Horoscope signs as Ganondorf
  • Aries - Twilight Princess Ganondorf: you ruined everything why did we invite you
  • Taurus - OoT Ganondorf: sassy schemer who don't take no lip from no hero and also secretly a boar
  • Gemini - Wind Waker Ganondorf: sometimes you look like a bird also stop harassing small children
  • Cancer - SSB Ganondorf: you run slow and we all like you ironically
  • Leo - a Link to the Past Ganondorf: you are actually a pig demon
  • Virgo - Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf: your minions are useless but that hair tho
  • Libra - Skyward Sword Ganondorf: you don't exist. Sorry. Someone who looks kinda like you does some bad stuff tho
  • Scorpio - Four Swords Adventures Ganondorf: you had to break the law didn't you. See where that got you?? The race consisting of only girls hates you now. Hot girls. NICE GOING.
  • Sagittarius - Phantom Hourglass Ganondorf: you're but a distant memory of the small children you once harassed. Those children killed you. This is your own fault.
  • Capricorn - Oracle of Ages & Oracle of Seasons Ganondorf: you were supposed to show up. We invited you and everything. Are you too cool for us??? Jerk.
  • Aquarius - Manga OoT Ganondorf: how did you go seven years thinking a wooden ocarina was the ocarina of time no wonder you lost
  • Pisces - SSBB storyline Ganondorf: stop following the hand guy and stop trusting people stop just stop.

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Its dangerous to go alone…

This is one of the prints that were available at Anime North that I forgot to upload. Had a lot of fun incorporating all of the Links. Can you recognize them all?


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alrighty, so this is malachites room so far! i spliced together some steven universe backgrounds (none of which belong to me!!) and messed with them, added some props!

so essentially malachite lives in a giant greenhouse and collects plants form the missions the team goes on :) (with a specific section dedicated to the strawberries that grow on the old gem battlefield). this is only one section of the room and theres several little tables and benches and little statues scattered all over it~

they use to pools to store some things, but most of their bubbles just float freely, or chill in the gardens somewhere. malachite likes to keep the gems they bubble (most of which are the less dangerous creatures they encounter or the gems theyve come across that were hurt or damaged) floating around their room. some filter in through the water from labradorite’s room every once in a while as well. occasionally theyll feel hints of emotions from the bubbled gems, so mallo likes to talk to them often. they arent sure if the gem inside is conscious or can hear them, but they talk anyways~

bettycrockerssketchbook powerthepeaceful themintylion im not really sure where in the temple this room is located???? but its connected to labradorites somehow haha. below or above or next to idk

edit: lmao i forgot to mention those floating things are different flower pots they have floating around