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Se uma amizade verdadeira já é difícil na vida de todos nós, para quem trabalha no entretenimento como ator, onde a competitividade é gigantesca, é ainda mais rara. Fiquei tão impressionada e feliz ao ver o “Bromance” de Dylan O'Brien e Tyler Posey quando os entrevistei em LA que achei importante celebrar a parceria das estrelas da série Teen Wolf. Um ótimo exemplo que é possível viver uma amizade no show business, e também para mostrar a todos nós como é importante ter um BFF na vida real. Imperdível conferir: http://www.hollywoodeaqui.com/obrosey-direto-de-teen-wolf/ Agradecimento especial as amadas do site Dylan O'Brien Brasil e Tyler Posey Brasil que escreveram esta matéria maravilhosa para nós!

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"So posey tweeted about TST but if I remember correctly, never about TMR, odd" I think he tweeted something about TMR coming out on DVD, but that was long after the movie came out lol. Kind of on topic: I am now starting to wonder if all the over the top Obrosey stuff is overcompensating for the big falling out Stiles and Scott are going to have this season (which I think might last longer than an episode, but who knows with this show).

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Another sciles/obrosey blog for me to follow :D and I see you've reblogged a few of my gifs I posted at fytwolf, so thank you :)

yay!! the more sciles + obrosey the better hehehe. and ofc it’s no problem :)

arooboohoo replied to your post “thinking rly intensely about sciles/obrosey porn situations rn and not…”

Omg that’s exactly how I ended up with this dumb blog in the first place

omg i first read that as ‘how i ended up on this dumb blog’ and i was like i’m SORRY I WISH I WERE MORE WORTHWHILE!!!! lol

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i’m sorry, i was with my friend!!!! i was just furiously writing it in my head while nodding along to whatever she was saying, super inapropro, not advised