• Straight people:Natasha Negovanlis is beautiful.
  • Gay people:Natasha Negovanlis is beautiful.
  • Bisexuals:Natasha Negovanlis is beautiful.
  • Everyone:Natasha Negovanlis is beautiful.
  • Obama:Natasha Negovanlis is beautiful.
  • Aliens:Natasha Negovanlis is beautiful.
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celebrity sun, moon, and rising masterpost
  • aries:☼ matty healy, kristen stewart, emma watson || ☾edgar allen poe, angelina jolie, rihanna, calum hood ||↑calum hood, kourtney kardashian, shakira
  • taurus:☼ melanie martinez, patrick stump, sam smith, audrey hepburn || ☾elton john, chris brown, prince, pitbull ||↑lana del rey, miley cyrus, mariah carey
  • gemini:☼ lana del rey, johnny depp, kanye west, angelina jolie || ☾andy warhol, barack obama, bridgette bardot, ashton irwin ||↑louis tomlinson, rihanna, lady gaga, amy winehouse
  • cancer:☼ luke hemmings, ashton irwin, khloé kardashian || ☾kurt cobain, taylor swift, drake, courtney love, luke hemmings ||↑angelina jolie, cher, ben affleck
  • leo:☼ jennifer lawrence, cara delevingne, daniel radcliffe || ☾louis tomlinson, niall horan, paris hilton, david bowie, lana del rey ||↑beyoncé, marilyn monroe, taylor swift, donald trump
  • virgo:☼ beyoncé, niall horan, zendaya, liam payne, amy winehouse || ☾nicki minaj, zayn malik, madonna, JFK ||↑ariana grande, emma watson, uma thurman, kurt cobain
  • libra:☼ marina & the diamonds, halsey, kim kardashian || ☾harry styles, sylvia plath, michael clifford||↑harry styles, niall horan, britney spears, katy perry
  • scorpio:☼ lorde, michael clifford, drake || ☾scarlett johansson, beyoncé, lady gaga, miley cyrus ||↑liam payne, luke hemmings, megan fox, johnny depp
  • sagittarius:☼ nicki minaj, scarlett johansson, taylor swift || ☾albert einstein, emma watson, van gogh, picasso ||↑kim kardashian, oprah, mila kunis, paris hilton
  • capricorn:☼ alex turner, louis tomlinson, fka twigs || ☾johnny depp, amy winehouse, cher, tim burton ||↑lorde, zooey deschanel, joe jonas, chuck norris
  • aquarius:☼ harry styles, evan peters, calum hood || ☾liam payne, marilyn monroe, britney spears, eminem ||↑michael clifford, ashton irwin, nicki minaj, jennifer lawrence
  • pisces:☼ rihanna, kurt cobain, kesha || ☾da vinci, kanye west, audrey hepburn, kesha ||↑amanda bynes, ringo starr, gwyneth paltrow, demi moore

The question of precisely which segments of the Republican base are responsible for insurgent candidate Donald Trump’s dominance in the polls has been answered, and the answer isn’t pretty — but it’s really not surprising.

By a significant majority, Trump’s supporters consist of the relatives you’ve been forced to block on Facebook because you’d finally seen enough pictures of President Barack Obama’s face superimposed onto the body of a chimpanzee or suicide bomber. Public Policy Polling’s latest national poll found that 66 percent of Trump’s supporters believe Obama is a Muslim, compared to only 12 percent who believe he’s Christian. (How soon they forget Jeremiah Wright!)

Sixty-one percent of Trump supporters aren’t convinced that the president was born in the United States…

Donald Trump’s Mountainous History Of Disrespect For Native Americans
Considering his record with tribes, it's not surprising that Trump said he'd change Denali's name back to Mount McKinley.

It was a show of respect to Native Americans when President Obama on Sunday restored the name of the nation’s tallest mountain, formerly called Mount McKinley, to Denali. So it makes a lot of sense that presidential candidate Donald Trump didn’t like it.

Trump has a shaky relation with Native Americans

The global climate negotiations scheduled to take place at the end of this year in Paris are not a time for empty rhetoric or half-hearted commitments to cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions, President Obama reminded the world Monday evening. On the contrary, he stressed, “This year, in Paris, has to be the year that the world finally reached an agreement to protect the one planet that we’ve got — while we still can.”

Speaking at a meeting of Arctic Circle nations in Anchorage, Alaska, Obama outlined the science behind his urgent call for climate action, and stressed that failure, this time, is not an option. “On this issue, of all issues, there is such a thing as being too late,” he said. “That moment is almost upon us.”

The president reminded the world that Paris is our last, best hope for preventing climate catastrophe

Let’s be real: Kim Davis doesn’t give a crap about the “sanctity of marriage.” She’s on her fourth husband, for crying out loud. This is about money: She saw how much cash the Indiana cafe owners and Darren Wilson made and she wants in on that sweet, sweet bigot cash. And, of course, the Fox News-watching sheep will fall for it and donate to her IndieGogo account. Because, you know, they’re even dumber than she is. Which is quite the accomplishment, actually.

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President Obama Calls For Faster Action To Curb Arctic Warming And Climate Change
"The time to heed the critics and the cynics and the deniers is past," Obama said. "Those who want to ignore the science, they are increasingly alone. They’re on their own shrinking island.”

ANCHORAGE, AK — President Obama arrived in Anchorage, Alaska Monday evening to start a three-day sojourn around the state dedicated to spotlighting the disruptive, and in some cases devastating, effects of climate change in Alaska and the Arctic. President Obama opened his visit with a forceful speech at a climate conference hosted by Secretary of State John Kerry for foreign ministers and other luminaries from 20 countries and the European Union, including members of the U.S. Congress, Native leaders, mayors, and experts.

anonymous asked:

Should Obama have gotten congressional approval for the McKinley-Denali name change

No. When it comes to place names, the agency responsible for them – the United States Board on Geographic Names is part of the Interior Department and answers to the President. For the most part, they let Congress have its way on naming places, but it’s ultimately a power that belongs to the Executive Branch.

This is really a ridiculous “controversy”. It’s basically only Ohio that is outraged by the name change; Alaskans – Democrats and Republicans – have been asking that the federal government officially restore the “Denali” name for decades. Like I said yesterday, this is one of the most blatant examples of cultural appropriation that you will ever find. It’s also one of the dumbest – it’s not like the mountain has been named after McKinley for hundreds of years; it was officially named “Mount McKinley” less than a hundred years ago! Also, THE MOUNTAIN ISN’T IN OHIO.

Republicans are pitching a conniption this week over an Obama administration decision that should’ve otherwise passed through the news cycle mostly without comment. This latest manifestation of the GOP’s virulent Obama Derangement Syndrome was spurred by the official re-renaming of Alaska’s Mt. McKinley, the tallest peak in the United States, and the centerpiece of one of the most majestic National Parks in the country.

The White House announced on Monday that the Department of the Interior will restore the name of the mountain back to its original designation as “Denali,” the Athabascan word for “the great one.” Predictably, this is a total atrocity according to both conservative Twitter and the GOP at large.

Trump was the highest profile critic of the Obama administration decision to restore a mountain’s original name

Trip To Alaska (Preview) | GLACIER Conference 2015 whitehouse

In ‘Obama just explained what a gigaton is. Here’s why that’s a big deal.’ (via the WashPost), the President’s rhetoric and use of scientific vocabulary is complimented and remarked to be an important aspect of the climate change conversation rarely being had amongst politicians. 

And rightfully so. It should be pointed out that Obama spoke “nerdy” to the crowd, considering our entire society is founded upon science, technology, and the research which enables it. The reason it’s easy for the American public to side or to have supported the Conservative Right Wing Republican Party for so long is due entirely to scientific illiteracy on both sides: the citizens who voted these legislators in, and the legislators themselves who are able to operate and exist on a stage where opinions are lobbied far more than scientific evidence, which is tossed out as an ad lib rather than an essential part of the decisions made for the future of our entire human society. 

So yes, Obama using scientific terminology is great, but why it’s great is because the only people who actually communicate science accurately are the climate scientists who are steeped in the research and understand what’s at stake if action is delayed and priorities are not reassigned. All of those scientists are not placed in front of the public, are visible on video blogs, podcasts, TED Talks, or talk shows, so the public doesn’t know who they are, what they do, how that even produces credible evidence at all, and why they should care, because conspiracy theories, big government and mad science, right? The sad realization is that most of the public doesn’t understand science because science is hard and misperceived as being out of their capability of understanding. Which is why Obama using “technical terms” is a good thing because he’s “not a scientist” as the GOP would say, and that makes him an “everymanperson” of sorts. 

From the article:

One of the key problems with a changing climate is that it is so big that humans have a very hard time comprehending it. The dynamics of ocean circulations, ice sheets, jet streams, boreal forests — what they all have in common is a scale that is hard to grasp.

Indeed, even Alaska isn’t all that big when it comes right down to it. At one point in his speech, Obama implicitly noted as much in remarking upon the state’s dramatic wildfire season this year:

More than 5 million acres in Alaska have already been scorched by fire this year — that’s an area about the size of Massachusetts.  If you add the fires across Canada and Siberia, we’re talking 300 [30] million acres -– an area about the size of New York.

Some people, facing problems at this scale, throw up their hands and insist that humans can’t affect systems this big — even though there are billions of us, too. These critics are wrong, but you can certainly understand the impulse — and also, perhaps, how such gigantic changes can trigger a response resembling denial.

But there is another, much harder route — actually striving to wrap your mind around what it all means, with the help of an analogy now and again, and a heck of a lot of conversations with scientists.

That’s what Obama is now doing, even as, at the same time, he grows more and more vocal. And maybe these two things aren’t unrelated. Once you start thinking in terms of gigatons and feedbacks — like scientists do — it is hard to go back.

Hopefully everyone else catches the curiosity bug, because ignorance and scientific illiteracy are figuratively and literally the quicksand keeping us from collectively moving forward. Keep in mind that the reference article from WashPost does not refer to Obama’s language as “strategy” but a new form of political debate: knowledge of subject by understanding what data means, not just aimlessly tossing out phrases like “the facts” and “hard data”, or “what they say”, but actually taking the time to put yourself to school on the subject so that informed decisions can be made that do not run in contradiction to the physical laws of nature.