Hello my fellow simblrs!

This is a bit early, but I couldn’t wait to finally release this! I am almost at 5000 followers, and I can’t even believe so many of you enjoy my cc. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and love over the last 2 and a half years of my life. I love you all!

Now on to the good stuff…

You get 46 recolors each:

dining table
dining chair
living chair
coffee table
end table
hallway table

You will need Bowling Night Stuff for these to show up in game.



Simlish food clutter - updated

Budgie2budgie & ohmysims have made some awesome simlish food clutter recolors for TS4 which I wanted so badly (+ a couple of other items) for my TS2 game so well here they are ^_^. The 8-3 studio objects are made into new standalone objects as I have re-sized most of them to my liking. You do not need the originals and if you already do they shouldn’t conflict.

The set includes 19 meshes + recolors

  • 8-3 simlish brunchbag
  • 8-3 simlish canned plant
  • 8-3 simlish cocoa
  • 8-3 simlish stacked cannedfood
  • 8-3 simlish syrup
  • 8-3 simlish peanutbutter
  • 8-3 simlish detergents
  • 8-3  simlish tea
  • simlish soda
  • simlish chocolatebox
  • simlish dairy carton
  • simlish box of chocolates
  • simlish flour
  • simlish foodboxes
  • simlish nutella
  • simlish pasta
  • simlish pads
  • simlish sugar
  • simlish tea

Credit: Budgie2budgie. Ohmysims, 8-3 studio. pilar, you-lust, la desire, puresims, simista, Iberika, sg5150, my sims world.

[download] updated nutella 4/4

The Zodiac Signs as Objects

Aries: Boombox

Taurus: Bed

Gemini: Dances

Cancer: Paint

Leo: Glitter

Virgo: Tile floors

Libra: Moisturizer/lotion

Scorpio: Knife

Sagittarius: Basketball

Capricorn: Briefcase

Aquarius: Windchime

Pisces: Washing machine