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Ohmiya bullying, featuring sakumoto facilitators.

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When Ohmiya do a search of how many people know their full names but Sakurai Sho and Matsumoto Jun are much more popular.

(During the Dual Curling segment, Sho-kun, Nino and Ohno-kun were on one team while Matsujun, Ishihara and Mizuhara were on the other)

Sho: (to Matsujun) Could you tell us about the relationships among the three of you in the drama Shitsuren Chocolatier?

Matsujun: Can I say it?

Sho: Why not? We can talk about our relationship too. (referring to him, Nino and Ohno)

Ito (the commentator): Well let’s start with Arashi team then. What is the relationship among the three of you?

Sho: Well, firstly, I have always had a one-sided crush on Nino since high school.

Nino: I’m really sorry to Sho but I have had a one-sided crush on Ohno since middle school.

Ohno: I had a one-sided crush on someone elsewhere.

*studio explodes*

*my laptop explodes*

*I explodes*

—  Excerpt from VS Arashi 2014/1/9
The why-do-you-keep-forgetting-us-members-Jun? segment

As Keisuke and Jun mention that they meet recently at stores (sometimes for drinks), Ohmiya find it important to express disgruntlement on behalf of the members.

Nino: It appeared!  It appeared!  The store where celebrities gather has appeared!

Jun plays innocent with a what-can-I-say smile.

Satoshi: So celebrities will definitely be there?

Jun: Not always, but it will usually consist of directors of commercials.

Satoshi, Kazu and Sho mentally pout and wonder why our youngest leaves them out of the fun. (LOL)

Sho: So do you (Jun) run into any celebrities by coincidence?

Jun: I met with Matsuda Shota for meals… after a long while…

Sho (barely restraining the envy leaking out): That’s 2 out of F4 (from Hanadan) you know~

Jun: … and when we entered the restaurant, we ran into Kinashi Noritake-san who was already there.

Ohmiya: Eh~ Where is it (that you go to)?  That’s why we asked you before…

Jun: Even if I were to say let’s go together, you wouldn’t go anyway right?

Kazu (softly to Satoshi): You go on and tell it to him.

Satoshi: (We’d / I’d?) Definitely go~

Jun (laughingly): You so would not~

Riida’s expression is too cute and causes everyone to erupt with laughter! LOL.

Arashi ni Shiyagare 08.08.2015