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This is one of the prints that were available at Anime North that I forgot to upload. Had a lot of fun incorporating all of the Links. Can you recognize them all?

Horoscope signs as Link
  • Aries - Twilight Princess Link: *lowers brightness all the way* sorry if u can't see...but u should be able to...after all, u are the darkest Link...so edgy man...
  • Taurus - OoT Link: as a child, u were kind of a douche. As u matured into adulthood, it got worse
  • Gemini - Wind Waker Link: "k just gotta get this treasure...oops too far just gotta back up a bit-wait no that's too much just let me-DAMN IT"
  • Cancer - Majora's Mask Link: that one kid who was always saying creepy stuff in class. You know, "the void is infinite, submit" and "we're all dead, really".
  • Leo - a Link to the Past Link: can't pronounce people's names, has a deathly fear of bunnies. Ur just trying ur best but 7 is such a big number. That's, like, 3 x 2 + 1
  • Virgo - Hyrule Warriors Link: "guys have u seen my new scarf? Haha it's so coo-"*tries to run and trips over ur incredibly long scarf*
  • Libra - Skyward Sword Link: you have a wide array of three possible emotions for each conversation.
  • Scorpio - Four Swords Link: are you okay?? There are a lot of aspects to ur personality then it seems...one of them is trying to burn down my house maybe u should take a short nap
  • Sagittarius - Phantom Hourglass Link: look at those hands...those hands let a man drown...those hands killed a giant bird...u try to move on but u have done terrible things. Also Linkbeck isn't helping u should probably make sure he isn't stealing anything u own
  • Capricorn - Oracle of Ages & Oracle of Seasons Link: many of ur friends are more talented then u are, but u are the cool one. probably.
  • Aquarius - Spirit Tracks Link: *whispering* trains trains trains *gets louder* Trains Trains Trains *screaming* TRAINS TRAINS TRAINS
  • Pisces - Mario Kart 8 Link: no one was expecting u, which is why it's so easy for u to "swiggity swirl, kartin' in to steal yo girl"
Horoscope signs as Ganondorf
  • Aries - Twilight Princess Ganondorf: you ruined everything why did we invite you
  • Taurus - OoT Ganondorf: sassy schemer who don't take no lip from no hero and also secretly a boar
  • Gemini - Wind Waker Ganondorf: sometimes you look like a bird also stop harassing small children
  • Cancer - SSB Ganondorf: you run slow and we all like you ironically
  • Leo - a Link to the Past Ganondorf: you are actually a pig demon
  • Virgo - Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf: your minions are useless but that hair tho
  • Libra - Skyward Sword Ganondorf: you don't exist. Sorry. Someone who looks kinda like you does some bad stuff tho
  • Scorpio - Four Swords Adventures Ganondorf: you had to break the law didn't you. See where that got you?? The race consisting of only girls hates you now. Hot girls. NICE GOING.
  • Sagittarius - Phantom Hourglass Ganondorf: you're but a distant memory of the small children you once harassed. Those children killed you. This is your own fault.
  • Capricorn - Oracle of Ages & Oracle of Seasons Ganondorf: you were supposed to show up. We invited you and everything. Are you too cool for us??? Jerk.
  • Aquarius - Manga OoT Ganondorf: how did you go seven years thinking a wooden ocarina was the ocarina of time no wonder you lost
  • Pisces - SSBB storyline Ganondorf: stop following the hand guy and stop trusting people stop just stop.

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