DNA Study Finds Aboriginal Australians are Oldest Civilization in the World

Australia has one of the longest histories of continuous human occupation outside Africa. But who exactly were the first people to settle there? Such a question has obvious political implications and has been hotly debated for decades. The first comprehensive genomic study of Aboriginal Australians reveals that they are indeed the direct descendants of Australia’s earliest settlers and diverged from their Papuan neighbors about 37,000 years ago. The study also uncovers several other major findings on early human populations.

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Fitting, Jacqi. Icons of Home. 2003. Handmade Embroidered Quilt.

“This quilt tells the story of Duvall with the river running through the ‘icons’ of the town. The pattern of the border is 'flying geese.’ This quilt was created in support of the efforts for the Tayer Barn/Community Art Center in 2003, and auctioned to raise funds.”

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The Greenland shark can live to be 400 years old. Researchers discovered this longevity by carbon dating the sharks’ eyes based on the fallout from nuclear bomb testing in the 1960s, which means there are sharks in the ocean that were born before the United States was a country. Source Source 2

Europe’s “oldest living inhabitant” is a 1,075-year-old tree in Greece

Scientists have found a Bosnian pine in northern Greece that is more than a millennium old, making it the oldest known living tree in Europe. The tree, now named Adonis, was just a wee seedling in 941, making it more than 1,075 years old. The tree is going to reveal some important info about the world during the Dark Ages.

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World’s oldest man, a Holocaust survivor in Israel, to celebrate bar mitzvah 100 years late

The world’s oldest man, 113-year-old Yisrael Kristal, a Holocaust survivor living in Israel, will celebrate his bar mitzvah.

Kristal’s daughter, Shulimath Kristal Kuperstoch, told the DPA news agency that about 100 family members will gather in Kristal’s home city of Haifa in the coming weeks to mark the rite.

“We will bless him, we will dance with him, we will be happy,” she said.

Kristal had his birthday last week. He was recognized as the world’s oldest man in March.

He missed his bar mitzvah due to World War I. His father was in the Russian army and his mother had died three years earlier, Kuperstoch said.


The world’s oldest known fossils have been found - and they’re 3.7 billion years old
They could push back evidence for life on Earth by 220 million years.
By Bec Crew

The oldest fossils ever discovered have been found in Greenland, and they appear to have preserved the earliest signs of life of Earth.

Dated to around 3.7 billion years ago, the fossils contain evidence of stromatolites - layers of sediment packed together by ancient, water-based bacterial colonies - and could push back the origins of life in the fossil record by 220 million years.

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But _____ is the Oldest Living (Loyalist) Space Marine! - A Guide

Since @a-40k-author’s statement that the Carcharodon’s Chief Librarian Te Kahurangi, the Pale Nomad, is about 3,000 years old, people have been arguing with varying degrees of vitriol and coherency about why this has obviously completely ruined all of canon ever, because ____ is the oldest living loyalist space marine!

Here’s a guide to the contenders for the Oldest Living Loyalist Space Marine Competition, and why they’re all wrong because they should be disqualified.

1. Bjorn the Fell-Handed

Age: 10,000 approx

Reason for Disqualification: Cheating

He’s a Dreadnought, so ‘alive’ is a contentious point, but I’m going to disqualify him on the basis that most of those 10,000 years have been spent in stasis. This applies equally to any other Dreadnoughts, as I believe the Blood Angels have a few Furiosos of roughly equal age (probably technically older as Bjorn was quite young during the Horus Heresy).

2. Lord Commander Dante

Age: 1,100+

Reason for Disqualification: Insufficient Data

Dante has been Chapter Master of the Blood Angels for 1,100 years, making him the longest serving Chapter Master known. Nobody knows how old he actually is though, not even a hint.

3. Great Wolf Logan Grimnar

Age: 700 approx

Reason for Disqualification: Way Too Young

He may be a very old space marine, but Logan Grimnar was made such in 313.M41, which puts him at about 700 assuming the average age of Astartes recruits is about 14 (between 10 and 18). He’s been a space marine for less time than Dante’s been Chapter Master, so he’s not a serious contender.

4. First Captain Darnath Lysander

Age: 1,446 approx

Reason for Disqualification: Time Dilation

A few years should be added on to reflect the time between him being inducted at the end of a 13-year pilgrimage and appearing in the records as a Sergeant in 567.M40. Whilst he was a prisoner on Malodrax, 1,000 years passed in realspace, though we’re not told how long he experienced. Every space marine will experience some time dilation due to warp travel, but this is a little excessive.

5. Captain Gravius

Age: 10,000 approx

Reason for Disqualification: Dead

Found on a derelict space ship in M41, it is speculated the warp may have affected the passage of time and hints at a sus-an coma are made, but given his withered form it’s possible he was alive and conscious the whole time. He was given the Emperor’s Peace, which rules him out for ‘living’, at least for the ‘current’ time of 999.M41.

6. Grand Master Epimetheus

Age: 10,000 approx

Reason for Disqualification: Cheating

One of the founding 8 Grand Masters of the Grey Knights, Epimetheus spent 10,000 years in suspended animation guarding the Damnation Cache. He’s spent even more time in stasis than Bjorn.

7. Lord Cypher

Age: 20,000 approx

Reason for Disqualification: Spoilers

This is going to be weird in order to minimise spoilers for the Legacy of Caliban trilogy, but Cypher may have gone back in time to the destruction of Caliban and lived the 10,000 years from the Horus Heresy to M41 twice. Some may contend he should be disqualified for not being a loyalist, but I think by now everyone except the Dark Angels can accept the repeated hints. In the end, I’m disqualifying him on the grounds of time travel and WTF.

8. Chief Librarian Te Kahurangi

Age: 3,000 approx

Reason for Disqualification: Insufficient Data

All we know so far is that he exists. Since the Carcharodons are apparently pretty protective of their specialists, it’s entirely possible that he is placed in stasis for extended periods of time in a similar manner to Dreadnoughts. The point is, we just don’t know - but I for one am looking forward to finding out more.

Did I miss someone? Tell me whom and I’ll find a reason to disqualify them, too!