So you are all hot and horrible after a day at work, bad tempered and just want to sit in the garden under the shade and drink a long cold drink. You open your front door to find the above waiting for you with, water pistols and sprayers all ready to go. He won’t take your, go to HELL and leave me. He simply grabs you, throws you over his shoulder and carries you into the back garden, you still screaming at him that all you wanted was a drink together. Here the hose is laid out and buckets of water are ready to play, one of which the little shit kindly pours over your head. Now total soaked you are determined to get him back and the game commences just as he knew it would. With screams and woops the pair of you run round the garden throwing water at each other like happy two year olds. All thoughts of a rotten day forgotten you decide to take the fight into the shower indoors were you strip off together and soap each other up under the cool water, leading on to more fun in the bedroom…………………….. Both of you content and satisfied like two cats Tom looks down at you and says. “I’ll have that drink now if you don’t mind” ladywyldfire clojury munchkin80 jdmookami snugglyhiddles eve1978 angryschnauzer the-haven-of-fiction vampirewithbedsidemanners d-m-jonas To help you cool down girls😉

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So what will happen if the shinsengumi swords meet their previous masters at ikedaya? Do u think they can hold their feels in?

No they can’t. Izumi would be the first to cry, followed by Yasu and Nagasone, while Hori and Kashuu would try to keep it inside.