Warner has come into Comic-Con with the goal of resetting and lightening the mood of its slate, but its competitor is making its own kind of change. For the first time in years, there will be no Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America, and no Iron Man. Instead, the third phase will be of world-building, which will be led by Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man. Ragnarok would be recalling the events of Thor when his pals duke it out in Civil War. Doctor Strange features mind-bending imagery and clearly promises to be the strangest film of the bunch. Spider-Man: Homecoming is a “straight-up high school movie. We know what it’s like to be a playboy billionaire, a Norse god… Now we’ll know what it’s like to have just gone through puberty.” To conclude, Brie Larson is announced as Captain Marvel and will now star in the first female-led film, scheduled to hit theaters in 2019. But if the presentation shows anything, it’s that Marvel is readying a whole new class of fresh-faced heroes, and they are young, diverse, and feature a lot more women than before.

Marvel Bomb, by Oscar Römer.

as for Juliet, a modern playwright would probably have lain her out in her shroud, and made the scene a scene of horror merely, but Shakespeare arrays her in rich and gorgeous raiment, whose loveliness makes the vault ‘a feasting presence full of light,’ turns the tomb into a bridal chamber, and gives the cue and motive for Romeo’s speech of the triumph of Love over Life, and of Beauty over Death.

Oscar Wilde on “Shakespeare and Stage Costume”, 1885. 

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