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hi! do you know any cases with lots of forensic issues? e.g. the handling of the traces or whatever? I'm thinking OJ Simpson and JonBenet, can you think of any others? I have to think of some for a uni assignment! thanks xxx

Oh man, there’s loads. Evidence is constantly mishandled. Another good one would be Amanda Knox or Oscar Pistorius.

You could also focus on those cases that evidence was just misinterpreted or exaggerated. For example those who have been exonerated now that DNA testing is more advanced. Kirk Bloodsworth would be an interesting one.

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What did the orange juice do to you? Attempt murder?

Might as well have drowned me, haha.

Last year, I was sick for seven weeks straight.
Like, horribly sick. Coughing too hard to keep food down, sick.
Well, with the coughing my throat was pretty thrashed. 
Mom bought me eight containers of orange juice, filled up to the gallon.
And for the seven weeks I was sick, that was all I was allowed to drink.

The funny part is, I have a friend who lives in Florida and absolutely loves OJ. We argue about it a lot.

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On the first day of school, our first assignment in film class was to spend ten minutes in class writing our response to the phrase “What is Art”. While we were writing, the professor had Pandora radio playing on the speakers, and a Papa John’s ad came on and went on and on and on and on about pizza. So, because that’s all I could think about, I wrote “Art is Pizza and Pizza is Art”. After ten minutes were up, the professor had everyone read aloud what they’d written, so I did. Everyone got a kick out of my answer and it started becoming a meme throughout the school. Every class, someone would bring up without fail and apply it to whatever we were talking about. Even the teachers would bring it up.

Fast forward a few weeks; our latest project was to spend 3-5 minutes telling a story/message using an unconventional medium, like a costume, something you cooked, a song you wrote, or something like that. One kid (who’s also in my art class) got up and presented his work: a beautiful detailed painting of a single piece of pepperoni pizza against a striking red background. The entire class clapped for 3 minutes and that was his presentation. We’re planning to hang his painting somewhere in the school and let future students wonder about the existential meaning behind a painting of a piece of pizza and why all the first-year-students walking by are laughing at their confusion.

So anyway, that’s how I helped start a meme at school.

  • What she says: im fine
  • What she really means: it's been 21 years and I still can't believe OJ was found Not Guilty. There was so much compelling evidence against him. The victims' blood in his Bronco, the extra large glove left back at Bundy that they only sold at select stores including Bloomingdales where Simpson often shopped, Ron's hair was found on OJ, Nicole's blood was found on OJ's sock, the Bruno Magli size 12 shoe print, the battered wife photos, the 911 calls Nicole had made due to prior incidences the justice system has failed us terribly

Everyone should be watching this show, but for any women out there, watch episode 6 specifically, which focuses on Marcia Clark’s treatment in the media. This episode was fantastic and heartbreaking at the same time. I just about cried when she excitedly debuted her new haircut, and saw person after person snickering and whispering and pointing. Gawd.

It is so depressing to realize that in 20 years literally nothing has changed. If the OJ trial was happening today you can guarantee we’d be seeing spots on TMZ lambasting Marcia Clark on her appearance. 

How is it that so much time has passed but in this country its the same ole, same ole misogyny? We talk about men is terms of their accomplishments and women in terms of what they’re wearing. It’s disgusting.

Does any one care that Bernie Sanders wears rumpled suits to every event? No we care that the color Hillary Clinton chose was not flattering for her complexion. Give me a fucking break. 

But for reals, this show is extraordinary!

<Rant over>