things that make neil feel real:

  • dan’s facebook photo albums
  • being spun around until he’s dizzy whenever he sees matt
  • having to clean up cat litter :(
  • the fond hair ruffle wymack gives him when he comes to visit palmetto
  • that one time all of the foxes managed to get together for a reunion (and the repeat cuddle pile that followed)
  • allison’s vague tweets that are very obviously about his friends
  • team game night (also known as neil trying not to nod off in the corner but loving the time spent with his family anyways)
  • articles about how far the foxes have come
  • stadiums filled with thousands of exy fans cheering him and his team on
  • being part of kevin’s acceptance speech as he’s inducted into the hall of fame
  • being able to sign his name on official documents
  • drinking pricey fruit smoothies (and pretending not to notice whenever andrew steals a sip)
  • having a ring full of keys that he actually uses and a ring full of keys that he can’t bring himself to give up
  • waking up in the morning and feeling like he’s home

things that andrew finds himself living for:

  • weekly skype calls with nicky
  • an amazon account that’s used to send impulse buys to the other minyards (including but not limited to: chemistry cat sweatshirts, a kevin day limited edition operation game, a recipe book of various chocolate desserts)
  • letters from renee, written in her barely-legible handwriting and usually covered with animal stickers
  • hot chocolate and phone calls with bee
  • robin slowly upping her stats and the way she’d excitedly call to tell him (as if he’s the one who actually cares)
  • the occasional opportunity to blackmail kevin into letting him skip court practices using embarrassing photos from their college days
  • making the team’s nutritionist cry
  • volunteer charities that work to help kids stuck in the foster care system/abusive households
  • the hilarious expressions of surprise on the foxes’ faces when they see him take care of his nieces at their reunion
  • the tea place a few streets down that trade him pictures of his and neil’s cats doing dumb things with whatever desserts they have left over
  • waking up in the morning and feeling like he’s home

L'abbigliamento era costituito dalla classica camicia nera, fazzoletto azzurro, pantaloni grigioverde, fascia nera, fez (il copricapo arabo mutuato dagli arditi): la divisa dei Balilla tradiva l'impostazione paramilitare (e propedeutica alla leva militare vera e propria) dell'ONB.

Quasi sempre presente nelle esercitazioni,era inoltre il moschetto Balilla (in versione giocattolo per i figli della lupa).

Immagine tratta dal libro: Domenichelli Piero, “Vita fascista : Volume I per i Balilla e le Piccole Italiane”, Firenze, Bemporad Figlio, A. X (1932). Illustrazioni di Baldo e copertina di Roberto Sgrilli.

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Hi hi hi ~ I was wondering if I could request lucio, mccree, genji and Soldier 76 with a s/o that would randomly jump on their back please? 😊


  • But he loves carrying you around, sometimes even galloping as you would shout “Onward steed!”
  • You’d often find yourself racing against D.va on top of Tracer’s back… They always won but something told you that had something to do with Tracer’s abilities


  • More than happy when you jump onto his back. You weigh nothing to him so it’s easy for him to do anything with you on his back
  • However, you were prone to stealing his hat but he didn’t mind because he’d always said how adorable you looked with it on
  • Be prepared for a lot of photos to be taken, you two are adorable!


  • Old habits kicked in and he thought you were an attacker. This resulted in him flipping you over his shoulder and onto the bed.
  • He realised it was just you by the way you giggled. You reached your arms above your head, signalling that you wanted a hug. He laughed and shook his head, bending down to kiss your forehead.
  • Now the two of you fit it into a routine, you’d shout his name so that he knew it was you

Soldier: 76:

  • Honestly, he almost fell over the first time you surprise attacked him, probably a mix of shock and old age
  • He’d laugh it off and tell you that he’d need warning before you spontaneously did that
  • So instead, you’d stand behind him with your hands on his shoulders and jump on the spot as “preparation”
Johnny as a boyfriend

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Johnny as a boyfriend  ♡

  • Johnny is the ideal boyfriend
  • He’s the kind of guy your parents approve of
  • The kind of guy that you thought only existed in your dreams
  • He 100% appreciates you
  • He understands that you are unique and wonderful in your own way
  • Whether you wake up the neighborhood with your shower singing or if you throw away the crust of a pizza slice
  • No matter what, Johnny accepts you exactly the way you are
  • He stands by you completely
  • He may not agree with your every decision, but he supports the choices you make
  • He is there for you in success and in failure, in health and in sickness, in laughter and in tears
  • Basically whenever you need him
  • Johnny can be quite independent and autonomous
  • He doesn’t like to be boxed in and he values his personal freedom
  • So sometimes he’ll need to go off and do things on his own
  • And he’ll always understand your need for alone time
  • He doesn’t want you to lose yourself in the relationship 
  • He is exciting and fun to be around
  • When you two are together, a good time is always guaranteed
  • He will introduce you to a side of life that you haven’t seen before
  • And he is always down to try your adventures
  • He’ll accompany you to the middle of Wisconsin because you decided you wanted to taste the cheese there
  • And he’ll never complain
  • Instead, he finds joy in being part of your bucket list
  • Johnny is very expressive of his love
  • He’s pretty much on top of his game when it comes to sweeping you off your feet
  • He’ll prepare you a home-cooked meal, do all of the chores, come visit you in the middle of the night just because you asked him too, or even just simply say “I love you.” 
  • He never fails to make you smile
  • Johnny just has a way of warming your heart 
  • As your boyfriend he strives to find ways to make you happy
  • He sends you random texts, just to let you know that you’re on his mind
  • He’ll call you just to say “I love you” or “I miss you”
  • He has flowers and candy delivered to your place
  • Sometimes when he’s away he’ll have food sent to you, just to make sure that you have something to eat
  • He’s a very caring and thoughtful guy
  • Johnny always makes an effort to wipe away your tears
  • You happiness and well-being is very important to him
  • In your moments of sadness, he tries to be funny, sexy, your Superman, or pretty much anything that will put a smile on your face
  • He always gives you his time and he makes you a priority in his life
  • You’ll never have to fight for his attention
  • Because no matter how busy he may be, he’ll always schedule time for love
  • Johnny is very sociable and friendly
  • So he’s not the type that likes to stay in the house a lot
  • He craves new experiences and more knowledge
  • So a day where he isn’t learning or doing anything new
  • Is in his eyes, a day wasted
  • Your relationship with Johnny will be fresh and exciting 
  • And no two days will ever be the same
  • Even when you two stay home, something is always going on
  • Whether you two are making a mess in the kitchen or entertaining a house full of guests
  • When you’re with Johnny, you can never truly say that you are bored
  • He doesn’t care about what people think and will openly display his love for you in public
  • He’ll kiss your eyes, nose, forehead, and lips
  • He’ll give you back hugs, front hugs, and piggyback rides
  • He’ll hold your hand, sing to you, dance for you, and embarrass you
  • It’s almost as if you two are in your own world sometimes
  • You two are very close and talk about anything and everything
  • The amount of trust in your relationship is through the roof
  • Overall, Johnny is a rather romantic soul who yearns for a partner to share his life with
  • IN BED
  • He’s a pretty sexual guy
  • Johnny is easy to arouse and his passion is long-standing
  • He enjoys sex more than most, as long as love and romance are a part of the package
  • It is hard for him to separate love and sex
  • Even his most erotic sexual fantasies are infused with love and affection
  • However he is the type to care more about frequency than variety
  • As long as he’s having sex, he doesn’t care much about experimentation
  • But if you’d like to add more kinkiness to the bedroom, you have the power to do it
  • Johnny’s first priority is to please you, so he’ll do whatever it takes to get you off
  • He is very passionate in bed and plays very close attention to the details
  • He is able to figure out your likes and dislikes pretty quickly and easily
  • You are always bound to have a smile on your face after a sexual encounter with Johnny
  • Because this man knows exactly how to please you
  • At first it will seem like Johnny doesn’t really care for role play or any other fantasies
  • However as time goes on and you guys build more trust
  • Johnny will slowly introduce his fetishes to you
  • He might stop the elevator in order to lift up your skirt and have a quick lick
  • He’s just trying to get his kink on
  • Be prepared to be surprised
  • When it comes to the bedroom, Johnny can turn from a calm mellow bunny to a wild raging bull in a span of seconds
  • He’s a huge fan of sexy lingerie
  • So if you’re looking to lure him into the bedroom, prancing around the house in something skimpy and cute is enough to get his attention
  • Time and trust are two things that are going to benefit your sex life with Johnny
  • The sex will always be good, but as you two become closer
  • Johnny will be more willing to open up to you 
  • And when he trusts you, he’ll make your sex life just as exciting as your life outside of the bedroom
  • He can sometimes appear to be standoffish and a bit emotionally detached
  • This is because he’s bottling up his feelings, as he may not understand them
  • Try to be patient with him
  • Remind him that you want to be there for him as much as he is there for you
  • As you two begin to trust each other more, Johnny will be more inclined to share all of his feelings with you
  • Even the emotions that he’s embarrassed of 
  • Johnny is a faithful guy
  • He doesn’t understand why people cheat 
  • “Why do you need other women when you have found the right one?” 
  • He is happy to just belong to you, so he’ll never stray 
  • He isn’t jealous or insecure about your relationship
  • He wont care if other guys check you out, he isn’t concerned with who you’re texting, and he definitely won’t worry about what you’re doing when you two are apart
  • He trusts you and is certain that you trust him
  • Johnny also gets along with your family extremely well
  • He’s a dream come true when he comfortably fits in with your family at holiday dinners
  • He puts on his best behavior in front of your parents and tries to befriend your sibling(s)
  • And most important of all, he’s there for you
  • There is nothing more comforting than knowing that someone loves and supports you unconditionally
  • He will not let you go through the bad times alone
  • He loves you and will be there even when you are going through a rough patch
  • Life comes with a lot of obstacles, but the love you two share is strong enough to carry you guys through them
  • You two will never fight your battles alone, because you are a team
  • You’re always there when he needs you
  • And he’ll stand by your side when you need him

Other Members  ♡:











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I have a feeling most Sakura haters didn't actually finish the series because they keep calling her weak, irrelevant, useless, only trying to make Sasuke hers, always crying for help (the only time she did it was during the Pain arc right?). I myself used to hate her and believed those comments, and guess what, i didn't even know a fucking thing about Naruto back then. I was blindly following the movement, without actual knowledge of the character or the series

 The fault is  at the anime who ruined her character by adding constant fillers that basically made her go ooc all the time. And considering most of the Naruto fans are only anime watchers they cannot tell the Huge Difference that exists in Sakura as a character whhen yoyou compare her manga (and canon) self to the downplayed heroine that studio pierrot trashs on

Be it her personality



Or her looks

But leaving the anime aside most of the haters are either

  • Buthurt shippers
  • Fanboys of other girls *cough you know who I’m talking about cough*
  • Selfinserted fans who think of sakura as the popular girl who wants the “bad boy” (which is absolutely not the case but hey let them think that if it makes them sleep at night

Philadelphia: the inside track

Not just the birthplace of the nation, Philadelphia has a dynamic food culture, a booming arts scene and cool to spare. Philly native Nell McShane Wulfhart shares her insider guide.

Home-grown style and sips

Photo by stokpic on Pixabay

Shopping in Philly runs the gamut from classic (at Macy’s in the historic Wanamaker building) to cutting-edge, with local fashionistas producing one-of-a-kind lewks. Bonus: clothes and shoes aren’t taxed! Check out Fishtown for boutiques like Toile, which sells clothes by up-and-coming Philly designers. And it’s not just about fashion – the neighbourhood is home to remarkable local distilleries. Skip the duty free; instead pick up award-winning Bluecoat Gin at Philadelphia Distilling and micro-batch herbal liqueurs at Rowhouse Spirits.

Garden city

Fairmount Park, a sprawling series of woods and hiking trails, is one of the largest urban parks in the nation, and makes a fabulous afternoon nature excursion for the whole family. There are gorgeous smaller green spaces too. Rittenhouse Square (known in summer as ‘Rittenhouse Beach’, thanks to the hordes who sun themselves on the grass) is right in the centre of town and hosts farmers’ markets and art fairs. Tiny ‘parklets’, stocked with just a few chairs and tables, are hidden all over town.

Foodie paradise

Photo by PublicCo on Pixabay

Philly’s food scene is booming, with over 2500 restaurants to choose from and the likes of high-profile chefs such as Jose Garces building restaurant empires here. Head to his Amada restaurant for exquisite Andalusian tapas paired with adventurous Spanish wines, or try sophisticated modern Israeli food by Michael Solomonov at Zahav. Also look out for the city’s dozens of tiny BYOBs with sophisticated menus and affordable prices – book a table at Will, where chef Christopher Kearse sends out French-inspired seasonal plates including scallops with garlic flower buds and monkfish tail in a lobster bouillon.

Go hard or go home

Photo by jneiheiser on Pixabay

Philly fans are infamously passionate, and the city’s nine professional sports teams keep emotions keyed up year-round. Tailgating in the parking lot of Citizens Bank Park or Lincoln Financial Field (the two South Philly stadiums) with portable barbecues and coolers crammed with beers before a big game is an unmissable part of the local sports experience, though cheering on the Eagles (American football) or the Phillies (baseball) with hyper-enthusiastic crowds isn’t bad either.

Rock(y) on

Rocky is the quintessential Philly movie, but Trading Places, The Sixth Sense and many others were filmed here – not to mention National Treasure, which sees Nicholas Cage running around from City Hall to Reading Terminal Market. Check out the spots that made it onscreen with Philadelphia Movie Sites Tour, or stick with the hometown hero on a self-guided Rocky journey. The imposing and historic Eastern State Penitentiary offers tours, too – it was the asylum featured in Brad Pitt hit Twelve Monkeys.

Cultural fix

Photo by skeeze on Pixabay

An extraordinary 3600 murals and counting (including tributes to city history and beloved local groups like The Roots) have turned the city into an enormous, bright open-air gallery. More traditional work can be found in the two world-renowned museums on the Parkway: the Barnes Foundation and the Philadelphia Museum of Art (snap a photo with the Rocky statue while you’re there), which give New York and Washington DC, just one and two hours by train, respectively, a run for their money. History buffs must make time to visit one of the city’s newest attractions, the Museum of the American Revolution which brings the past to life with immersive galleries, astonishing historical works of art and Revolutionary-era weapons.

Dream on

Bed down at the fresh-from-a-redesign Logan hotel, which has its own art collection and is just a 15-minute ride from the airport, with direct flights from London Heathrow with British Airways. The LEED-certified Courtyard Philadelphia South at the Navy Yard has a cool futuristic vibe; plus, it’s walking distance to the stadiums. And, there’s old-school glamour in abundance at the chic Warwick which is surrounded by the city’s most luxurious shops.

Book your trip to Philadelphia

Words by Nell McShane Wulfhart

Header Photo by 12019 on Pixabay

Dating Cedric Diggory Would Include

Request: (Anonymous) Hello! Can you do an imagine of what dating Cedric Diggory would be like where the reader is Hufflepuff please!!!!

Cedric Diggory x Hufflepuff reader


  • You being in the year below Cedric but started in the Quidditch team the same year (he was in third year but you were in second year)
  • You two hanging out more because the other players in your team were all older than you
  • He was the first guy you had a crush on
  • Being really good friends for a long time thinking he didn’t feel the same way about you
  • All the girls in his year (and some of the boys) being jealous of you because you two were such good friends
  • Him always helping you with your charms homework and you trying to do the same with his herbology homework even though it was a year above your understanding
  • Long lingering hugs goodbye
  • Even though he was the most gorgeous guy at Hogwarts he always had butterflies in his stomach when talking to you
  • Him finally kissing you when he firsts sees you on the Hogwarts Express at the start of his fifth year
  • Some girls claiming you had ‘stolen’ Cedric away from them
  • But Cedric always reminding you that you were the one he wanted to be with
  • Forehead kisses
  • Him being the biggest gentleman
  • Being ecstatic when he gets selected to be the Hufflepuff Quidditch captain
  • But him feeling bad because he got selected over you
  • Him first saying ‘I love you’ after Hufflepuff’s win against Gryffindor
  • Always finding a reason to bring you flowers and just being the most romantic person ever
  • Slow dancing without any music playing
  • ALWAYS cuddling
  • “You are the most beautiful girl in the entire world”
  • Duets of ‘A Whole New World’ from Aladdin
  • Arguing over whether or not he should put his name into the Goblet of Fire because you think it’s too dangerous
  • You would love to run your hands through his hair while you were studying together
  • Feeling scared when his name is selected to compete in the Triwizard Tournament
  • Barely being able to watch as he battles the dragon in the first task
  • Screaming out to him when he gets burned by the dragon
  • Not caring at all how the burns to his face would affect his appearance
  • Sitting with him in the hospital wing all day and all night, and Madam Pomfrey letting you apply the potion that would help him heal
  • Holding hands all the time no matter what you were doing
  • Going to the Yule Ball together - him asking you at the top of the Astronomy tower
  • Being nervous about dancing in front of everyone but him calming you down by telling you to stare into his eyes and when you do everyone else just disappears
  • Him refusing to let you help him for the second task because that would be cheating
  • Baths together in the Prefects bathroom
  • Being his ‘thing he would miss most’ in the second task of the tournament
  • Him cuddling up to you all night that night to make sure you weren’t cold
  • Being the cutest couple at Hogwarts
  • “Please just be safe tomorrow, I don’t know what I would do if you were hurt in there”
  • Not caring if he won the Tournament or the prize money, just wanting him to come out of the maze safe
  • Sitting next to his father in the stands waiting for him to finish
  • Initially being thrilled when you see him and Harry return to the start/finish line with the cup
  • But starting to cry when you realise that he is hurt
  • Not leaving his side at the hospital wing while Madam Pomfrey treats him
  • Thinking he was going to die
  • Helping him through the PTSD he suffered after the graveyard
  • Having Umbridge as Headmistress in his final year absolutely hating it
  • Constantly sending owls to each other while you were finishing your seventh year
  • Scared of the war because never again did you want to be so afraid that Cedric might die
  • Coming back to Hogwarts after graduating to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts
  • Being tortured by a Death Eater with the Cruciatus Curse for information on Harry’s whereabouts
  • But Cedric being your hero and hexing the Death Eater just in time
  • Getting married only a couple years after the war
  • And then having a big family
  • Just overall being the cutest soulmates to ever exist

BNHA is a series long meta on what is means to be a hero and that’s… amazing

  • conversation about heroics vs. vigilantism vs. villainy 
  • what makes a hero and what makes a wannabe 
  • should heroes be celebreties or treated like firefighters? 
  • the commercialization and over glorification of heroes
  • what it means to realize that a hero is a human too
  • the next generation of heroes learning from an imperfect generation 
  • that being a hero might just only mean what side of the law you’re on
  • Being a good hero doesn’t mean you’re a good person

I could go on and on, but these are all topics that have been raised in the manga thus far and honestly in such a mature yet entertaining way. It doesn’t take away from the story, it doesn’t preach, it just raises questions and allows the reader to draw their own conclusions which is… literally all I’ve ever wanted