Beyond Wonderland Socal 2015. 
March 20 & 21.
Photos by: Thomas Blase | tblazephotography | tommyblaze13 

My first socal rave and my first Insomniac Event/ festival I ever shot photography for. Can’t wait for the future for T Blaze Photography.

Totally can see the outline of the bump- real pregnant women dont cut a perfect silhouette- you can see the line where the ‘belly’ meets her body. This is so disgusting. Why not just say they are adopting or have a surrogate? Maybe Benedict cant have kids? Maybe she is infertile and the faking is to make them feel ‘natural’ about whatever baby they buy, etc. I am the mother to 3 kids, one if whom has had 3 open heart surgeries and is the bravest kid I know, a husband in the military, suffered 2 miscarriages… why am i saying all this? Im saying it because so much respect has been lost and that is not an easy thing to get back. Having had kids and miscarriages and lots of stessfull life events makes me so pissed to read about their various reasons and then all the lies!! For fucks sake- we are not all young girls in this fandom. Many are older (Im35), highly educated, know bullshit when we see it. So Im mostly insulted at the fact they think they can do it. To our faces! They can pretend and play house *in private* but to continually go to these events with all the lumpy fucked up stomach just make me want to puke. When I first heard about their engagement I was ecstatic! My Mom knows Im a fan and when she called to tell me you’d think she was talking me down from a ledge lol As I read of her ‘accomplishments’ I was really happy for Ben. He had an intellectual equal, successful in her own right. Bravo! But as the bumps came out and all the shattering body language left me very confused. And as i analyzed pics, I was floored by what was there… so, whatever this thing is just flat out disappointing. As a mother, as someone who has had high-risk pregnancies, miscarriages, she should have just taken another path. I cant BELIEVE they say ‘delicate pregnancy’ after all the travelling and dumbass stuff she was doi g. I think in the beginning she WAS pregnant, and then she LOST it, and somehow they decided it was better to keep going. When she wore the leather dress and a little after she had a natural, small bump. But someone needs to fucking use Google or some shit like that to see what the changes should be. Maybe someone should send them ‘What to Expect When You are NOT Expecting’ 😉 benedicts-third-testicle cumberbees @k

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Massive apologies friends, but there won’t be any threads from me tonight due to my state of inebriation, and also due to the fact that the t that the clocks go forward tonight means that I risk screwing up my already screwed up sleeping pattern. I also have voluntary work tomorrow as well that I can’t afford to miss, so please, please be patient with me getting back to you!

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I have been suffering from severe anxiety and insomnia, which has brought on depersonalisation/derealisation.... And I am terrified. Feels like I can't go on much longer. Any advice appreciated.

Hey Anon,

Insomnia can be very stress inducing and can cause dissociation in order to cope. Here’s some more info on both. Read up and I’m sure you can find some info that can help :)






I feel like this is where we see things start to take a turn in regards to Carol and Daryl. I don’t just mean their relationship, I mean them as characters as well. Sadly, we’ve been deprived of a whole season, a season which I wish I could have been a fly on the wall. It’s stated right in the beginning that they’ve been out all winter running. What little details did we miss during that time? Mind you, I’m not saying these characters weren’t interesting from the get go. We got hints about them from the beginning. But now we begin to see an evolution of sorts.

When they’re in that abandoned house we see Rick take the can of dog food from Carl and angrily throw it into the fireplace. Daryl is plucking the feathers from an owl and he flinches at Rick’s outburst. He’s the only one that does and I felt such sadness in that moment because I realized there was a very strong chance that flinching was an ingrained reaction from his childhood. Up until this point we never really saw any evidence. We saw him flinch a little when Carol leaned down to kiss him but that was it and that easily could have been chalked up to awkwardness. But Rick? The alpha male? That flinching reaction to Rick’s anger is straight up PTSD.

When they come upon the prison Rick devises a plan to trap the walkers and kill them so they can have the prison yard. Up until this point this sort of thing has been “men’s work”. In fact, the whole first two seasons were fairly misogynistic in that regard. The women characters did the cooking and cleaning and the men did the protecting. Andrea tried to break out of that role and was chastised by Lori for not fulfilling her womanly duties. So imagine my delight, when laying out the prison plan, Rick turns to Carol, CAROL, and tells her she’s become a good shot and she should take the tower. This isn’t full blown Queen Carol yet so he even takes a moment to encourage her telling her to just take her time with the shots.

This is also the first time we see Carol and Daryl working side by side, both of them up in the watchtower shooting walkers. It was immediately clear to me even from the first shot of her in this episode that she had changed. She looked more confident, carried herself more confidently. Even her clothes portrayed this new level of confidence. Then, coming out of the watchtower, Daryl tells her “good shooting”. The last time we saw them they were arguing. He was annoyed. She was scared. Now he’s complimenting her. Complimenting her on something he still likely considers to be a “man’s” job.

Also, in the tower, we see the first hint of “I have no fucks to give” Carol. She accidentally almost shoots Rick. He jumps back and she says sorry in this very blase way and I feel like this is a hint as to the woman she is becoming. First season Carol probably would have panicked if she almost accidentally shot someone.

Then we have the overturned bus scene. Those of us that were Carol fans from the start weren’t surprised. She’d already told us she missed her vibrator. Now we see confident Carol. I’m gonna go for what I want Carol. And what I want is Daryl. This is the part where I’m always amazed that there are people who think it’s a mother/son thing. This is so very clearly a woman who is a sexual being taking agency over her sexuality. And in my mind it confirms what us early shippers already suspected. There is a thing, a something, between them. For me that moment solidified it. We’d been given hints before but to me this is the moment where the show runners actually said yes, this is a thing. Here you go. 

And let’s not forget about Daryl. He gives her a massage on top of that bus. Maybe I’m sheltered but I don’t know too many grown men that massage their mothers. But even besides that, I feel like him touching her in that scene is an evolution. In the previous season he flinched when she showed him affection. Now he’s offering her a type of affection/intimacy. Everyone has different limits, different boundaries when it comes to touching. In real life, I know people who will accept massages from strangers. For myself I need to know a person and know their motivations. I’m willing to bet the number of people Daryl would give a massage to is even smaller, possibly, dare I say, only one or two.

I’m not done watching yet. I just kind of wanted to get these thoughts and observations down as I go. It’s interesting, going back now, and seeing the evolution of all the characters. Baby faced Carl, Rick, Glenn, Maggie. They’ve all changed. And they all haven’t in a way. I do know as a viewer I miss the happier times. I understand why we don’t have them but i would love an episode or two where they really can relax and just be human beings again.

As for Carol and Daryl, I am not saying they are canon, at least, not in the traditional sense. I am saying I think there’s been a lot between them we haven’t seen onscreen. And I do think they’ve been intentionally written as potentials for each other. Whether that ever amounts to anything or not, who knows. I’m an X-Phile. I know all about the slow burn. All I really want is for them to live though. Above all else, I just want them both to live.