6th Gen Seigaku - Goodbye Today (taken from TeniMyu Documentary ~ Tsunagu Tasuki - TeniMyu Team Collection DVD 6th Gen Seigaku)

This was actually also the version from Seigaku vs. Rikkai, but this was even more heartbreaking because it was combined with footage of backstage scenes, their graduation speeches, and TEARS everywhere. Masui-chan who cried so hard on stage and caused everyone to be torn between laughter and tears. Yuuki bowing down and thanking the other eleven. Ohno-chan and Ohira-chan crying in the backstage. Wadakuma and his shaking voice and tears.

I love Goodbye Today. I love 2nd Season. I LOVE 6TH GEN.

yugiohno asked:

My biggest pet peeve is the bi/ace """"solidarity"""" as if us bi people have more in common with (cishet) aces than gay & lesbian folks. Or as if (cishet) aces are ~better allies~ than other SGA people.

I’ve seen that a bit too. I don’t know how anyone could actually want to be allied with them though lol

ohno-its-life asked:

Maybe Marius Angelus Von Messon? ^^

Mumble was born female and do currently identify as such. However her father wanted a boy and forced her to act as such most of her life. She’s about 27 and for 24 years she was forced to be a man. Nel is the one who helped Mumble. She took her in her crew when Marius was about 17 (still posing as a boy) and supported her through her troubles and changes.

Nel kind of proudly talk about her “all female” pirate crew since.