller. Jag satte mig ensam i vår gamla snickarbod på golvet. Jag grät så jag skrek och inte kunde stå upp och hamnade i fosterställning. Jag fattade ingenting och fick en panikattack där på golvet. Jag körde ner fingrarna i halsen och kräktes upp allt, kanske att ångesten följer med tänkte jag. Jag tog en cigg, rökte samtidigt som det rann snor ur min nästa och tårar längs min kind och Kristian Antillas Livet är det som pågår medan du väntar på sådant som aldrig händer spelades i mina hörlurar och jag brände mig på låret med ciggen. Kände knappt av det. Jag kräktes igen till låten. Jag tycker så mycket om dig fattar du inte det. Det är det här som är det riktiga knarket. Vad är någonting värt om jag inte får va med dig? Jag vill fortfarande ha dig, hoppas fortfarande, kommer alltid vänta, kommer aldrig va över nej överlever inte det här. Kan inte äta kan inte sova kan bara tanken av att vilja ha dig så det gör ont i hela kroppen som gör att jag bryter ihop flera gånger under dagen i badrummet, i solstolen, i duschen, när jag står i garderoben, när jag bäddar sängen eller när jag låser upp ytterdörren. Du gör mig så svag, jag skulle kunna dö för att det ska bli vi. Du är allt jag vill ha. Är det det här som är och kallas för kärlek? Vad fint. Jag vill inte leva mer.
—  Han tog min kärlek och sa att det var skönt att jag förstod

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🇧🇷 “Jiu-Jitsu, mas primeiro café.” || 🇺🇸 “Jiu-Jitsu, bit first coffee.” #bjj #artesuave #jiujitsulifestyle #jiujitsu4life #jiujitsu #jits #bjjstyle #bjjmotivation #jiujitsulife #jiujitsuparatodos #blackbelt #jiujitsusavedmylife #grappling #faixapreta #tatame #graciemagazine #jiujitsuforeveryone #bjjforlife #gentleart #bjjlife #gi #brazilianjiujitsu #oss #bjj4life #bjjblackbelt #jiu #bjjlifestyle

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