This is such a quick edit so it looks a bit bad, as you can see it’s also the same picture as my header because i am lazy af to make a new one. Well since everyone was making a follow forever and it’s been a while since i’ve last done one, i decided to make a 2014 or Christmas follow forever. Sorry if i forget anyone. 




















Hello babes!! I am sorry I haven’t been overly active lately, but I wanted to make up for that by making a follow forever. I love ALL of you guys, so this is EVERY blog I follow! Thank you so much for being here for me and you’re all super cuties. xx

thirliewhirl ✿ disneyjade ✿ thirls ✿ thirlwallrs ✿ thlrlwalls ✿ bowtie-jade ✿ mr-bows ✿ thirlwallflower ✿ jadethirlwallin ✿ thirlbabe ✿ greathirlwall ✿ thirlsgirl ✿ thirlweed ✿ thirlily ✿ thirles ✿ jdaethirlwall ✿ thirlboob ✿ tadejhirlwall ✿ cartoonjade ✿ akathirlwall ✿ ohhmythirlwall ✿ thirlwooll ✿ waltjadey ✿ ilythirlwall ✿ jadescannonball ✿ thugwall ✿ ofjadeys ✿ analjadey ✿ punkjade ✿ adorewall ✿ jademixs ✿ tinythirlwall ✿ jaclethirlvvall ✿ thirvvy ✿ jadehatesmonobrows ✿ thirlin ✿ thirliwalz ✿ thirlock ✿ thirlwallokay ✿ thirldollz ✿ moanjade ✿ queenthirls ✿ thirlwaell ✿ jadethirlys ✿ nanite-jade ✿ thirlhell ✿ thirlzwall ✿ jadeguar ✿ thirllbootycall ✿ thirlcurl ✿ wreckingthirls ✿ thirlyeah ✿ thirlwamelia ✿ omfg-thirlwall ✿ jadesie ✿ jadethirlwawll ✿ jadethirlwawll ✿ thirlheart ✿ jadeswagwall ✿  cannonwall

belleperries ✿ isperrie ✿ perriesmitten ✿ perrey ✿ perriezs ✿ perrielouiseed ✿ perrieemix ✿ perrieedvards ✿ perriesangels ✿ pezzcakes ✿ shinebrightlikeperrie ✿ amorperrie ✿ perriesbabes ✿ holyperrie ✿ pearey  ✿ perrievine ✿ okayperrie ✿ perriedust ✿ perrieslut ✿ perrieste ✿ perriephernelia ✿ oroperrie ✿ ofperrys ✿ perrae ✿ gotperrie ✿ kissesperrie ✿ cyberpunkperrie ✿ perrieswinkle ✿ perieemix ✿ soperrie ✿ perienelson ✿  heiperrie ✿ fairyperrie ✿ dammitperrie ✿ perriehipster ✿ perrlie ✿ perriesicle ✿ screwperrie ✿ stoperrie ✿ ofperriee ✿ missbohoedwards ✿ omfgpezza  ✿ sexyperriie  ✿ snowqueenperrie  ✿ perrieson ✿ perriemafia ✿ perriescum ✿ peekabooperrie ✿ perriefect ✿ withperrie

✿ jesysalute ✿ jlonelson ✿ ehjesy ✿ tattedjesy ✿ powerjesy ✿ jesybitches ✿ jesyslovergirl  ✿  nelsunf ✿ jesy-nelson  ✿ jesyn3lson ✿ jessicanelson ✿ jesicanelson ✿ fckingjesy ✿ stereonelson  ✿ jesyunf  ✿ jesynation ✿ jesmindas ✿ bangjesy  ✿ frecklejesy  ✿ jesyenlson ✿ nelsonators ✿ jesybabe ✿ nelsonation ✿ jesus-jesy ✿ foreverjesy ✿ wowjesy ✿ snogjesy ✿ jesyboots ✿ princessjesy ✿ huggingjesy ✿ gorgejesy ✿ cupofnelson

✿ pinnockes ✿ omfgpinnock  ✿ cosmicleigh ✿ infinileigh ✿  leighplz ✿ leiqhannepinnock  ✿ pickleighs ✿ leighmited  ✿pinnowcks ✿ crayforleigh ✿ leighbian ✿ leighsmile ✿ bellepinnock ✿tattooedleigh ✿ leighanal ✿ leighmonade ✿ leighpie ✿ leighslullaby ✿ nacholeigh ✿ pinnockforlife  ✿ leighstripper ✿ seeleighnow ✿ leighfairy ✿  valeightines

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✿ freshprincessed  ✿ chermix  ✿ zerrey ✿ glammuffins ✿ fratboylouis  ✿  itreallygetsonmyboobs ✿ zaynandperrielove ✿ teenwolfiz   ✿ louisbeckham  ✿ javaddvevo  ✿ teasdalelou   ✿ omgdelerrie  ✿ dnaiellehaim  ✿dropdeadirwin  ✿ kalder ✿ fall0utzouis ✿ literallymylifechoices 

Sorry if I missed you! Sorry if I put your url in the wrong section or put it twice, I’m getting a bit tired tbh lol. Enjoy! :) xx


well, its my birthday, and last year, i got a new computer (the one before almost caught on fire so i could not use it for a few months), and i remember that i had improved my blog so much. ive gone through a journey of many urls, friendships, and followers. id like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. last year, i had around 250 followers, now, i have 3.4k. thank you so much.

special messages to special people (hover over): Maya, Chloe, Lili, Todja, Danielle, Taylor Ann, Mat, Taylor, Payton, Sarah

ok so the rest of the follow forever (if bolded, youre a favorite blog/friend):

Jesy urls- nelsonators, nelsonatrix, jesycouture, jessicanelson, jesyboots, jesybitches, foreverjesy, fckingjesy, nelsonation, bangjesy, jesus-jesy, frecklejesy, jessicanelsons, jesyenlson, jesying

Jade urls- thirlweed, thlrlwalls, thirlwallrs, cannonwall, thirliewhirl, thugwall, disneyjade, thirls, adorewall, adoresjade, jaclethirlvvall, jadecurlwall, ofjadeys, jadehatesmonobrows, jadethirlwaw, jadeliciouss, jadethrllwall, jdaethirlwall, thirldollz, thirlwooll, thirlzwall, jademixs, thirlily, thirlsgirl

Leigh urls- lelghpinnock, waffleigh, pinncock, leighsmile, tattooedleigh, leighanal, qualeighty

Perrie urls- lustsperrie, stoperrie, perrieedvards, perriedswards, amorperrie, soperrie, withperrie, isperrie, perrae, edwads, pezwardz, perrieurl, perriepanda, fairyperrie, fairrie, oroperrie, perriehipster, dammitperrie, perriesicle, omgpezza, perrieste, perriesalute, hellaperrie, perriedust, perriesangels, perriescum, bellesperrie, perrielane, acidperrie, pezzcakes, peerrie, holyperrie

Little Mix/Little Mix Ship urls- thirlock, lerriepedwards, littlemxx, naughtymix, lovedrnk, fourmixes, mixerprince, leighaqes, litlemixes, acapellamix, forgetthatboy, lerriesistible, pandjscurry, wittlemix, southsheild, zerrey, fiestymix, mr-bows, wannamoves, wowlesy, littelmix, chermix

One Direction urls- zaynmalif, crasymofo, zoupremacy, ughlilo, lipayness, harrycmon, motelstyles, freaking-narry, zayncangetsome, inkharold, cutiehaz, javvadmalik, fuckedupstagram, d1rectionfics, zarry, louiswilliams, fuckhazuh, whitekidniall, dirtsbag, blamestyles, tomiinson, louiefootieplay, zarrystalik, nananarry, orozayn, harualds, niamsluts, ofhs, niallar, harriejuana

Fifth Harmony urls- confessionsofaharmonizer, auregui, normanibear, normaniofficial, nrmani, dinahsaurs, jaureugh

Other urls- sarihaim, barbraplvin, calumtomas, tattooedcher, lloydbadbitch, ashtonbangme, haimthehair, horadecallarse, tesdale, llousteasdale, teasdale-please, ofsbullshit, sophlasmith, asslena, fockcalum, atteniton, jonasbrothers, omgdelerrie, thegurlfriends, kalder, babyspcie, neweyork, littletush

im so sorry if i forgot anyone!!


Happy Holidays! I wish you all a happy holidays. Please don’t be upset if you didn’t make it on the list, I love each and everyone of the people I follow. If you are in bold that means I speak to you often and you’re special to me xx

a-c: aboutgabistyle, alexascloset, alwayscalder, alyucma, antheabstyle, arianagrandestyle, aripaigepittsburgh, ashotofpeace, averstyle, banginghoranbang, britishgirlsstyle, burberry-and-tea, calder-edwards-style, calderflawless, calderholic, caldernews, calders-style, ceciliascloset, celiascloset, 

d-f: daniellecpeazerstyle, daniellepeazerisoursunshine, danipeazerstyle, deleanorperfection, dinahstyleblog, dpeazerportugal, ejc-inspired, eleanor–closet, eleanor-calder-style, eleanor-calder-styles, eleanor-calderstyle, eleanorcaldernews, eleanorcalderstyleguide, eleanorcaldfans, eleanorjanestyle, eleanorjcfashion, eleanors-clothes, eleanorstyleguide, emiliescloset, fashion-aholic, fashionbyeleanor, fiftyshadesofsiena, flairoffashion, fuckyeahzourry.

g-j: gabiandsomeclothes, heliaslookbook, hollysfashionworld, holycalder, iamcalder, iheartmirandakerr, iratze, jack-andjillstyle, jennastylediary, jillianhasablog, jillyinwonderland, jonesingforstyle, juliascupoftea, justelounor.

k-n: kalder, kautekouture, kendallkyliejstyle, kiras-closet, kyliejennerstyle, larryandcalder, legendarycalder, lensntrends, littlemixbydesign, lovelyeleanorcalder, mafiacalder, manhattaninspired, mileycstyle, mirandakerrfashion, modemavan,mulingarrr, natalies-closet, nataliescloset, niallar, niallhorantheirish, nicoles-fashion, nointerruption, oliviasstyle, olviaswardrobe, omgdelerrie, ordinarycalder, oureleanor calder, peazerholic, perfect-peazer, 

r-z: rikkisstyle, samanthas-style, sophiasmithnews, spookyshea, stupidstagram, stylemedeleanor, teamelounor, thatdenimpurse, thecarreconcept, thegurlfriends, thelayeredlinup, theleatherlook, therunwaygirl, thestyleplaybook, thestyleplaylist, victoirestyle, vvstyle, wannabe-ejc, wearweare, wintour-vogue, zoella-style, 

sorry if you didn’t make the list i love all of you!