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DUDEEEEE I LUV UR STORIESSSSS. like a 100%. I hope u dont mind but im still kinda stuck on OTRATS. WHAT IM REALLY CURIOUS ABOUT THO IS WHAT HAPPENS TO HAKU, INO, SAKURA AND ITACHI. i just have a feeling theyre gonna see alot of each other. Also i feel OTRATS!sakura would be in anbu?? But im not sure how?? And Ino would just... Thrive cause i feel like her skills are gonna more recognized than they were in Canon. Just.... How are they?

As stated before, Ino and Sakura sort of steamroll the political/espionage scene, with Ino as a diplomat and Sakura as an economist. It’s not quite anbu, but is it special ops. These girls can break your legs, sure, but that’s boring. What’s funner is taking all your secrets and money.

Haku becomes a certified bad ass with all the training he gets. He is pretty much heir apparent for what amounts to Orochimaru’s and Ryuishi’s legacy, not to mention a medic of incredible skill. He, alongside Itachi, start rebuilding the Mumei as it was meant to be -a non violent humanitarian institution that advocates democracy, workers rights, and human rights.

Speaking of Itachi, I feel like he lives a lot longer than he did originally, not just because Sasuke isn’t out to kill him, but because Haku is a medic with acsess to good supplies and references. He, alongside Haku, takes to the Rakki Ryuu business…actually, not so great. Itachi has ideals, but he’s never tried putting them into practice before. The whole pacifist thing is a lot harder to live by than he thought.

And yes, these four do interact a lot. A LOT. Combined with Gaara and Naruto, they make up some of the most powerful people of their generation, politically, economically, intelligence wise, and actual battlefield might.

Their overseers (Tsunade-baa-chan, Kagami-okaa-sama, Orochimaru-jiji, Ero-senin, and Rasa) all curse the name of Watanabe Ryuishi, who straight up probably turns into an ice cold bitch after OTRATS.

top 7 reason to hate the Naruto ending

1. Terrible pairings which don’t make sense at all
I will explain why they don’t make sense in a different rant

2. Orochimaru...
He killed the 3rd hokage, totally brainwashed Sasuke, AND caused all this s**t for the village!! And yet this ass hole gets to have a son and be a mum/dad ((I guess he represents the LGBT for naruto……………………………………………… again another rant in itself))

3.Sasuke’s character/arc seems unfinished..
Sasuke’s character was such a massive build up because his story was full of drama and character building, but the fact that they bum rushed everything under the rug…… This is what the ending for Sasuke was like for me “Well Konoha betrayed me and killed my entire clan….Oh well, time to marry Sakura, and wander around aimlessly..” NO!!! Why even have this back story for Sasuke If you were going to give us this sort of ending!! Just keep his whole clan alive, and not waste chapters developing a character which you werent even going to have a finale resolution for!!! Fuck shake! You might as well use that time to develop other characters that didn’t have any screen time!

4. Why were so many people still alive after the last battle?!
Even the old farts are still pushing it through!! Onoki, Tsunade, Mei, are you kidding me!!?… And if you see them, THEY LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME! Its been like 10 years + more!!! Atleast kill off onoki, or give mei and tsunade some wrinkles!!! For god shakes you made iruka look like his going to die any second, but yet you gave tsunade the secret to endless lasting youth!
But back to the point, why not kill off more characters?!!? If you kill off some characters ((characters that are known to the series)) it would of shown your audience that the battle had a impact, and it was devastating. Killing off a character is upsetting, but when it comes to action stories, it makes sense to kill some characters because that is how people get emotionally attached and invested into battles.. But no, kishi chickened out and got rid of shikamaru’s and ino’s dad… OOOOOO such a loss.. >>


6. Ending was just a pair off/women in the series are good for nothing
When it comes to a ending, sure some of us would like to know ‘who gets with who’ BUT GOD DAMN! You might as well get the new Naruto opening with the Brady bunch theme. Why does everyone need to be with someone! Why do we need this bullshit disney cliche ending! And why are all the women stay at home mums… No wait… Not only that but they have hardcore attitudes that nag their husbands, but dont worry guys, they are still house wives…((Howmanyfuckingclicheofthenaggingstayathomemomisthere?))

7. Everyone married, with ugly kids, and only so they can continue..
Even if the pairings are total shit, why did they have to have kids! I want this shit to stop!
THIS NEEDS TO STOP! I tried my hardest reading some gaiden.. And got through a little bit of boruto… But I just cant, its such a cash grab now… HOW CAN NO ONE ELSE SEE IT!! I mean, they dont take in consideration the manga anymore!! All the canon back stories to the original is gone.. Just to make room for the ‘canon’ pairings and the stupid kids…

And there is my 7.. I can go up to 20, but since kishi loves that number so much, why not!
It is such a shame that naruto came down to this, kishi could of ended it so well ((might put top 7 ways to end it))
It was such a good series, with awesome characters! But now… …I dont even know what to call it…
It will probably be like pokemon, and continue on for years and years and years…

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Orochimaru or the Experiment? You can save onky one life.

Make me (aka Sasuke, I should’ve mentioned that) chose between two characters! | not accepting!


oocLady. Lady. Are you out of your fucking mind? You can’t just ask Sasuke such thing?? But, you know what, I’ll give you an answer. It’s Oro. Fucking Oro. You happy now? Wow, I cannot believe. Hear me out on this one. The experiment might become Itachi but the chances are at 20%. It’s unsure as hell. And even if Itachi did return, he doesn’t belong here. Sasuke knows this secretly but he doesn’t want to admit it to himself. He needs to move on and Itachi will always hold him back. Oro on the other hand will always support him, that’s a given. He doesn’t cage him either but lets him do whatever the fuck he wants. Itachi has no future but maybe Oro does.

Poorly Drawn Naruto

I was looking back at old Naruto for some good nostalgia…

And found this.

All of this.





This next one made it into the opening of the show.

The opening of the show.

And by far, my favorite…

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