L'abbigliamento era costituito dalla classica camicia nera, fazzoletto azzurro, pantaloni grigioverde, fascia nera, fez (il copricapo arabo mutuato dagli arditi): la divisa dei Balilla tradiva l'impostazione paramilitare (e propedeutica alla leva militare vera e propria) dell'ONB.

Quasi sempre presente nelle esercitazioni,era inoltre il moschetto Balilla (in versione giocattolo per i figli della lupa).

Immagine tratta dal libro: Domenichelli Piero, “Vita fascista : Volume I per i Balilla e le Piccole Italiane”, Firenze, Bemporad Figlio, A. X (1932). Illustrazioni di Baldo e copertina di Roberto Sgrilli.

BNHA is a series long meta on what is means to be a hero and that’s… amazing

  • conversation about heroics vs. vigilantism vs. villainy 
  • what makes a hero and what makes a wannabe 
  • should heroes be celebreties or treated like firefighters? 
  • the commercialization and over glorification of heroes
  • what it means to realize that a hero is a human too
  • the next generation of heroes learning from an imperfect generation 
  • that being a hero might just only mean what side of the law you’re on
  • Being a good hero doesn’t mean you’re a good person

I could go on and on, but these are all topics that have been raised in the manga thus far and honestly in such a mature yet entertaining way. It doesn’t take away from the story, it doesn’t preach, it just raises questions and allows the reader to draw their own conclusions which is… literally all I’ve ever wanted

Horror movie night with EXO


  • the one who watches all the movies without flinching
  • the one being wrapped up tight by Chanyeol and Baekhyun
  • do not find any ghosts/monsters scary
  • say all happy “good night ~“ to his fellow members


  • the one who is cracking up at every single scary moment
  • saying literaly all the time “C’me on ! It’s not scary” to the others
  • will probably play a prank on the others before going to bed and being hit
  • will imitate the most scared member later on 


  • will play his mum’s role and try to confort his children whereas he’s the most scared
  • actually will close his eyes for 80% of the night
  • being more scared from all of these boys
  • being the one who will scream like a girl


  • the one who screams and eat pop corn at the same time
  • will jump off of his seat and crash Jongin while screaming
  • will check ten times under his bed
  • will listen music before going to bed and will repeat “there’s nothing” until his roommate will say to shut up and sleep.


  • the one who screams for real and will laugh nervously saying “I saw it coming btw” 
  • hide his eyes behind a pouch 
  • the one who is holding D.O’s fingers so hard without noticing
  • screaming “WHAT’S THAT !” to every single screamer 
  • the one who will also make fun of Suho or Chanyeol and not assuming he was scared as fuck.


  • the one who is laughing at his members more than movies
  • will sometime squeal
  • stealing pop corn from Chanyeol
  • sleep immediately without thinking at anything


  • the one who is .jpg all the time
  • being tired from these boys over reacting
  • will ignore Chanyeol before going to bed when he will call him “Kyungsoo-yah” almost 30 times. 
  • probably think he’s being too old for that


  • the one who is always asking questions for anything
  • will also scream and swear in Chinese 
  • will probably don’t understand all the story but eventually will ask later on
  • being the victim of Chen when he will blow on his neck before going to bed. 


  • covers Vivi’s eyes
  • laughs off his ass and screams like a baby at the same time
  • will act manly before going to bed but will hold on Vivi’s hard and check all the corners of the room. 
  • will sleep with the light on

The Ballila Rifle,

When the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini came to power in Italy, one idea to help bolster the ideals of Italian fascism was the creation of a state run youth organization.  Founded in 1926, the Opera Nazionale Ballila (ONB) was such a group formed for boys and girls 8-18.  The curriculum of the ONB emphasized fascist indoctrination and physical education.  Among the activities of the ONB were rifle shooting.  I’m not talking about shooting bb guns or .22’s for the purpose of learning to hunt or shooting cans, but as early military training for the purpose of molding Italian youth into fanatical soldiers.  When they became adults, it was expected of them to form the legions which would reconquer the Roman Empire for Mussolini.

For training rifles, a variant of the standard military rifle, the 6.5mm Carcano, was used.  The Ballila Youth Rifle was no different from the Carcano with the exception that it was made smaller so that it could be used by a young child.  The barrel was cut down to 14 inches.  It was also outfitted with a smaller, lighter stock.  The Ballila rifle also retained the folding bayonet to make it as close to the real military rifle as possible.  

Most Ballila rifles were produced from surplus Carcano rifles, others were modified forms of the older Carcano Cavalry Carbine from the turn of the century. Typically they were chambered for .22 Long Rifle, 6mm flobert, and in some cases fired special underpowered training rounds made to resemble the 6.5mm Carcano cartridge.

The ONB continued to operate up to World War II.  During that time all other youth groups were banned in Italy with the exception of those run by the Catholic Church.  When the German dictator Adolf Hitler observed the ONB in action while visiting Italy, he was inspired to created a similar Nazi organization called the Hitler Youth.

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Submitted by @boredoutofmymindwriting: “Once more congrats hun! ❤So as usual Jensen x reader but let’s try make this fluffy but if you find a way to mix any angst in it do that too 😘”

You just have to give me this GIF cause you know I love this song! lol. Here it is hun! Love you! <3

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: IT’S SO FLUFFY!!

P.S. Read ALL of the lyrics to the song. THE LYRICS ARE A MAJOR PART OF THE DRABBLE.

You loved going to conventions with your husband. You were so upset that this one you had to miss because you were home sick with the flu and what was even worse was that you knew Jensen is back in Vancouver now so he can film tomorrow. You hated the internet especially when it came to people that loved to send you and Jensen hate especially about your relationship. You knew that it was just jealous fan girls that couldn’t help but try to ruin your relationship. You loved the internet for a few things. One of them being that you could watch a video from the conventions. 

This weekend Jensen went to the Las Vegas Convention. Saturday night he was appearing at the Saturday Night Concert. You were watching Louden Swain playing. You didn’t mind watching them play and sing but you really wanted to see Jensen. After a little bit of Louden Swain, Richard started talking and introduced Jensen up on stage. You watched as he walked up on stage and you couldn’t help but get excited. He was wearing the leather jacket that you got him for his birthday this year and you blushed remembering that it wasn’t the only present you got him.

“How are ya’ll doing tonight?” Jensen asked smiling and you chuckled as you heard the crowd screaming. “So my wife is usually at these conventions with me but tonight she couldn’t make it cause she has the flu.” You heard awws from the crowd and your heart melted knowing that the fans cared. “So knowing her she is probably watching this video right now.” You chuckled at Jensen because he knew you so well. “Well if you’re watching this babe, this song is for you. I need you to get better and I love you.” You smiled at Jensen even though you know he couldn’t see you. You heard the band start playing the music from NEEDTOBREATHE’s “Brother” and you heard Jensen start singing.

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So I got inspired to write this fic from Jensen singing “Brother”. He was absolutely amazing as per usual. (Tagging my peeps @moonlitskinwalker and @poemwriter98)

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Y/N was upset. Sam and Dean had fought yet again and it was a big one. Dean had once again sacrificed his life for Sam and Sam believed he deserved to die. It had been weeks of them ignoring each other and pretending to do just “business” with each other and Y/N was sick and tired of it. 

They were all going to a bar to unwind after a long hunt. It was open mic night and Y/N had an idea to open their eyes to how stupid their fight was. She was going to sing the song “Brother”. If that didn’t get them to at least stop doing the silent treatment, she didn’t know what would.

Ramblers in the wilderness we can’t find what we need
We get a little restless from the searching
Get a little worn down in between
Like a bull chasing the matador is the man left to his own schemes
Everybody needs someone beside em’ shining like a lighthouse from the sea

Dean turned his head to look at Y/N singing. He knew this song. It made him think of how he took care of Sam ever since he was young. Dean couldn’t live without him and that’s why he sacrificed himself. Without Sam, he would be wandering aimlessly. Why couldn’t he understand that?

Brother let me be your shelter
Never leave you all alone
I can be the one you call
When you’re low
Brother let me be your fortress
When the night winds are driving on
Be the one to light the way
Bring you home

Dean only wanted to protect Sam. It’s what he’s always done, what Dad told him to do. Dean looked over at Sam who was avoiding him.

Face down in the desert now there’s a cage locked around my heart
I found a way to drop the keys where my failures were
Now my hands can’t reach that far
I ain’t made for a rivalry, I could never take the world alone
I know that in my weakness I am stronger
It’s your love that brings me home

Sam has made a lot of mistakes. He is not a hero and caused the freaking Apocalypse. He didn’t think he was worth saving. But bigger than that. More than everything else, he wouldn’t be able to do it without Dean. He might be mad now, but if Dean was dead, Sam wouldn’t know what to do.

Brother let me be your shelter
Never leave you all alone
I can be the one you call
When you’re feeling low
Brother let me be your fortress
When the night winds are driving on
Be the one to light the way
Bring you home

Sam knows that Dean was trying to protect him. But he wants to protect Dean too. They were all they had in this lonely world.

Be the one to light the way
Bring you home

Y/N repeated the last two lines of the song as she strung the last chord. She looked up and Sam and Dean were clapping, as were the rest of the people in the bar. She got off the stage and hoped that it was enough of a wake up call for them to just go back to being brothers.

It was quiet in the ride back. Dean decided to turn the radio on. Sam rolled his eyes and said, “Really?” After that, it was silence again. Y/N smiled to herself. Maybe there was hope after all.

So what do you think? Hope you enjoyed it!!

Word Count: 2,783

Warnings: Premature birth and associated complications. Additionally, complications due to human/Vulcan reproduction.

Author’s Note: Here is the second version of our Spock x Reader “Tears of an Angel” songfic. I really like how this turned out, considering I’ve never written about babies before. I really hope you enjoy; please refer to my warnings before proceeding as I know that some of the content in this piece will be upsetting for some readers.

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My Responses to the Humiliation Self-Profiling Kit

(a lot of these answers are conditional and/or speculative. I’m going to assume this is for a real life Dom/sub relationship and not an online one)

I. Being Controlled / Owned

 A. Like

  1. Being ordered around
  2. Made to perform tasks
  3. Being denied orgasm
  4. Having to ask to go to the toilet
  5. Having to be naked in the house
  6. Being told what you are allowed to eat
  7. Being told when and where you can sleep
  8. Having to wear a collar or some other means to show that you’re owned
  9. Having to eat off the floor
  10. Having to crawl on all fours

 B. Dislike

  1. Being told what you can wear  

II. Being put on display

 A. Like

  1. Being inspected
  2. Having your clothes ripped or cut off you
  3. Made to masturbate in front of others
  4. Having to wear slutty and/or revealing clothes at home
  5. Having to wear slutty and/or revealing clothes in public
  6. Having to expose yourself in public  
  7. Being inspected in front of guests

 B. Dislike 

  1. Having to wear slutty and/or revealing clothes at work 

III. Being treated as a sex object

  A. Like

  1. Being groped by your Dom/me whenever s/he wants
  2. Being treated as nothing but a set of holes
  3. Being roughly fucked
  4. Having to take it down your throat
  5. Being whored out
  6. Being groped in public
  7. Being groped in public by a stranger  
  8. Being treated as nothing more than a pair of big tits
  9. Having to take it up your ass
  10. Being used as a cumbucket or cumrag
  11. Being gang-banged  
  12. Being used as a party favor
  13. Being raped

  B. Dislike

  1. Having a bag pulled over your head while you are fucked  
  2. Being used in a glory hole or adult theatre 

IV. Being verbally degraded

  A. Like

  1. Being talked to in a condescending manner
  2. Being castigated for doing something incorrectly
  3. Being called dirty
  4. Being called a slut or whore
  5. Being called worthless
  6. Being called a cunt
  7. Being called stupid  
  8. Being called a bitch
  9. Being called a cow
  10. Being called a pig
  11. Being called an animal
  12. Being talked about to others as if you’re not there
  13. Having any of the above names written on your body
  14. Making you agree with and repeat back the names you are being called
  15. Being talked about to others

  B. Dislike

  1. Being talked to in a rude and arrogant fashion  

V. Being physically hurt as a means of humiliation

  A. Like

  1. Having your hair pulled
  2. Having your face slapped
  3. Having your tits slapped
  4. Having your cunt slapped
  5. Having your nipples pinched or clamped
  6. Being bent over and having your ass spanked
  7. Being beaten

  B. Dislike

VI. Being treated as unimportant

  A. Like

      1.  Being ignored altogether

  B. Dislike

  1. Having your views mocked, belittled or ignored
  2. Having your feelings mocked, belittled or ignored
  3. Having your time deliberately wasted 
  4. Treating your work or career as trivial or unimportant

VII. Being shamed about your body

  A. Like

  B. Dislike

  1. Being told you’re too fat
  2. Being told your tits are too small
  3. Being told you’re ugly
  4. Being told you’re old and saggy

VIII. Physical Contraints as a means of humiliation

  A. Like

  1. Being tied up with your cunt, tits or ass available for use
  2. Being gagged to stop you talking
  3. Being made to stand in the corner
  4. Being made to adopt a certain posture and hold still
  5. Having your mouth stretched open so it can be used

  B. Dislike

  1. Being gagged with your panties 

IX. Making you do demeaning and disgusting things

  A. Like

  1. Making you hump yourself on various objects
  2. Being spat on 
  3. Making you piss yourself
  4. Not letting you use your toilet to piss in
  5. Being pissed on or in
  6. Having to swallow your Dom/mes piss
  7. Having cum in or over your food
  8. Fucking you in the bathroom
  9. Making you lick the toilet
  10. Having to lick your Dom/me’s asshole  (Domme’s only, no interest in male ass)
  11. Being hosed down like an animal
  12. Being made to lie in mud
  13. Being made to spend the night in the barn
  14. Having you eat with all the other animals

  B. Dislike

  1. Having piss in or over your food 
  2. Making you have sex in a public toilet  
  3. Having a toilet brush shoved up your cunt or asshole to clean it
  4. Making you lick his/her shoes clean (tough to place this one. I would do it but not enjoy it but that’s part of being a slave)

X. Controlling your other relationships

  A. Like

      1.  Making you have sex with your friends or work colleagues

      2.  Having intimate pictures of you shown to family, friends or work colleagues (conditional for sure)

  B. Dislike

  1. Having your private life discussed with family, friends or work colleagues
  2. Having pictures of you posted onto the web 
  3. Making you help arrange sex for your Dom/me with family, friends or work colleagues
  4. Giving him/her access to all your computer accounts - email, facebook, blogs…
  5. Giving him access to your phone, messages and contacts

XI. Race and play as humiliation

  A. Like

  B. Dislike

  1. Having your race treated as inferior
  2. Being made to fuck other races who you wouldn’t normally
  3. Being called racially insulting names

XII. Gender play as humiliation

  A. Like

     1.  Making you have sex with a man if you’re a lesbian

  B. Dislike

  1. Making you have sex with a woman if you’re straight 

XIII. Your position in your relationship

  A. Like

     1.  Letting your Dom/me have sex with other women (I’m very very in favor of open relationships)

     2.  Having to watch or listen to him/her have sex with another

     3.  Being denied sex while your Dom/me has as much sex as they want

     4.  Being denied sex apart from up your ass, while your Dom/me has as much sex as they want

     5.  Having to clean her cunt and his cock with your mouth after they’ve made love

  B. Dislike 

  1. Being told by your Dom/me how much more s/he enjoys sex with the other woman
  2. Having to move into the spare room because his lover is now in your room
  3. Having to clean his lover’s home as well as yours
  4. Having to buy her clothes, gifts and jewelry 
  5. Being humiliated by your Dom/me’s lover for being inferior to her
  6. Not even having a Dom/me: you’re just the live-in maid for another couple

XIV. Generic Humiliation

  A. Like

  1. Being laughed at
  2. Being told that making you feel mortified makes his cock hard
  3. Having to beg him for something you need or want
  4. Having to beg him not to make you do something you don’t want to do
  5. Being humiliated to tears Being encouraged to cry because it turns your Dom/me on
  6. Being taunted because your cunt gets wet when you are humiliated
  7. Having to be grateful to your Dom/me for how you were humiliated by him/her

  B. Dislike

there’s no ceiling on this thing like mark my fucking words robert sean leonard is going to star alongside rob mcelhenney in angels in america onb roadway

James Potter Imagine - Being Sirius’ Twin Sister and Dating James Would Include:

A/N: I think we could all use some James Potter in our life. I think James is like my favourite throughout the books I just have this dying love for him hahahaha (or maybe it’s just my love for Aaron Taylor-Johnson… I think this may be a bit long but oh well


Being Sirius’ Twin Sister and Dating James Would Include:

  • You and Sirius were the ‘outcasts’ of the Black family and both of you ended up in Gryffindor
  • You would’ve liked James since like second or third year
  • But he only realised he liked you at the beginning of sixth year after you and Sirius ran away and stayed at his house
  • You were scared when you first got into Gryffindor, but Sirius looked after you meaning you had a very strong, close relationship
  • Also meaning that Sirius wasn’t very happy when you started dating, he was very over-protective
  • You and James were friends before you stayed at his house over the end of fifth year holidays, but after staying there that summer your relationship got stronger
  • When you first arrived at the Potter’s house you are very shaken up and without realising what he is doing James went up to you and hugged you making you feel very safe and warm in his arms
  • Sirius being very jealous
  • He asks you out just before Valentine’s Day
  • At first, you’re just like “hahahahahah that’s a good one, James.” Because everyone knows he is head over heels for Lily
  • But he gets all defensive and is like, “No I’m serious!”
  • You aren’t fully convinced, but hey, why not?
  • Keeping your ‘date’ a secret from Sirius knowing he would have a crap attack if he found out
  • It’s just a simple date in Hogsmeade, but it was the best day of your life
  • James did whatever you wanted, he even went into Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop for you because you’ve never been and have always wanted to go. 
  • Even though he is a bit embarrassed to be in there, it was all worth it once he saw the look on your face
  • Sneaking around Hogsmeade so you wouldn’t run into Sirius or anyone else
  • Of course going into Honeydukes and Zonko’s and him buying you anything you wanted which you reluctantly accepted
  • Valentine’s Day finally comes around and he buys you a bunch of your favourite flowers, he doesn’t put his name on the card in case Sirius found out
  • Which he did, making it clear he did not like this ‘secret admirer’ of yours
  • Sirius nudging James saying how they are going to have to hunt down the ‘secret admirer’ and ‘teach him a lesson’
  • Making you internally giggle
  • That Easter you go to the Potter’s again (as you had done for every other holiday)
  • On the train back you and James go ahead of the group telling them you were going to find a compartment for you all
  • You find a spare compartment and it is just you two for a while
  • James asking you to be his girlfriend
  • You not knowing whether or not to agree, but James would obviously be a good guy if Sirius was such good friends with him and if he was letting you stay at his house during holidays
  • So you agree to which he replies with a cocky smirk that you absolutely adore
  • During the Easter holidays, James spends a lot of time in your room (bonding and getting to know you properly) as your room is fortunately right next to his (you and Sirius would have separate rooms as the Potter house is basically a mansion)
  • One night you both are just chilling on your bed and all of a sudden James is kissing you and this is the first kiss you’ve had with him and you are so caught up in the moment you don’t even realise Sirius come into your room
  • “Padfoot it’s not what you think it is.”
  • “Of course it’s what he thinks it is James.”
  • You would then have to sit him down on your bed and explain and get him to agree
  • He was fine with it, but that didn’t stop him from being everywhere you and James were
  • Which you’d never admit, but you found it quite amusing
  • When you get back to Hogwarts it now seems that everything is different, it’s much better though
  • You and James using the Invisibility Cloak just about every single night so you can spend time with each other without Sirius hanging around
  • Him showing you the Marauder’s Map
  • You asking how they got their ‘nicknames’
  • He trusted you enough to show you his animagus form, but didn’t tell you about Remus as that was Remus’ business, not his
  • But of course you get suspicious when your boyfriend, your brother and their two friends mysteriously disappear once a month and being exhausted for the next couple of weeks
  • Of course, you noticed this before you started dating James, but you never really thought about bringing it up
  • You do bring it up and Remus trusts you enough to tell you
  • You wanting to become an animagus
  • Getting a, “No!” from both Sirius and James
  • Always supporting James at his Quidditch matches, whether you played or not
  • He would always say you were his lucky charm, making you blush
  • But you knew he was talented with or without you
  • When Gryffindor wins the House Cup you run out onto the field with your Gryffindor scarf wrapped around your neck and James’ too big coat draped around you
  • James picks you up, spinning you around and kissing you in front of all of Hogwarts
  • But you don’t care because you’re proud of him
  • Helping the Marauders with some of their pranks
  • Being spoiled 25/8 by James because he loves you and loves seeing your reaction
  • His hugs were your favourite thing because you felt protected, safe and warm
  • He was very cocky at times which you would never admit, but you absolutely loved and thought it was the hottest thing ever
  • Lots of forehead kisses as he is very tall
  • Getting married after Hogwarts
  • Being terrified because of the war going on
  • Being too scared to have children, so you wait till it’s over
  • Living happily ever after with the love of your life



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So to kinda go off my last headcanon (about the ppl of Pyrite believing in the paranormal), at one point, Trudly and Folly try to set up their own ghost hunter group. Idk if they'd try and split from Miror B. Or not to do this (or if they don't split from him, it'd be a side gig), but I do know that they try and fail to get Miror B in on it.

If the Orre games had their own anime series like they rightfully should have deserved, I could totally imagine an episode featuring Trudly and Folly making like ghost hunters for one episode despite Fateen warning them not to anger the spirits of the lost miners under Pyrite.

Miror B would brag about not being afraid of no ghost and will refuse to be afraid of no ghost, so to prove it he would lead the group down there himself rather than be left behind on the surface. 

But then the ONBS/Kids Grid team got wind of this, and so they got a head start down the mines and used Ghost Pokemon prank Miror B’s gang along the way for the fun of it while delivering some semblance of revenge. The kids would terrify them with scary pranks before suddenly discovering an actual burial ground of old Pyrite Town miners themselves.

The ONBS/Kids Grid team would run past Miror B and his gang, confusing them wondering why the brats were there before realizing they were all played for fools. 

This made Miror B. furious, but when the real ghosts of the miners approached from the way the kids ran, he walked right up to them as he further proclaimed how he is not afraid of any ghost and swiped the hardhat off of a spectral worker expecting to see some strings attached or a guy in a costume.

He took a moment to look at the blue transparent hardhat he held in his hands before it phased through them and fell to the ground. His eyes widened beneath his shades before looking back up at the disgruntled group of expired miners. When Miror B looked back at his back up, Trudley and Folly were shivering like a pair of morbidly terrified Snorunt before zipping out of there with their wits.

Nobody knows what happened next, nobody but Miror B the next morning who came from the cave to meet Trudley and Folley with two fresh lumps on their heads for being such faithful friends. 

And that is the story of how Miror B’s Poke Ball afro briefly turned into a Premier Ball Afro. The moral of the story is to respect your elders. 

I seem to have gone overboard there, I could imagine it like an episode of Kirby Right Back At Ya, sorta inspired by one too actually. I could easily make a comparison between King Dedede and Miror B

Sorry if that answer and mini fic wasn’t what you were expecting, but I enjoyed imagining the scenario ^^