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how would the hosts act if you self harmed what would they do (0///0)

I seriously once thought of doing this, but I didn’t pursue. but to my followers who do, I am always here, if you need someone to talk to. :) I’m not the best advice-giver, but I’ll be here to listen. Always.

Tamaki: Once Tamaki lays his eyes on your scars, he immediately goes silent. And then, his arms envelops you in a long, long embrace. His head burrows in the crook of your neck, and minutes later, you feel tears wet your clothes. “You know I’m always here for you, right, baby? That I’ll never leave you.. And I will always listen to you..” Tamaki spends the night over, asking if you want to tell him about your problems and making sure you know, over and over again, just how much he loves you.

Kyoya: He’d stop in his tracks, because a million things would rush into his mind. But one thought will prevail: how stupid was he to not notice that you were suffering so much? He’d feel as if he was the worst person ever, but he still wouldn’t know what to do. But he ends up holding your hand tightly, leaning your head to rest on his shoulder, and for the first time, fill the silence with only his words. “You know, when I first saw you, I thought you had the most ridiculous laugh ever.”

Kaoru: Kaoru would immediately ask what was wrong, what was happening in your life, but he’d stop, realizing that he needed to respect your privacy, that you needed your space. But that doesn’t stop him from telling you that he’s always there if you’re ready to pour out your problems to him. Kaoru drags you to his room, gathers all his crayons and the coloring book from when he was seven, and the two of you color the afternoon away. “Just.. remember I’m always here for you, okay?.. And that I will help you through everything, in the ways I can.”

Hikaru: Is shocked, and you can definitely see it, with the way his eyes widen, his mouth slightly ajar. And you’re scared, what if his view of you changes? He suddenly brings you close to him, his arms around you, and he kisses your forehead. Hikaru then brings you to the top of his house, where a small gazebo stood. He places blankets and pillows, and you two lie down, staring at the stars. “This was the place I went to, when I felt.. down. I cried and throwed tantrums here, you know? So go ahead. I’ll still love you anyway.”

Mori: He hugs you way too tight and kisses you slowly. He places your right hand on his shoulder, and intertwines your left with his. Mori leads you to a slow dance, and he sings. You’re surprised, because Mori is voluntarily singing. But as you hear the lyrics, you realize he’s picked a song to show you just how much you mean to him. He’s singing right into your ear, with his arm at your back holding your body close to him. “And you’ll never treat yourself right, darling, but I want you to. And if I let you know I’m here for you, maybe you’ll love yourself like I love you.”

Hani: Hani’s first instinct is to embrace you, and drag you away for some cake. But throughout, he’s quieter than usual. Once at the kitchen, he asks if you want to talk and he’s accepting of any answer. He then brings you to his room, armed with all the junk food in his own refrigerator, and pops in your favorite movie. But before he presses ‘play’, he kisses your cheek and whispers. “I love you. Every bit of you. Okay?”

Haruhi: Haruhi sits you down, and holds your hands. Her voice is gentle, and her smile is ever present. She asks you softly, how are you feeling, and if you want to talk to her about what is troubling you. She hugs you, and insists on staying for the night. For hours straight, you two just end up talking about little things, and she doesn’t mind if you don’t want to talk about yourself yet. And when you’re sleepy, she sings you a lullaby, one that Haruhi wishes would say the things she wants to to say herself. “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

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How would the hosts(Haruhi included as well) react of their s/o when he/she starts dropping the beat when their fave music comes on in public? Even though their s/o is a horrible dancer?

Look at that, Haruhi finally made an appearance. Thanks for the request!

Tamaki: He’d either watch them and smile or laugh, or he’d join in. He wouldn’t be embarrassed, he’d be happy his S/O’s having fun. Besides, he does a lot more embarrassing things that s/he does anyway.

Kyoya: He would watch them, deadpanned, and wait for them to finish. He wouldn’t want to ruin their fun but at the same time, there was no way in hell an Ootori would be caught doing something so embarrassing in public.

Honey: Like Tamaki, he’d either join in or watch from the sidelines and be glad that his S/O is enjoying themself. He’d probably be a bit embarrassed if they were really terrible, but he’d hide it pretty well.

Mori: He would watch solemnly from the sidelines and wait for his S/O to finish. He wouldn’t be embarrassed, because he doesn’t really care what strangers think of him, but he wouldn’t join in either because that’s just not his thing.

Hikaru: He would definitely blush and tell them to knock it off, but if his S/O asked him to join in he probably would, albeit reluctantly. He’d jokingly give them crap if they weren’t that great of a dancer.

Kaoru: He would definitely blush too, especially if his S/O is a bad dancer. He’d probably be a bit too embarrassed to join in, but he wouldn’t want to spoil his S/O’s fun and would just take a few steps back and awkwardly wait for them to finish.

Haruhi: She would probably be startled at first, then she’d get embarrassed. If they refuse to stop, she’d give them that face she makes that’s like “I’m a thousand percent done with you,” and might even walk away.

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Could you write some Hikaru fluff or just do more headcanons? Or maybe even BOTH?!?! Just kidding!! Do whichever one you want, because either way it will come out perfect since you wrote it!! I love everything you've written so far!! Makes me very happy! Thank you!! :)

Aww, I’m flattered! I hope you like them! Thanks for the request! 


  • he’s the sort of guy who gets something new everytime he goes to a restaurant rather than having a usual
  • he doesn’t mind sharing food with people, in fact he likes it because, as was aforementioned, he likes to try new things
  • sweat pants are his guilty secret- he loves wearing them on his lazy days or to bed, despite how horribly unfashionable they are
  • he finds tattoos incredibly sexy
  • if he could change one thing about himself it’d be his temper- when he gets upset he says things without thinking and always regrets it later
  • he poses very philosophical or really weird questions while lying in bed, resulting in him and his S/O staying up late, having very deep or odd conversations
  • he’s a really fast typer, except he doesn’t use the home-row or anything, just whatever finger’s closest, and he has to glance down at the keyboard lots
  • he has surprisingly neat handwriting, like he’s always writing quickly so it’s not perfect, but it’s still easy to read and nice to look at

pocketeering asked:

How about where Honey takes his S/O to a sweet shop to guess their favorite and ends up buying everything he lifts up anyway?

awwwhh.. cute!

Mitsukuni Haninozuka : Imagine


Honey rushed into the sweets shop, dragging you along about an arm’s length away. The second you entered the small building, your nostrils filled with the sweet scents of peppermint and chocolate. 

At this point, Mitsukuni was basically a bag of popcorn in the microwave. He was jumping up and down, clearly filled with an immense amount of excitement.

Letting out a laugh, you flashed a broad grin at your lovely boyfriend. He seemed so happy, and that made you happy, too.

“Isn’t this place amazing?! I love their strawberry cake! Ooh, ____-chan! I’m going to buy whatever you want, ‘kay? OhOhOh! I’m going to try to guess your favorite, alrightie?” The Lolita exclaimed, seemingly stating everything he needed to say in a single breath.

You were just full of laughter today, most likely due to little Honey’s whole-hearted glee. “Kay.”

Grinning from ear to ear, Mitsukuni guided you over to the nearest shelf of sweets. “Is this your favorite?” He asked you, holding up a piece of packaged peppermint bark. 

You shook your head, but the blonde slipped it into the bag of sweets he was going to buy anyways just before you both moved along the aisle again, hand-in-hand.

“How about this? Is this your favorite?” The boy asked, now holding up a Crunch chocolate bar. Sure, you enjoyed those, but it wasn’t quite your number one. 


Regardless of your response, Honey slipped it into his bag anyways.

This cycle continued on for several minutes. After about the third dozen time, you began to think this wasn’t such a good idea. “Mitsukuni!” You said, soft giggles escaping your lips, “If you continue at this rate, we’ll end up buying the entire store!”

In response, Honey laughed. “That’s okay! We can bring some to the Host Club on Monday! That way Kyoya-Senpai won’t have to go buy us some sweets then too!” 

A wonderful animation full of flower symbolism in which a teenage girl cuts her hair short, becomes a crossdresser, and poses as a dude while joining a bunch of guys in an Asian country whose leader is an attractive love interest who doesn’t realize she’s a girl at first until she’s seen partially nude.