when kara comes home, lena is asleep. in lingerie.


kara has tried, time and time again, to come home before seven o'clock. but snapper is cranky and cat is demanding and alex is way too good at her job; and kara needs a break. a long, non-scheduled break. maybe lena can bring the lingerie - which she has, but she’s asleep, which is understandable but also severely disappointing.

it’s half past seven and lena is fast asleep on her couch, wine bottle unopened and candles still going strong.

(“what time are you done tonight?”

“five.” kara, in a moment of sheer excitement and giddiness, flips through her red-pen-strewn schedule. “actually, 6.40, but that’s not too bad.”

lena hums, pleased. “not bad at all.”).

so here kara is, exhausted and very much in need of a distraction, but her girlfriend is asleep. and kara knows how important sleep is to a tireless ceo.

kara sets her purse down as quiet as she can and tip toes to the fridge. there’s an unopened can of whip cream buried behind the carrots, she knows this as fact.

halfway between shooting down half of the can, lena rustles, the squish of leather of the couch bringing kara to her senses.


“hey.” kara swallows a mouthful of whip cream. “you’re up.” she wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and shoves the can into the bowels of the fridge. “good sleep?”

“great sleep.” lena stretches and she looks automatically sexy in black lace but her wide yawn makes it too cute. “really great sleep.”

kara pads back into the living room. she shrugs out of her suit jacket and stands before her lounging girlfriend.

kara threads lena’s hand in hers, smooths over the skin of her knuckles. “have you eaten?” she asks.

lena hums like she’s avoiding something.

actually, there are the three ‘hums’ of lena luthor:

“hum”: i’m really tired and i want you to rub my back while i fall asleep.

“hum”: i’ve been waiting for you all night oh god why don’t you lean forward and –

“hum:” i think i left the chicken in the oven too long.

lena hums and kara knows to waltz into the kitchen and take out the lasagna from last night.

“nino’s leftovers?” kara holds up the take-out package above her head and smiles. lena sighs, wraps the blanket from the couch over her bare shoulders.

“yes,” she says, quiet and loving and still sleep-tired. “nino’s sounds amazing.” she walks forward and accepts the take-put container. “especially from my hero.” lena pecks a kiss on kara’s cheek, chaste and effective and kara melts.

kara turns into lena’s presence, searches for her mouth. “i love you,” lena whispers.

kara leans forward and kisses her, stars and mouthing colliding in the touch: “i love you too.”

“i bought lingerie for this.”

“i know.”

“did it do the trick?”

kara glances down her girlfriend’s body, lush and soft and human and - lena yawns again - tired. she smiles, soft and quiet. “yes,” she breathes, and captures lena’s mouth in a kiss.

lena melts into the kiss. “good.”


“i’m so tired.”

“me too.”

and kara takes lena to bed, hand warm and clothes still in line. lena holds tight onto kara’s lapels before she’s gently pushed into the plush of their bed.

“…but our anniversary-”

“-comes every year, lay down please.”

“are you sure?”

“i am so sure.”

lena nods, confident, and falls asleep the moment her head hits the pillow.

kara watches her snore, loud and obnoxious, and she’s sure she’s never been more in love ever in her life.

the leftovers are placed on their nightstand. kara laughs to herself. lena snores. the night is young and they’re both fast sleep before nine.