As requested that I shitpost this

Omg I had this thought that was like

Forgal: so uh… Do you sylvari have genders?
Trahearne: we’re plants!
Forgal: no I mean are you a boy or a girl
Trahearne: I’m a pine cone!
Forgal: I mean what’s in your pants
Trahearne: zzzzip* *caladbolg peeks out of his pants* the power to cleanse orr, bitch
The entire vigil: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


I got Arty one of those fancy litter lockers instead of just using plastic bags to clean up her litter and oooooooooooooooo~~~

also I got her a leash and harness because I want to start taking her on walks and keeping her active because we only live in a tiny bachelor apartment *o*