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There was a lot of thought that went into it. Eduardo, Eddy, Adam and I talked a lot about it, knowing that this season was going to be based in Storybrooke and that we’re like coming home and their adventures were always going to originate in Storybrooke. And for Emma, you know when she first came to Storybrooke she had four boxes and we really stuck to that. Where she rewears things and she only had however many shirts and a few jackets and the same jeans and the same pair of boots and kind of kept it really simple for a really long time. And because this was the first time she was coming home for a long time we thought “What does she have access to in Storybrooke?” She has access to her mom’s closet, she has access to thrift stores in town. Storybrooke doesn’t have, you know, Nordstrom’s! - Jennifer on Emma’s wardrobe in Season 6

OUAT Super Secret Spoiler Spec **UPDATED**

I’ve been getting a lot anonymous asks talking about the secret spoiler that was seen on the set tour and have therefore compiled a lot of info on what exactly the spoiler might be.  DISCLAIMER: all this info is coming from anonymous sources who may or may not actually know anything about the set.  Therefore, I am claiming all of this as total speculation until a valid source can provide confirmation.  So, here’s a list of all the info I’ve gotten.

  • The spoiler “would be hard to keep in [Captain Swan’s] house.”
  • Someone at the convention apparently said that the spoiler had something to do with CS (but backpedaled when they realized that they’d said too much).
  • I got two very vague anons following an anon that wished people would just tell us the spoiler.  They said the following: “It has to do with a boy named Jack *whistles*” and “A tale of a boy named Jack and a….”  I guessed that what they’re referring to is the beanstalk, but got no further confirmation.
  • The beanstalk would align with whatever the spoiler is being hard to keep in the CS house, and it would also be related to CS.
  • There was apparently a tweet where someone said the secret spoiler was in a green screen room, which they would need in order to recreate the beanstalk set.
  • I literally just got the same anon who hinted that it was the beanstalk confirming that the spoiler is in fact the beanstalk.  
  • There is now a picture of what looks like the bottom of a beanstalk in an outdoor set in Burnaby Central Park (x)

Obviously there is no way for me to 100% confirm any of this, but I thought I would organize all the info I’ve collected, whether it’s true or not, so that you all can be the judge.  If you want to see any of the asks I’ve gotten in relation to any of these pieces of info, you can either message me or find them at mrs-emma-swan-jones.tumblr.com/tagged/anon.

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jenmorrisonlive: Day 75: little Hook and Emma were pretty epic at #creationentertainment in vancouver yesterday! What an amazing day! Thank you to all the #oncers who came to visit us!! #101smiles #onceuponatime #uglyducklings  #emmaswan [x x]

jenmorrisonlive: Day 76: meet and greet!! #onceuponatime #uglyducklings #emmaswan #101smiles @colinodonoghue1 #creationentertainment [x x]

So by Lana’s interview where she says: “The Evil Queen looks in a mirror that shows her who she hates most expecting to see Snow White, but what she sees instead is shocking”, we can clearly conclude she’s going to see herself. It all ties into the battle she’s been having between her two halves. She’ll finally have to come to terms with her self-loathing and work through the toughest battle of all: finally loving herself.

I’m not ready.