30 Day MotoGP Challenge: Day Seven Let’s repeat a popular challenge from last year: What’s in your bag? Post a photo/explain the contents of your bag/purse. (This wouldn’t correctly format into paragraphs and I’m on mobile so idk how to fix it sorry) Okay so here’s my handbag which is actually a backpack. I love having a backpack as a handbag I think it’s really cute also it totally saves my shoulder from dying T_T I love pink and other pretty colours, some of you may not have noticed. First we have some crochet. I don’t always have crochet in my bag but if I’m working on something then I’ll normally carry a bit around if I ever need to pass the time in the car or whatever. Then my Passport! :D I am not currently out of the country, I just carry my passport around all the time it’s a bit weird tbh. My wallet. It’s a Fullmetal Alchemist wallet with a Kingdom Hearts keychain bc deep inside I am twelve :D Next we have two lipsticks, two lip balms and a pen. The one I normally use is the orange one that’s open. The lip balms aren’t used a lot and the pen is just something I always have. Gotta have a pen. Last we have my sunglasses, my Nintendo 3ds XL and my Beats headphones. The sunglasses are seriously important, I don’t go anywhere without one of my pairs of sunglasses. My DS has a Pikachu stylus and GD&TOP (Korean rap group) keychain. The game in it right now is Pokemon X. Then there’s my Mixr Beats. They don’t always live in my bag but because I’m not at home right now they’re with me. They are my babies.

#30DaysToMotoGPChallenge (delayed as fuck) XD ~ Day 4

Teeny-tiny accent challenge: Record yourself stating the following facts; Favourite rider, Favourite track, GAS!, PUSH!,the ever-memorable Vale quote: ‘Small fucking bastard’, and finally: sing us a little song if you like!

(The song in the end is part of “Jinsei wa Ireko Ningyou” by Sound Horizon)


My family is from Nigeria, and my full name is Uzoamaka, which means “The road is good.” Quick lesson: My tribe is Igbo, and you name your kid something that tells your history and hopefully predicts your future. So anyway, in grade school, because my last name started with an A, I was the first in roll call, and nobody ever knew how to pronounce it. So I went home and asked my mother if I could be called Zoe. I remember she was cooking, and in her Nigerian accent she said, “Why?” I said, “Nobody can pronounce it.” Without missing a beat, she said, “If they can learn to say Tchaikovsky and Michelangelo and Dostoyevsky, they can learn to say Uzoamaka.”