Gareth Bale is the fastest player in the world when running with the ball, according to a study endorsed by FIFA | March 30, 2015

Bale hit top gear with his famous goal at the Mestalla, where he left Marc Bartra in his tracks and beat pinto to give Madrid victory in the final of the Copa del Rey (April 2014) and beat eternal rivals FC Barcelona. Bale is an athlete, pacing over 59.1 metres in just 7.04 seconds.
Jet-heeled Olympic champion Usain Bolt was impressed, saying: “I think Bale is probably the fastest player in the world right now, but I could help him with his career if he wants.”

Fifth in the standings is Cristiano Ronaldo (33.6 km/h) and he is faster than Leo Messi (32.5 km/h), who sits seventh in the table. The only defender who makes the top ten with the ball at feet is Real Madrid centre-back Sergio Ramos, who clocks 30.6 km/h.


re (yellow): this post on double standards of body type diversity in SMITE and Overwatch
cited (green): our first post about Zarya

CLEARLY, Zarya can not be a step in the right direction AND a token exception AT THE SAME TIME, because… Uh… It’s so not like she’s literally the only female Overwatch character who is not conventionally pretty*, thin and/or sexualzied, right?


How about "she’s BOTH a token exception and a step in the right direction”, then?


Okay… well, if we limit ourselves to just athletes in say… Olympic level condition… this is a sample of the body and features diversity we might expect:

Given that Blizzard has said they’re making this game to improve representation for women in video games and even address things like “why all the bikinis?

Zarya is currently the quick “we fixed it” response from a company with a long history of going back on their “fixes”.  They’re preaching that they want to fulfill the desire for diversity - but the sexy purple skinned assassin lady, a robot, a gorilla all got priority over so many types of real people.

Currently they are only vaguely close to meeting their stated goals due to a few isolated, individual characters.  Pretty much all the tokenism alarm bells are ringing loud and clear.

Much good work is lost for the lack of a little more.“ -  Edward H. Harriman

- wincenworks

*Not to say that Zarya is ugly. She’s still “unconventional” in the safest way possible.

more on character design | more on Blizzard | more on Overwatch

BTS Takes Fans’ Breath Away with Solo Concert ‘2015 BTS Live Trilogy′

There was no fancy choreography. However, their carefree grooves and powerful beats heat up the stadium. The seven-member boy group BTS launched 2015 BTS Live Trilogy: Episode I, BTS Begins and caught the fans’ hearts with their various charms, presenting solo, unit and group performances, based on their strength of hip-hop.

On March 29, BTS launched 2015 BTS Live Trilogy: Episode I, BTS Begins at the Olympic Park Olympic Hall. A total of 6,500 fans gathered for the concert, which took over two days on March 28 and 29.

At around 5 p.m. (KST), the fans waited for the hip-hop group by holding the neon glow sticks. However, the BTS members did not make their appearance easily. Instead, a VCR clip greeted the fans first. The VCR clip showed the members meeting each other for the first time as BTS at a school, going along with the theme of the concert, ‘BTS Begins.’

Afterwards, BTS opened the stage by performing Jump wearing school uniforms. The stadium shined with the fans’ glow sticks as they enjoyed BTS’s concept costumes, the VCR clip and the members’ smooth rapping.

The members bowed their heads to thank the fans that filled up the concert site over two days. Rap Monster said, “We welcome all the fans who came to the last day of the concert. We will burn all of our energy through today’s concert. We will show the meaning behind everything, from the birth of BTS to red bullet.”

Then the members presented stages that proved their musical spectrum. From the songs with ballad melodies, such as Skool Luv, Affair + Luv in Skool, Like a Star and Too Much, to the songs with powerful rap beats, BTS performed music with various genres.

The choreography was far from being typical as well. The members freely let their body dance according to the rhythm during solo, unit and group performances. Jimin and J-Hope especially caught attention with their sexy dance moves. The members poured out their passion as they sang each song, to the point where their costumes got soaked in their sweat.

The group also presented their new songs for the first time. Rap Monster’s Converse High and Suga’s solo track were presented for the first time. The members also revealed the songs they wrote as trainees in the mix-tape style, staying focused on the theme of ‘BTS Begins.’

The concert was differentiated from that of the other idols in that everything, from the VCR clips to the costumes and songs, went along with the theme of ‘BTS Begins.’ The members presented a hit parade by singing Does That Make Sense, Hormone War, The Rise of Bangtan, Boy In Luv and more

The members shouted out, “Don’t stay seated in your seats any more” and the fans all stood up to dance, creating what looks like a club scene. The fans never sat back down, and BTS concluded the concert by singing Born Singer and Miss Right as the encore songs.

cr: http://mwave.interest.me/mobileweb/enewsworld/en/article/90339/bts-takes-fans-breath-away-with-solo-concert-2015-bts-live-trilogy

“A Daily Show host should be held to a higher standard than other comedians”

I like women that don’t wear make up. For me they’re like pizza- still great the next morning!

— Trevor Noah (@Trevornoah) May 2, 2010

Messi gets the ball and the real players try foul him, but Messi doesn’t go down easy, just like jewish chicks. #ElClasico

— Trevor Noah (@Trevornoah) January 25, 2012

I’m watching Olympic women’s hockey. It’s like lesbian porn. Without the porn. #InLove

— Trevor Noah (@Trevornoah) July 31, 2012

“Trevor Noah is a good comedian. His standup routines are funny, and his timing makes it seem like he’ll be a good fit to take over The Daily Show.

Still, these jokes are offensive because they are reflections of cultures that are oppressive and privileged — and rather than being critical of those societal constructions, the jokes instead reinforce them. The jokes imply that it is acceptable — funny, even — to belittle gay, heavy, or Jewish people.

Now, of course, Noah is not the first comedian to make jokes at the expense of vulnerable people. Roxane Gay, author of Bad Feminist, tweeted in response to the Noah tweets: “I’m not saying his old tweets are ok but I hope you are crawling through the tweets of a range of comedians. The results will be interesting.”

She’s right. Daniel Tosh and Dane Cook still perform despite the fact that both consistently make much more offensive jokes at the expense of women, people of color, and pretty much all non-straight white men. Some people even like those performances! They laugh! Hell, Bill Cosby has performed standup routines in which he makes jokes about horrible crimes he’s been accused of by more than a dozen women.

But here’s what makes Noah’s situation different: his new platform as the host of The Daily Show. He’s not a standup comedian anymore. He’s about to step into a job that discusses high-profile political and social issues. Noah needs to be trusted to be able to do that in a way that is smart and fair and certainly not bigoted. As Jamie Weinstein wrote for the Daily Caller, “Many young people don’t watch ‘The Daily Show’ just to laugh — they watch the show to get their news. The show shapes perceptions.”

If Trevor Noah wants to be the next Jon Stewart, he certainly can’t do it like this.”

Funny or Offensive | Vox

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Just give it up Sid. You may have five 100-point seasons, a Cup and two Olympic Golds but the fact Ovi has six 50-goal seasons before turning 30 is only a proof you will never be one of the best players of all time. #bum

one day sid will become one of the best players of all time. but for now, i guess he’ll settle for this,

5 Things I Always Do To Prepare For A Big Race

by Hilary Gehman

Hilary Gehman is an Olympian and former head women’s coach at Cornell who is currently an associate at Sparks Consulting. She will be on the keynote panel at SDCC’s Crews to College Event.

“There is no magical race preparation ritual that will lead to an open water win over your competitors. The chance to fine tune your pre-race rituals lies in erg tests, seat racing, scrimmages, and the events leading up to your championship race.

Here are a 5 keys to consider when preparing for the big race:

If you can make those 5 keys good habits, then you are well on your way to being prepared to hear: Attention, GO!”

Mini Life Updates
  • I’ve had approximately 45 phone interviews in the last two weeks. Yesterday, I had an in-person interview that I think went well and I have one scheduled for next week as well. 
  • I’ve been working on a consulting project for the last couple weeks and I hope to have the report wrapped up by Friday. It was scary/awesome to coordinate everything myself and have no on else to rely on. 
  • There are only 20 days until the marathon and I’m starting to freak out a bit. I’ve done two 20-mile runs on the course, so I’ll know what to expect. I doubt I’ll PR considering training in the winter was the absolute worst, but I am SO EXCITED for the experience. 
  • The roommate interview process has begun. So far there has been a 40-year-old British man (NO!), an Olympic Rugby player and yesterday, finally a very nice girl, who I would actually have things in common with. 
  • I’m headed to Baltimore this weekend to do Easter with my parents. Instead of going to Pittsburgh, we decided to meet in the “middle” and visit a city we all love. Very much looking forward to it and seeing my favorite faces. 
And now for something completely different

Wasn’t happy with my shoulder workout this morning. Never really felt like I fully activated them and was just going through the motions. So tonight I’m going to try something completely different and attack them with volume. The plan is to take an empty 45lb olympic bar and see how many standing overhead shoulder presses I can bang out in 30 minutes. My goal is to break 500 (or 17 a minute roughly) I’m posting this to make myself accountable so I have to report back and don’t duck out later on. Stand by for my report later on this evening… I’m really excited to try this out and have never tried anything like it

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Is it just me or are SJWs and feminists becoming anti gay male? I'm starting to see shit where they say that gay guys are sexist for not having any interest in woman. How the fuck does that make sense?

Yeah, gay men just aren’t ‘oppressed enough’.  Just like asians.  Behold the lunacy that is Tumblr and the oppression olympics.