10 favorite shows of the year so far not ranked xcept #1
  1. the people vs oj simpson: american crime story
  2. lady dynamite
  3. celebrity big brother 17
  4. queen sugar
  5. atlanta
  6. fleabag (just started watching this on amazon and its so funny and i love it. it’s girls but so dark and actually funny)
  7. crazy ex girlfriend 
  8. stranger things
  9. veep season whatever it was it was brill
  10. full frontal w samantha bee
get to know me

I was tagged by @bry-hears-music. Thanks! ^_^

Names / Nicknames: Sarah in real life, OJ online.
Height: very average (5′6″). I’m shorter than tall people and taller than short people.
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw. However, I’ve also tested as Gryffindor and Hufflepuff before, but I don’t feel those fit me as well.
Go-to SSBB character: Never played it :(
Fictional character you’d date: tbh I’m just not interested in that. I’ve never been a romantic person.
Favourite band or artist: Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Kodaline, and sometimes Porter Robinson. (Don’t judge me)
When did I make this blog: 2 years ago next month
How many blogs do I follow: 232
What do I post about: art, adventures at college, a few random memes, some movies and tv shows I like.
Do you get asks on a regular basis: Not really
Aesthetic: Cold, foggy pine tree woods in the mountains, log cabins with wood-burning stoves, hot cocoa with whipped cream, flannel shirts and jeans, cute socks

I tag: @lovegoodloki1048, @authoroflight, @platinumpencilz, @lungsie-ku, @the-caroliner !

Signs as breakfast foods (request)

Aries: Eggs
Taurus: French Toast
Gemini: Orange Juice
Cancer: Hashbrowns
Leo: Pop Tarts
Virgo: Cereal
Libra: Bacon
Sagittarius: Potatoes
Capricorn: Waffles
Aquarius: Milk
Pisces: Pancakes