Call Me by Your Name (2017) dir. Luca Guadagnino

“You seem to know more than anyone else around here.”
“Well, if only you knew how little I know about the things that matter.”
“What things that matter?”
“You know what things…”

Call Me By Your Name moodboard - 📚 “For weeks I had mistaken his stare for barefaced hostility. I was wide of the mark. It was simply a shy man’s way of holding someone else’s gaze. We were, it finally dawned on me, the two shyest persons in the world.” (pg. 159-160)

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37 for all the characters!

lol okay this one is fun (: I’m just going to search around and pick one that definitely matches them hahaha

37: What is their favorite gif?


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Maeone: (okay this one is all kinds of perfect)

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“Every time I go back to Rome, I go back to that one spot.  It is still alive for me, still resounds with something totally present, as though a heart stolen from a tale by Poe still throbbed under the ancient slate pavement to remind me that, here, I had finally encountered the life that was right for me but had failed to have.”

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Oliver. 17 9 and 20. This should be interesting. >;)

What’s with that face??!?!? lol. Thanks for asking(:

9: Your OC is having a nightmare. What is it?
This is actually really fitting cause in my book Oliver has insomnia, and when he can sleep he has a recurring nightmare. Someone is underwater, trying to get to the surface but they can’t. He doesn’t think he’s the one in the dream though, he thinks it’s someone else and he’s just seeing it through their eyes.

17: How does your OC do during the zombie apocalypse?
HE’D BE SO GOOD. He’s a blood mage, right?? For spells you can use anyone’s blood. So zombie blood!!!!! He would decimate all the zombies and save everyone.

20: Post a picture or gif that describes your OC.

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^^^an accurate representation of Oliver (Squidward) and Declan (Spongebob) bwahahahahha


   “This spot is probably what I’ll miss the most.” Then, upon reflection: “I’ve been happy in B.”
   It sounded like a preamble to farewells.

Call Me By Your Name (2017), dir. Luca Guadagnino