*one day

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jm and yg taking care of each other, loads of conversations past midnight and kisses in the middle with a bottle of wine, looking at the stars together and making plans, yg wanting to hold jm’s tiny hand and he does, kissing it; holly barking n jumping on the bed in the morning to wake them. jm smiling softly bc he knows how much yg doesn’t like waking up early but this time yg isn’t bothered, he has two creatures that he loves the most with him. jm: today you make the breakfast, hyung. yg will

the two of them openly wearing the rings they got each other, jm filling the living room w as many plants as possible, yg cementing a name for himself in the production industry, the two of them going on month long vacations to places they visited on tour but never really got to experience, planning out the wedding

I spend my nights wondering if you’ll ever come back to me.
—  Maybe, just maybe we weren’t ready for each other yet. Maybe we need to grow, maybe we need to see the world and know that we can be happy alone. Then one day when we have lived, loved and survived our paths will cross again. Maybe then, we will be ready.