From the Missing Pages, Chapter 11

Regina returns to the castle after spending a few days alone with Robin, and notices something very strange about the king. Meanwhile, an odd occurrence in the woods leads Robin receiving an invitation to a royal ball. 

For the anon who requested the “how’d you get a bruise like that?” and for @glindalovesshoes who requested Robin having the chance to kill Leopold, but doesn’t take it. And for the lovely @stick-to-the-lasagna-lady, @x-wishesonfallenstars-x and @rcgalbeliever who were all enthusiastic cheerleaders through this chapter, and made sure I didn’t delete too much.

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I got this in my Ask-box from an Anonymous poster in 3 different parts:

here’s the thing about the engagement ring that I’m hoping for (though I know its a long shot!) proposals in tv can often be catalysts, and hook is demanding enough that if he is proposing, he’s not exactly asking, he’s /expecting/ a yes. But something concrete and tangible like MARRIAGE is probably gonna shake Emma to her boots, gonna have her examine her relationship, remember all the times they clearly were dysfunctional, all the ways they were bad for each other. She’ll probably say no to the engagement but maybe offer to keep dating and hook will throw a fit saying that’s not good enough (probably hoping to get her to change her mind) then Emma will realize what a pissbaby she’s been locking lips with and the fact that she has a backbone and they break up. Narratively, television loves it-you know what’s boring? A predictable engagement. You know what’s interesting? A proposal turning the relationship on its ear. And for a relationship as solid as cheesecloth as CS, being turned on its ear basically means self destruction. I know it’s a long shot, but I also honestly feel like its one of the only respectable outs the show has to keep this horrible toxic ship from being endgame considering how long they’ve dragged it out and the fact that even killing one of them got sidestepped because of plot. Long shot, but a girl can hope!!

Hi! I agree with your assessment and you make all good points! This could be what wakes Emma up OR what wakes REGINA up!

So far Regina has not CHOSEN her happy ending but has been settling for what she thinks FATE has dealt her. Robin is an idea of a happy ending even though on some level she knows he’s not it because she has told people that. She’s got such a fierce grip on what she THINKS she wants she doesn’t see what’s actually GOOD for her. Robin has never been portrayed as that love. I think if he was, he wouldn’t have been written to be the father of her sister’s baby and they wouldn’t have obliterated his soul.  0Q like C$ has not been written like the epic fairytale romance.  I don’t buy it.

For All Eternity I Would

One short fic per OQ kiss. 

She wakes up to them bathed in a blinding light. From the candles on numerous shelves, books, and decaying furniture, from the jewels and beaded dresses hidden in the room — once secret, now sacred — from the mirrors reflecting every scintillating vial filled with bright-colored potions. And from the sun she let filter in through the passage they hadn’t bothered to close in their haste, too preoccupied with tearing clothes, now in shambles on the floor, and grasping hair. Too eager with drawing out deafening groans and whimpers.

She wakes up to sheets on her bare skin, cold next to the warmth of his chest against her back, his arm resting low on her belly, with fingers clutching her hip, his thigh crushing hers. And his lips on her neck, unmoving, yet stroking her fire, keeping the embers alive and burning flames beneath her skin.

Carefully, she turns in his arms, brings both her legs around his and raises her knees until they brush his waist, to hear their unmistakable pop and feel a blissful ache, remembering how he’d bent them hours earlier. How he’d pushed to reach exquisite places until her thighs stuck to her middle and her ankles rested on his shoulders.

He’s in deep slumber while she’s unable to go back to sleep, wrapped around him like she wants to fuse her soul into his, like she wants to disappear — until all that remains is every thing good and every thing pure, every thing his — to belong to him only, in whatever way, however small, lest they never get another chance, lest they can never again make a fleeting moment last forever.

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anonymous asked:

Any chance for a sneak peek at the Comfort Food Honeymoon chapter?

Sorry it’s taken so long to respond. 

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek! 

(Smut below!)

Twilight was just settling its misty blue haze around the island when Robin and Regina walked into their yellow villa with white shingles. A veranda looked out over the blue ocean and a gull cried overhead.

           It all seemed very peaceful.

           “This is the perfect place to have a honeymoon,” she said, standing with her suitcase.

           Robin took her hand. “I know. So let’s go inside and start it.”

           She grinned, letting him lead her inside. “I have the perfect outfit to change into.”

           “Or we could just skip that,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows.

           “I love you and I love making love to you,” she replied. “But I have several bathing suits and lingerie pieces in this suitcase. I am going to wear them during the next two weeks. Got it?”

           He chuckled, opening the white wooden door. “Whatever you say. Your happiness is my only goal.”

           She rolled her luggage into the villa, taking in the white couch, two armchairs and a glass coffee table all facing a flat screen TV. There was also a full kitchen, complete with a little wooden table. There were several doors to her left but she was focused on the French doors straight ahead of her. She continued walking until she could open them, looking at a hot tub right on their deck.

           Regina smiled. “Robin, how fast can you change into your swim trunks?”

           “Not more than ten minutes,” he replied from inside. “Once I open this bottle of champagne the front desk left us.”

           “Sounds perfect,” she said, turning back inside to see him wrapping a towel around the champagne bottle as he started to uncork it. Regina kissed his cheek. “I’m going to change into my own bathing suit. Be right out.”

           She heard the pop of the champagne cork as she closed the door, eagerly diving into her suitcase for the perfect bathing suit.

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Henry convincing Regina she can defeat Zelena with light magic is still one of my favorite Regal Believer moments.  His unwavering faith in her is just beautiful.

But seriously? Y’all know how much I love OQ.  So so much.  But Robin’s entrance there is just awkward.  Maybe if he’d already been there in the scene, the line would have worked better. As it is, the way he just walks in and says it is kind of forced.

Still love them, though.

Secret Santa

           The first gift showed up after Thanksgiving. Regina Mills had suffered through another family weekend at her half-sister’s McMansion, sitting there with a smile on her face while competing yet again for her mother’s affection.

           Regina never won.

           Despite giving her up so as not to be hindered by being a young single mother, Cora Mills doted on Zelena from the moment she had reentered her life. Regina believed it was because Zelena had achieved everything Cora had wanted first for herself and then for Regina. Zelena was the COO of a global investment firm, married to the scion of a powerful Maine family and had an adorable little girl who was already fluent in French and on her way to being a mathematical prodigy…at least according to Zelena.

           (Her husband, Hades, was a very down-to-earth guy who had more realistic expectations for his daughter and a clearer understanding of her abilities. Regina didn’t mind talking to him, even with his annoying tendency to whisper and pause between words).

           To other parents, having a daughter who was the District Attorney and the heir apparent to the mayor’s office would make them proud. Cora Mills, though, only cared that Storybrooke was a small hamlet in the middle of nowhere, Maine and so Regina stood no chance of ever being president. (Not that she wanted to be. She was happy where she was). And to Cora, she should just focus on being more powerful than she was now and that only power and money would make her happy. Not the friends Regina had made in Storybrooke, not the man who had loved her until he was tragically taken from her nor the son who made her so proud.

           Regina did her best to keep her darling Henry out of such ugly competition, refusing to talk about him to Cora or Zelena. It forced his grandmother and aunt to talk to him, so it almost seemed like they had an interest in him when all they wanted were more reasons to criticize Regina. Because they didn’t care that Henry’s teacher had submitted one of his short stories to be published in an anthology, that he was teaching himself Japanese, or his latest accomplishment in scouts. All they focused on were his poor math grades this year.

           Poppy thankfully wanted to have a tea party with her cousin so Regina ushered her son out of the room, away from his critical relatives. “He’s only averaging a C plus? He could be doing so much better,” Cora said.

           “We’re working on it,” Regina replied, tersely. “He’s going for tutoring after school and we’re doing extra math work at home.”

           Cora still shook her head. “I don’t think you really understand how serious this is, Regina. How will he get into a good business school if he can’t do math?”

           “I don’t think Henry wants to go to business school.” Regina frowned.

           Her mother sighed. “What about law school? Medical school?”

           “I think Henry wants to be a writer,” she replied. “But he’s ten. He has time to figure that all out, Mother.”

           Cora frowned. “That’s his problem. He has no focus because you’re not making him have one. Henry has so much potential and you’re letting him waste it.”

           “It sounds like Henry’s exploring his potential just fine,” Hades chimed in. “He’s ten and already a published author. Kudos to him.”

           “The arts are not a proper career,” Cora snapped at him and he retreated again. Regina lost her only ally in the name of family peace.

           It continued like that for the next couple days so that when she got back to her office on Monday, she felt like she needed to sleep for a week while everyone else looked refreshed.

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