Imagine: Balin Giving you Love Advice

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   An exasperated sigh left your lips as your vision was blocked once more by your hair falling in front of your face.  The Company had set up camp, and you were tasked with gathering firewood.  Every time you knelt down to gather a fallen branch on the forest floor, your hair would fall in front of your eyes.  It was really getting on your nerves.

   You had tried just about everything: brushing it back with your fingers, combing it into a ponytail, and even attempting to braid it.  But unfortunately, you did not have anything to keep it in place.  Your hair clips had gotten lost on the journey.

    “Allow me to help you with that.”  You recognized the kind voice of Balin as he walked over to stand beside you.  He reached for a strand of hair, but hesitated as he looked to you for permission. “May I?”

   You were grateful that he wanted to help, but also a little confused.  “Yes, thank you very much.  But Balin, isn’t hair-braiding a sign of courtship in your culture?”

   “Not always, child. It can also be done by people close to you.  Like family,” he replied.  He motioned for you to take a seat on the nearby fallen log as he set to work on separating your hair for the braids.  “Seeing that you’re on this journey without your relatives, and that you’ve become like family to us, I thought it would be fitting for me to help.”

   A smile spread across your face as you were touched by his words.  All members of the Company cared about your safety, but Balin had become more of a grandfatherly figure.  He made sure you had enough to eat, had a good enough cloak for the weather, was there to hear you out whenever you needed a chat.  You remembered when you first met him right before you joined the Company.  He made such a fuss over your clothes since he was not familiar with your culture.

   “Goodness, child,” he had said.  “Your shirt doesn’t have sleeves and you’ve got holes in your trousers!”

   “Where I come from, jeans with holes in them are quite fashionable,” you had explained in amusement.

   Since then, he took it upon himself to look after you and help you adjust on the journey.  He also enjoyed telling you stories about the history and culture of his people.  Some of the information he shared was meant to remain secret to outsiders, but he had come to trust you and saw no reason for you to use the information against them.

   “Thank you,” you said quietly, grateful for his friendship.  

   “You’re very welcome.” The smile was evident in his tone. A comfortable silence fell between the two of you as he worked.  He was so careful with your hair, not even pulling at the strands once.  You let your eyelids flutter closed as you relaxed a little more.  “Such beautiful hair,” he commented, moving to work on the braids in the front.  “And such a brave and respectable young lady.”

   You kept your eyes closed, but smiled.

   “It’s no wonder a certain member of the Company is so taken with you.”

   Your eyes snapped open at his statement, and you turned your head to look at him in surprise.  Somehow, you you knew exactly who he was talking about.  “What?”

   “Please remain still,” he fussed.  “One of the braids almost came undone.  I would have had to start over.”

   “Oh, sorry,” you mumbled, turning your head back to gaze straight ahead as you did before.  You wondered if it would be wise to inquire further about his comment.  

   “It seems you fancy him as well,” he concluded. Yep, you were both definitely talking about the same member of the Company As if he knew you were about to protest, he spoke.  “I may be old, but I am not oblivious to such things, ________.”

   “I assure you that I have no intention of getting in the way of the quest,” you said.  “He has a duty to the Company and the quest. Besides, I’m not so sure he feels the same about me anyways.”

   “There is a way to find out for sure,” Balin said mysteriously.  He went quiet, hoping that you’d take the bait.


   He smiled mischievously. “Suppose you were to, I don’t know…accidentally get an injury.  A mild injury.  A sore ankle while walking back to camp, maybe.  He won’t be able to mask his concern for you.”

   “Mr. Balin,” you gasped at how sly this plan of his really was.  “Are you suggesting I feign an injury to see him worry about me?”

   “Perhaps.  Perhaps not.”

   “Honestly, I didn’t know you could be so… sneaky.”

   He chuckled, and then he stood back.  “There. I used a few of my spare beads to keep the braids in place.”

   “Thank you again,” you said, standing up and gently brushing your fingertips along the back of your hair. It was one long braid composed of three smaller braids all tied together neatly.  “I have to get back to gathering firewood.”

   “Be careful.  We wouldn’t want you to hurt your ankle, or anything,” he said, winking.  You laughed at his suggestion, shaking your head.  You weren’t going to go through with the plan.  There was no need to make anyone worry unnecessarily.  But it was definitely amusing nonetheless.

(Author’s Note:  The unnamed Company member in this story can be referring to any of them.  And AWMAHGAWSH!  I can just picture Balin as being this overprotective grandfatherly figure, but also kind of a nosy old person that can’t resist meddling with people’s love lives, haha!) Also, gif is not mine.  Credit to original owner!



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Summary: You faint while on the journey and that causes feelings to surface.

Pairing: Thorin x Reader

Word Count: 1,037

Warnings: Its quite shit lmfao. I’m not happy with it.

Requested by: @clairese1980

A/n: I’m absolutely shit at writing romantic scenes because I absolutely have no experience with relationships at all lmfao. So beware the last part is pretty bad.

Master List

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Imagine: Thorin and the Company Defending you from Alfrid

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   You struggled against the soldier’s grip, managing to break free.  This gave you a moment to make a run for it, but the crowd of people that had begun to gather in the cold night kept you from escaping.  The soldier took hold of you again forcefully, shoving you into the clearing among the rest of the Company.

   “What is the meaning of this?” the mayor of Lake-town demanded, storming out of his manor.  He was dressed in long nightclothes, and what remained of his greasy hair was combed to the side.  He rested his hands on the porch railing as he glared down at you and your travelling companions.

   “We caught ‘em stealing weapons, sire,” a guard replied.  You felt someone behind you push you forward.  “She was standing guard.  Apparently, she’s one of ‘em.”

   “Ah, enemies of the state then, hm?” The mayor’s eyes narrowed. 

   You shot him an irritated look while the one called Alfrid paced up to you.

   “You might want to step away from the Lady,” Dwalin grumbled.   Alfrid ignored his warning.  

   “Strange for a young woman to be traveling with a bunch of dwarves.”  He grabbed your chin and tipped your head up slightly to meet his eerie gaze. The way he leered at you was a bit unsettling. It didn’t last long before you smacked the hand away and elbowed his chest to make him keep his distance, and he went stumbling back.  You smirked as some of the Company chuckled in amusement while he tried to regain his balance.

   “Why you-” he snapped, reaching to grab your wrist angrily.  

   “Stop!” Thorin barked, starting forward.  “You will not lay a hand on her!”  The other members of the Company voiced their agreement, ready to jump to your defense if Alfrid neared you again.

  “Yes, leave her alone!” Ori said bravely.

  “Or you’ll have to answer to us!” Bofur added, straightening his back to look as tall and intimidating as he could.  

  The dark-haired man before you shrank away, startled, as Balin came forward to usher you closer to the others.  Though Alfrid tried to look threatening, you knew he was afraid of your friends.  “A desperate bunch of mercenaries if there ever was, sire,” Alfrid spoke over his shoulder.  Seeing as he was no match for the Company, all he could do was spout insults.

   “Hold your tongue!” Dwalin growled from beside you. “You do not know to whom you speak. This is no common criminal.  This is Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thror!”

   Thorin stepped forward. “We are the dwarves of Erebor.”

    Whispers and hushed conversation arose in the crowd around you.  People knew exactly who he was.  

   “We have come to reclaim our homeland.”  The Company leader took a step forward, his eyes scanning the crowd.  “I remember this town in the days of old.  Fleets of boats lay at harbor filled with silks and fine gems.  This was no forsaken town on a lake!  This was the center of all trade in the North!”

   Shouts of agreement rang out.  

   “I would see those days return.  I would relight the great forges of the dwarves and send wealth and riches flowing once more from the halls of Erebor!”

   Pride welled up within you as Thorin’s speech gradually earned the respect and support of the people. The sad people that you saw when first arriving in Lake-town had been filled with hope.

  “Death!”  Bard’s voice called from the back of the crowd.  You turned to look at him, shocked that he was opposing you after helping. “That is what you will bring upon us.  Dragon fire and ruin.” He made his way to the front. Thorin stared him down, and the two of them argued it out. You took the opportunity to do a quick scan of the Company. Kili was looking as pale as ever from the arrow wound.  Fili seemed to be paying more attention to his brother than the situation at hand. Bilbo stood there in nervous silence as he watched the exchange that would decide whether the Company could continue on the journey or not.

   Thorin made his promises, Bilbo vouched for him, people cheered; but the mayor of Lake-town didn’t seem too convinced at first.  Alfrid did not hesitate to voice his suspicion.  Finally, when the matter had been settled, the mayor paused dramatically.

   “I say unto you…” He pointed his finger at the company.  “Welcome!” The crowd erupted in cheers, and you exchanged hopeful looks with Bilbo.

   Relief washed over you when the soldiers backed off, and the mayor came forward to invite you all in for a feast.  It was a wonder that he had some much food to spare when it looked like the entire town was struggling to feed their families.  It was also interesting how all of a sudden Alfrid was showering you with compliments and being ridiculously nice now that you were deemed a guest.  Thankfully, Thorin approached you almost immediately.

   “Stay close,” Thorin told you, gently pulling you to his side and shooting Alfrid a cold look to frighten him off.  “We may have won their favor, but I do not trust them.”  

   “I can look after myself, you know,” you replied, though you weren’t objecting.  You cared for a certain Company leader, and there was a part of you that enjoyed his concern for you.

   “I know.”  You thought you saw an amused smirk on his face as his eyes locked with yours. The light-hearted expression vanished as quickly as it had appeared.  “It would still be wise if the Company stays together.  Especially you.”

   You nodded, smiling.  “And you stay close too.”

   This time, he couldn’t hide the smile as the two of you followed the others into the hall for the feast.

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The Dwarves at a Party

-broods in the corner with a glass of whiskey
-gives everyone the stink eye
-secretly loves this P!nk song but would never say so

-dances like your dad at a barbeque
-has cheetos dust in his beard
-might, actually will, hurt himself or someone else

-was way too drunk before the party even began
-drinking a margarita made of melted jolly ranchers, ice, and way too much vodka
-dances like a frat bro without the sleaze

-hides out in the corner with Thorin and a flask he brought from home
-must rein in the Durin Bros when they get to rowdy
-hates his life

-the designated driver
-made the hors d’oeuvres
-confiscates Kili’s margarita

-the DJ with the way too random music
-falls down the stairs as a party trick
-wears a red cup as a hat

-becomes Balin’s nemesis after devouring all the hors d’oeuvres
-broke the trampoline which was explicitly off-limits
-master of beer pong

-retreats to the bathroom
-leaves early
-was he even there?

-staying sober with Balin
-trying to clean up the ever growing mess
-hass 911 on standby

-may have stolen all the silverware…and the plastic forks too
-invited those guys no one knows and who are freaking everyone out
-makes everyone figure out the “password” to get in

-can’t handle his liquor
-is the partygoer who will inevitably be hurt by Fili
-brought a colouring book because he misinterpreted the invitation

-will fight someone or a whole bunch of someones
-judges you by your drink
-passes out in the backyard

-won’t stop fixing things around the house
-yet still drinking without pause
-made friends with dog

When Tolkien wrote The Hobbit
  • <p> <b>Tolkien:</b> What? You want a bed time story?<p/><b>Tolkien:</b> Oh boy...<p/><b>Tolkien:</b> <p/><b>Tolkien:</b> Okay, I've got it, it's the story of a Hobbit, a wizard and thirteen dwarves, Thorin, Balin, Dwalin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Dori, Nori, Ori, Fili, Kili, Oin, Gloin<p/><b>Tolkien:</b> You better keep up and remember all the names<p/></p>
Imagine being super flexible and absent mindedly doing it in front of the company and they freak out

You: *puts your feet to the back of your shoulders*


 Oin: the lass is hurt move aside ye great oaf!

 You: No I’m fine I can do this naturally. See *does weird contortionist stuff* 

Thorin : I will literally pay you ten gold coins to stop that and never do it in my presence again.

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Imagine Fili Listening to You Tell a Story to the Company

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   It was a quiet night. Or, well….it would be if it weren’t for the constant chatter and laughter of the Company.  You didn’t mind at all.  Even though you enjoyed a little quiet every now and then, it was comforting to listen to them exchange jokes and stories.  Too much quiet out here in the wilderness could be a little on the scary side. You’d be able to hear wolves and orcs and whatnot in the distance, and to be honest, you’d rather not.  

   You sat near the campfire, rubbing your hands together in an attempt to warm them up a bit.  It was a cold night.  The ground was frosty and the occasional icy wind stung your face. Still, it was much nicer to be sitting by the fire surrounded by friends.

   Fili and Kili returned from a quick scouting mission, both laughing.

   “Nothing to report,” Kili called to Thorin between chuckles.

   Thorin sat quietly by the fire.  He nodded in acknowledgement to his nephews as they took a seat on either side of you. You smiled at Fili, pleased that he sat beside you.  No doubt you had feelings for a certain blonde warrior.

   “Good evening,” Kili and Fili said at the same time.

   “Good evening,” you returned the greeting, smiling.  “Anything new?”

   “No, just the usual,” Kili replied.  “Orcs shrieking in the distance.”

   “At least they’re not here,” you muttered.

   “I don’t know,” Fili contemplated.  “I’m kind of in the mood for a fight.”

   “If you want a fight, look no further,” Kili joked.  “I’ll give you a fight just for saying that.”  You laughed as the brothers reached behind you to punch each other.  But you were also becoming very aware of how Fili placed his hands on your shoulders pulled you out of the way before Kili could swat you with a knapsack.

   “Careful with that. You almost hit her,” Fili scolded his younger brother.

   “Sorry, ________,” Kili told you, but his mischievous grin showed he wasn’t sorry at all.  “Looks like you’ve got a knight in shining armor to protect you.”

   Fili noticed his hands still on your shoulders and released you, leaning over to swat Kili on the back of the head.  You rolled your eyes, but blushed. Their playful banter began to blend in with the general chatter of the others.  Your mind wandered as you thought about the dangers the Company had faced so far.  It made you think about what might be ahead.


   “Oi, _________!”

   Somone nudged your arm, and your eyes shot up to meet Fili’s warm gaze.  He was smiling softly at you.  “They’re calling for you,” he informed.

   “Oh, sorry,” you shook your head.

   “You’ve been awfully quiet over there.  Everything alright?” Bofur asked.

   You gave him a reassuring smile.  “I’m fine, thank you.  Just thinking is all.”

   “Oh, she’s just thinking…” He chatted with Bombur, Glóin, and Dwalin.  You tipped your head to one side curiously as they exchanged a few whispers.  Bofur turned to you again.  “We were wondering…  We’re always talking n’ sharing the same ol’ stories.  We were hopin’ that you perhaps had a tale.”

   “Tell us a story,” Ori pleaded.

   Kili leaned forward, resting his cheek on the palm of his hand.  “Yes, _________.  Do tell us a story,” he grinned.

   You were a little surprised by the request, but you were also kind of happy.  “I can’t say I have any interesting tales to tell since this is my first adventure,” you confessed.

   “You could tell us about your favorite book, or a fairytale,” Bilbo suggested.

   “That’s an excellent idea,” you told him, grateful for the suggestion.  “Is that okay with the rest of you?  If I tell a fairytale?”

   The others nodded vigorously.  There were a few different fairytales that were commonly told among your people that were your favorites.  One in particular came to mind.  It was about a woman who lived in a tribe and a man who was part of a group of people that invaded the land.  Despite being on opposing sides of a conflict, they meet and fall in love. They meet in secret for some time and learn about each other’s cultures, discovering that their original prejudices about each other were wrong.  So, they decide that they want to try and put an end of the fighting, since they can only be together when the fighting stops.

   “So…let’s see….where do I start?” you wondered aloud, thinking back to the beginning of the story. “Oh, I know.  The tale begins with a young princess of a small tribe…”

   You went on to tell about how the couple met and fell in love, and the growing conflict between the tribe and settlers.  It eventually led to a monumental moment in the story.

   “Just when the tribe chief was about to execute her love, the princess leaped forward and threw herself on him to shield him.  Just in time too!”  You told the story enthusiastically, and the dwarves gasped dramatically as they had become so interested in the story.

   “And then what?” Bofur asked anxiously.

   “She told the chief, her father, that if he was going to kill the man, he’d have to kill her too. You know why?  Because she loved him.”  Your voice softened at those words.  “She managed to convince the chief to stand down.  To stop the fighting.”  

   You glanced at Fili who sat beside you, listening to you tell the story with a gentle smile on his face. You shot him a smile and continued.

   “Both sides realized that there was no need to go to war.”  

   “And they lived happily ever after?” Ori asked in a small voice.

   “Well…” you hesitated, causing the members of the Company to let out shocked gasps.  

   “What?  What happened?”

   “There was still one settler who didn’t want peace.  He was convinced that the tribe was withholding gold from him.  So, he grabbed a bow and arrow and shot at the chief. But the princess’ love saw what was going on.  He knew that if the settler killed the chief, the war would break out.  So, he took the shot.”

   “Did he die?” Bofur asked sadly.  

   “No, no he didn’t,” you replied.  “But he was badly injured.  They didn’t have the medical supplies to take care of him, so he would have to return to his homeland as soon as possible.”

   “What about the settler that tried to shoot the chief?” Glóin questioned.

   “Oh, they definitely arrested him.  There was no way they were happy about him shooting one of their own.”

  Glóin ‘hmph’ed in approval that the settler had been brought to justice.

  “The fighting was over, but now the girl’s love had to go back to where he came from, or else he’d die.”

   “Why doesn’t the princess go with ‘em?” Dwalin asked. 

   “Because she decided that she belonged with her people.”

   “What?”  Kili spoke up.  “They each found the love of their life, and they’re just to let them go?”

   “They kind of had to,” you reply, surprised by his interest.  You had no idea he was such a romantic.  “So, they proclaimed their love for one another, and hoped that they’d meet again someday.”

   The dwarves sat there with their mouths hung open in disbelief.


   “That’s so sad,” Ori mumbled.

   “Hey, it’s okay.  They do end up meeting again.  But that’s another story for another time.”  You told them.  Their expressions seemed to light up again and the chatter resumed.

   “That was a good story, I must say,” Balin told you.  “And you told it so well.  You’re a natural at story-telling.  You’ll have to tell us another one soon.”

   “Thank you,” you replied, smiling.  You glanced over to see Fili still gazing at you warmly.

   “Beautiful story,” he told you quietly.  “The princess reminds me of you.  Kind, selfless, brave.”

   You blushed, but before you could voice a reply, Thorin announced that it was time for the Company to get some sleep.  You sat up on your knees, ready to set up your sleeping mat.  But while the other dwarves were occupied, you stole a quick kiss on Fili’s cheek, leaving him speechless.

(Author’s Note:Yep, the story that reader tells is in fact the Disney Pocahontas.  And there is a reference to Pocahontas II.  Let’s just pretend that it was a fairytale back then.  No copyright intended. I do not own Pocahontas or the gif!)

The dwarves first kiss.

A small thing inspired by @theimaginesyouneveraskedfor and their beautiful headcanons

Thank you so much <3


Kisses you mid-sentence and then apologizes, asking you to go on like nothing happened.

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Imagine ending up with the role of "group mom" in the company

Kili:I need an adult!

You : here let me help you dear.

Thorin : he’s 77 he can do it by himself

You: oh hush up there’s nothing wrong with asking for help.

Oin: lass do you know where my carbuncle cream is?

You : left front pocket of your pack.

Thorin : you’re not their mother you shouldn’t have to do this.

Fili : I’m bored

You : here have a puzzle book

*you and thorin argue*

Dwalin : I hate it when mum and dad fight

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Stupid, Ignorant Dwarf

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This is a continuation of The One

You sit down tiredly on the ground of the halls of Erebor. The Battle of the Five Armies was the scariest shit you have ever faced and you faced a lot of scary shit. It was probably scary because you had almost lost Kili, Fili and Thorin. That gave you the fright of your life and you will forever be grateful for your good aim.

You feel a thump beside you and you turn to find Dwalin. You relax a bit and lay your head on his shoulders, breathing in his scent of death and sweat.

You two just sit there for a while. Not saying anything. Not moving. Slowly, one by one, you are joined by the other dwarves and you all end up sitting in a circle. Everyone minus Oin and Gloin. Those two were busy healing the wounded with the elves.

“Can you believe it? We did it,” Bilbo says, quietly. “That we did Master Burglar. All thanks to you,” Bofur says, clapping him on the back.

“All thanks to us,” Bilbo denies. “All thanks to everyone,” the company chimes in. “What are you to do now?” You ask him. He had no need to stay here.

“I will be headed back to Bag End once Thorin’s coronation is over. Judging by his injuries, that won’t be for another two weeks. Three at the most,” he says and you nod.

“Can I join you?” you ask and you panic as Dwalin quickly moves away from you. You catch yourself on his arms and look up at him. He looks shocked, almost angry.

“You’re going to leave?” he asks and you nod. “This is no home for me. Not when the one person I have come to love continues to love someone else,” you explain, turning back to the company.  

They don’t look pleased at your announcement at all. Ori is trying to keep his tears at bay, bless him that sweet dwarf. You have grown up together and you were practically best friends. You, Fili, Kili and Ori. Your best friends that you will part with.

“Will you at least talk to Kili before you leave? At least tell him how you feel before you leave us for good,” ORi says, grumpily. Before you can answer Gloin comes around the corner.

“Kili has been asking for you, y/n,” Gloin says and you nod, standing. What could that injured dwarf possibly want?

You follow him to the makeshift healer’s tent and you seen tons of elves bustling around. You enter a tent with the three Durins laying side-by-side. Oin is currently tending to Thorin’s injured foot and Fili is just resting with his eyes close.

You make eye contact with Kili and you give him a bright smile which he returns. You move over to his side and sit on the chair next to his bed after moving it in front of him.

“Gloin has said that you wanted to see me,” you say, grasping his hand. “I wanted to make sure you were alright. I lost sight of you after you shot Azog and I’ve never been mored worried in my life,” he says and your heart clenches knowing that although he cares about you, he would never care about you the way you cared for him.

“I came out less damaged than you lot thats for sure,” you say, looking at his uncle and brother. “Thank mahal. If you were to die, your father would have my head once I died as well,” Thorin says and you chuckle at his use of words.

“You know, I’m pretty sure you’v been holding back on the stories,” you tell him and he chuckles wincing. “One day, child, I shall tell you all about your father,” he says and Kili squeezes your hand.

You turn back to him and smile.

“Have you seen Tauriel?” he asks and you do all you can to stop yourself from frowning. Of course he wanted you here to talk about Tauriel.

“I’m afraid I haven’t. Last I saw her was at Bard’s house, healing you,” you state.

Instead of following Thorin, you had stayed behind with Fili, Oin and Kili, later Bofur, where you belonged. Thorin wasn’t too happy, but you did not care. If they were staying behind, so were you. Kili was more important than the entire quest itself.

He lets out a sigh.

“Good. I was afraid you would see her before I got to see you,” he says and this time you actually frown.

“Why are you so worried about me seeing the she-elf?” you ask.

“Oin. Please get me out of here before he starts confessing,” Thorin mutters out. His muttering goes unheard by the both of you and the healer and he’s cursing Fili for being such a heavy sleeper.

“Because she was going to tell you something that I did not have the guts say,” he says and you know he’s skirting around the subject.

“Mahal Kili. Get over it. Just tell me that you’re courting the elf and be done with it,” you say, unwanted tears gathering in your eyes.

He looks confused and then his eyes soften as a tear makes an escape.

“Do you like me, y/n?” he asks.

“For Durin’s sake! I’ve been in love with you since we could walk you stupid dwarf and yet you never even noticed! Everyone but you noticed it Kee, but I couldn’t do anything because you had fallen for an ELF! A freaking elf! I want to hate you, but I can’t because I love you too much,” you confess.

He looks stunned at your outburst and your brain finally catches up with your mouth. You stand abruptly, heading straight for the exit. You exit the tent quickly, not hearing Oin trying to call for Kili.

A hand grasps your arm and spins you around and you look at him with tears falling down your face.

“Kili just let me go. Please,” you mutter, avoiding his eyes. “No because you won’t know what I wanted to tell you. I didn’t want you to see Tauriel because she promised to tell you my feelings or you, not because she would tell you we were courting. At Bard’s house, when you were looking for Kingsfoil with Bofur, Bofur returned first and she started healing me. It was then that I realized that I didn’t love her. I loved you. My best friend and I thought. I thought I was going to die without you ever knowing and I could not let that happen,” he says bringing his forehead to rest on yours.

“Oh you stupid, ignorant dwarf,” you say, bringing your beardless dwarf into a sweet kiss.


The Elves at Rivendell lend you a beautiful elvish dress/gown during your stay,  Bilbo and the Dwarves are captivated by you.

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   A sigh of relief escaped your lips as you sat alone, wrapped in a dry towel after a nice bath.  The elves of Rivendell had taken the Company in for the night, and provided you with much-needed supplies.  It had been a while since you had the chance to take a proper bath.  The Company was almost always on the move.  

    You were taking a few moments in secluded garden to relax and collect your thoughts after freshening up a bit.  The guest chambers was more of a stone pavilion in the garden rather than an actual room, which made it all the more gorgeous.

    Soft lavender fabric caught your eye.  A lovely gown had been laid out for you since your traveling clothes were in need of a good washing.  You approached the dress slowly, still unsure.  The sleeveless lavender dream of a gown seemed so extravagant, it made you uneasy.  You had become accustomed to simple things, taking only the bare necessities when traveling with the Company.  Wearing a gown like this seemed almost wrong.  

    Perhaps you were thinking too much into this. The elves had chosen this dress for you specifically, so it would be rude to refuse.  You might as well enjoy it.

    While the gown looked beautiful on its own, it looked absolutely stunning on you.  Not to mention the fabric was even softer than it looked.  It had to be one of the most comfortable things you had ever worn.  You combed through your hair once more.  Now that you were all clean and dressed, it was a good time to join the others for dinner. You followed the path back into the main structure and met up with an elleth who showed you the way to your friends.

    The first thing you heard was there deep voices going back and forth in chatter.  It was only after they went silent the moment you entered that you could even hear the elvish music playing softly.

    “Good evening,” you said, giving them a small wave.

    They just sat and stared, wide-eyed.  Ori dropped a handful of leaves on the table in shock.

    Elrond broke the awkward silence by greeting you. “Lady _______.  Thank you for joining us.  Please take a seat where you like.”

    “Thank you,” you replied with a polite nod.  You approached the seat between Balin and Bilbo. “Would you mind if I sit here?”

    “Y-y-yes.  I mean, n-no. I don’t mind.  N-not at all.  Please,” Bilbo stuttered, gesturing for you to take the seat.  You held back a giggle as you sat down.  He never got this flustered around you before.

    “Sure you don’t want to come sit by me?”  Kili asked.

    “You could forget him and sit by me instead,” Fili spoke up.

    “Or me,” Ori chimed in.

    “Alright, settle down,” Thorin told them.  You met his gaze, his expression softening momentarily, before he turned his attention back to the other dwarves.  “Let ______ eat in peace.”

    Although the initial chaos at the table died down, Thorin’s warning did not stop the chatter and playful banter from continuing.