#28: “fanfiction” > “darndight”

Latin fān(āticus)-fictiō < PIE *dʰh̥₁-s-no-dʰiǵʰ-tós > PGmc *dazna-dihtaz > OE dærn-diht > ModE darndight /ˈdɑɹn.daɪt/

(Suggested by Anonymous.)

Proto-Indo-European form: The ubiquitous root ‘to give’ shows up here as *dʰh₁-s- ‘gift’ > *dʰh₁-s-no- ‘temple’ (the semantic connection presumably being ‘offering’, although I am not certain of this.) -s- appears to cause lengthening of the vowel.

Proto-Germanic form: One might expect *-sn- > *-nn-, but *-zn- is attested in a few words. -ǵʰt- becomes -ht- in accordance with the Germanic spirant law.

Old English form: The first *a becomes æ, which is retracted before -rn- (in West Saxon this would break to *dearn), then fronted again according to second fronting. *i breaks to -io-, which then smooths to -i- again (in West Saxon, *deoht.)

Does anyone know if you can die from eating soap? I was — I mean, my friend was mad excited thinking his mom had bought him salt water taffy, he tells me it kinda tasted like it too… So am I dying? I mean, is he dying? Or is his breath just gonna smell like a Lush store for the rest of his life. If he drinks a fizzy drink will it bubble up inside him like he has rabies? Let me know in case I gotta take him to the hospital.


Musical Favorites:


  • Bohemian Rhapsody (1975)
  • We Will Rock You (1977)
  • Another One Bites the Dust (1980)
  • Somebody to Love (1976)
  • We are the Champions (1977)

The Beatles-

  • Hey Jude (1968)
  • I am the Walrus (1967)
  • In My Life (1965)
  • Blackbird (1976)
  • Here Comes the Sun (1969)
  • Hello, Goodbye (1967)
  • Roll Over, Beethoven (1963)
  • Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (1967)
  • Yellow Submarine (1968)
  • Help! (1965)
  • All You Need Is Love (1967)


  • Can’t Help Falling in Love (1961)
  • Heartbreak Hotel (1956)
  • Love Me Tender (1956)
  • Good Luck Charm (1962)
  • Jailhouse Rock (1957)
  • Are You Lonesome Tonight? (1969)
  • Stuck on You (1960)
  • Aloha Oe (1961)


  • Back in Black (1980)
  • Highway to Hell (1979)
  • Thunderstruck (1990)
  • War Machine (2008)

anonymous asked:

Can you write one with mikey where you are teenagers and you lose your virginities to each other?


“Michael and Y/N to the end of time.” Your mom smiled as you two walked in from school. The two of you laughed at her statement, but it wasn’t something new to the both of you. Growing up that’s what everyone said. The Clifford family were friends with your parents before the two of you were born. Michael always bragged about being a month older than you when it was close to your birthday. 

“When will people stop saying that.” Michael laughed. 

“Probably never.” You sighed. It’s not that you didn’t mind people saying it, it was just that the saying messed with your head a bit. Michael and you were going off to different schools after graduation and it broke your heart that the saying wasn’t going to be a thing anymore. 

The two of you were upstairs doing homework while your mother was out at the store. Both of you sat quietly, the only sound in the room was Green Day playing in the background. Michael kept sneaking glances at you before you would look at him. He would quickly advert his eyes back to his notebook. 

“What’s up?” 

“Nothing…” Michael mumbled. 

“Mikey, I know when something is up. So just tell me.” 

“Don’t get offended when I tell you this okay?” You nodded your head in agreement. “Luke said that- uh- when you were at his party last week, that you went a little overboard on the drinking… And then he said that you and him had sex.” 

Your mouth fell to the floor. Yes, you were at that  party, but no, you weren’t drunk. You were just there with Y/F/N. 

“First off, I know Luke is one of your best friends, but he’s an idiot. And secondly, why would I lose my virginity to a fuckboy?” You sighed not really sure why Luke even said that. 

“Why would he tell me that then.” Michael asked more to himself than to you, ignoring the fact that you just told him one of your untold secrets. But it wasn’t much of a secret. You never really hung out with guys besides Michael and some of his friends; his friends were usually taken or just did one night stands-and you weren’t into that.  

“Probably just to mess with you.” 

“But why? He knows I fucking love you-” 



“What did you just say?” 

“I love you Y/N. I do. I always have and it tears me apart that we are going separate ways next year.” 

“Those are some big words Clifford. But the truth is, I’ve loved you too, for quite some time actually.”

Silence fell over the room, the music in the back and the scribbling of pencils. It wasn’t an awkward silence, it was comfortable now knowing the feelings between you two. Michael stopped writing and looked at you again. 

“Are you nervous about losing your virginity?” He asked. 

“No, but I also want it to be with someone I love and care about. I’m not just gonna throw it away.” You said looking up from your textbook. 

“So…” He started. 

“What are you implying here Mikey.” You giggled. 

“You love me and I love you. What if we-you know…” 

“You want to have sex?” You laughed, closing the book. 

“Well if you want. I’m not going to pressure you Y/N.” 

Next thing you knew, his lips were on yours. So soft and tender, his hand pressed to your cheek. You felt like you were in heaven, your stomach was doing flips, your heart beating faster and faster. His soft fingertips running through your hair while his other hand was resting on exposed hip. The softness of his palm grabbing at your waist, pulling you closer. He pulled away, resting his forehead against yours, steady breaths coming from your mouths. You straddled his legs, so you could feel the closeness of him. Chest to chest, forehead to forehead, you wrapped your arms around his neck tugging at the back of his blue hair. 

“Are we really going to do this?” You smiled. 

“Only if you want to Y/N. I’m not going to pressure you.” You shushed him by placing your lips on his again. The kiss got heated, his tongue slipped into your mouth earning a small moan from you. His hand tugging at the hem of your shirt, you leaned back and tugged it over your head. His eyes gleaming as he scanned your exposed skin. 

“So beautiful.” He mumbled bringing his lips to your neck. Small little moans came from your mouth as you adjusted yourself and moved your hair out of the way. You tugged at his shirt and he pulled it off, chests pressed together, as he reattached his lips to yours. Sighing in content he patted your bum. 

“Wanna move this to the bed?” You giggled.  He laughed and you got up off his lap and stood up. You put your hand out and helped him up. The two of you walked to your bed and he laid you down hovering over you. 

Hands roaming each others bodies, exploring every inch. His hands at the top or your jeans, slowly peeling them off, the only thing covering you was panties and a bra. Michael was in black jeans but those were slowly thrown across the room. Your hands tugged at the back of his hairs earning small groans from him as his hands trailed up and along your sides-goosebumps covering your body from his touch. 

Groans and moans filled the room as your exposed bodies were lying on top of the bed. His mouth never leaving yours as he adjusts himself in front of you. The pain was unbearable, that was for sure, but it was replaced with pleasure when he slipped his tongue back into your mouth. Slow and steady was how it started out, just getting used to the feeling of him inside you. 

“I love you. I love you. I love you.” He repeated as he kissed your neck. Your fingers clawing at his back, biting his shoulder at every thrust. 

“Mi-Michael.” You panted. The unfamiliar knot in your stomach twisted. The pain and the pleasure filling your entire body. 

“Baby-” He began to get sloppier, his arms shaking by your head. Your climaxes hitting the peak as profanities and names filled the empty room. The smell of sex engulfed your nostrils, sweat beads covering both your foreheads. 

“I love you Y/N.” 

“I love you more Cliffy.”

THIS IS SHIT. But I don’t write smut. Well I’ve never tried. but here you go. 



after a lot of goofing around i finally got the screen cap i wanted

some bonus screen caps 

he really oes make the best faces haha

i hope no one pats you on the back  ever when you are making faces like that marineete

that is some MASTERFULLY flippy hair ok?? so flippy. 

anyway probs the most USEFUL screencap of Chat Noir ever….

you can see the details for EVERYTHING. what a useful drawing reference. so useful.