Once upon a time, I was really obsessed with #okami, one of the best games ever made on the PS2 (and subsequently, the Wii). Definitely made a card for some Deviantart contest and I think I placed top 25? But yeah, here’s some stuff I found while making cards tonight. #amaterasu

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The 100k 115k 120k commemorative image for the short thank-you video. The mini Gasters were called for when the 100k mark was hit, and a few days were given to submit amid the active General chat. The piece featuring TechCat @techcat-mod and the mod team: Twi @traversingtwilight, Ina @ink-kingdom, Sammish @sammishspook, Naryu @naryu-n, Zichqec @zichqec, Ace @theaceiestatheist, and Okami @namelessokami was made by the mod team during development.

The Gasters shown belong to their owners:

Signster, Christmas Gast, and Bendster are @theaceiestatheist‘s

Draconic is @carmelblood ’s

Labster is @totally-not-an-undertale-fanatic‘s (colored by @namelessokami)

SAP is @amaldadster

Dusty and Soulless belong to @zichqec

Mellow comes from @sawkinator

Doopster belongs to @cyanatlas-art

Dingus is from @namelessokami

Wisecrack is from @onelinemanytimes

Tatters from @psychoticundertone

Blendster is from @starsandsnowtracks

Smugster is @calicocantaloupe‘s (drawn by @namelessokami)

Din is @kittypausecafe (assistance from @zichqec)

Trister is from @greenofkindness

Wingdin is @dragoncurl

Zomster looming in the corner comes from @intrepimid (drawn by @techcat-mod)

Legacy and Neg-1 are from @techcat-mod

Gazzy is @traversingtwilight with Asster by @myaphelion

Blaster Gaster by @naryu-n

Warster and Magester come from @ichiwashername-o

The still wasted after a month Past!er is from @that1nkyone

3E is looming thanks to @atara-08


Congratulations participants of the ECHO Gaster Community Project! We’ve broken 100k views, and even into 120k. So here is a message from the Overloaf TechCat herself!

The ECHO Gaster Community Project is complete and can be seen here: https://youtu.be/ki2Sj-N7BDk
(And even in the time it took to gather up the Gasters locally from the still-active group, we’d gotten another 20k views! Thank you!!)

The people mentioned are, in order here:
TechCat: http://techcat-mod.tumblr.com/

Ace: http://theaceiestatheist.tumblr.com/
Inakni: http://ink-kingdom.tumblr.com/
Naryu: http://naryu-n.tumblr.com/
NamelessOkami (Okami): http://namelessokami.tumblr.com/
Sammish: http://sammishspook.tumblr.com/
Twilight (Twi): http://traversingtwilight.tumblr.com/
Zichqec (Zi): http://zichqec.tumblr.com/

FireflySummers (Firefly): http://fireflysummers.tumblr.com/
Gasteritis (Chad): http://gasteritis.tumblr.com/
Hyst: http://puppetofthevoid.tumblr.com/
Xormak: http://thexormak.tumblr.com/
Hexa: http://hexasart.tumblr.com/
Sunm: http://atara-08.tumblr.com/

Armesan: http://armesan.tumblr.com/
ByronicBrit: http://byronicbrit.tumblr.com/
Hasilith: http://hasilith.tumblr.com/
Hexa: http://hexasart.tumblr.com/

StylinCheetah: http://under-top.tumblr.com/

ECHO [Gumi] by Crusher P: https://youtu.be/cQKGUgOfD8U
Gaster vocal version of ECHO by Euphy: https://soundcloud.com/ew_fee/echo-wd-gaster-cv-english-1

Thank you!

Also be aware that Inakni and TechCat will be at PAX South this January 27-29 2017. Come find us and say hey!

Favorite Video Game Things

Ambient noises in the background

A character’s footstep sounds as they run over different terrain

The sounds weapons make

The sounds when choosing said weapons

Choose your character music

Taunts a character makes

Character animations while standing in place

Secret sound

When music changes upon finding new areas


When music changes depending on time of day in game

When day turns to night

When npcs say different things depending on your actions

Open world games

Persistent world games