A Treatise On Old Walker Psychology

Hello everyone. It’s @the-foxwolf. Today I’m going to talk about a subject that’s very important to me. As a psychology major, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Magic’s characters. Over time, I have noticed a trend among Magic’s fandom: People criticize the Old Walkers who survived The Mending without considering their point of view first.

I’ve talked a lot about this subject and I feel it’s time I make an actual article about it. This one is very near and dear to me, so please spread it. Honestly, I think this article is something the Magic fandom as a whole needs to read. Forgive me if that sounds lofty or conceited of me, but I feel like we need to take a breath and think about the people we have fun talking and blogging about. 

This is a long article. Deep and thorough. Please spread the love. I think we could all use a read through.

Gather `Round. It’s Story Telling Time!

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clone club + tony sawicki iii.

― Tony brings home a raggedy-looking, one-eyed, scrawny old cat one day and nothing Felix says can make him get rid of it. ‘Princess’ is Tony’s little shadow when he’s home - most people she ignores and hides from in the many places Felix’s loft offers. but she’ll sit on Tony’s lap, purring away like a rusty chainsaw whenever he pets her. he buys her a little pink spike-studded collar and lets her sleep on his side of the bed (at least until Felix realizes and shoves her off).

― Tony likes baths, which no one understands.

― his gym buddy is Krystal. they start sparring together and Tony’s pretty sure Krystal’s going to give him a black eye one day or pin him to the mat – she’s scary-good and pretty tough to win over when she gets going, and they both always get a good workout together because Tony doesn’t have to pull punches with her. they hang out afterwards, hydrating and discussing what they’ll work on the following day.

― post-surgery is a time for creation. Felix designs a giant, sprawling old-school-style chest piece for him because Tony loves tats, and Cosima’s the one who goes with him over several appointments to have it done. it’s just coincidental that is covers his surgery scars, but it is pretty cool to go to the beach and one hundred percent, no doubt about it, pass. he also shaves most of his head and goes for the manbun look.

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Du weißt anscheinend nicht was eine Schlampe ist. Aber soll ich dir mal was sagen? Ich hab mich bis vor kurzem jahrelang als Schlampe gesehen, weil ich dachte ich wäre an einer Sache schuld, für die ich nichts konnte. Ich hab mir jeden Tag Vorwürfe gemacht und und bin an Schuldgefühlen fast zerbrochen. Und selbst heute plagen mich diese Gedanken noch öfters. Aber auf die Worte von Menschen wie dir, gebe ich nichts. Du kennst mich nicht, du hast keine Ahnung wer ich bin, was ich durchgemacht habe und vorallem kannst du nicht beurteilen, ob ich eine Schlampe bin.

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Tony - N?

N. The color green.

Living in a city - any city, and Cincinnati is no exception - means giving up open space and greenery; the road to Toronto is so green, even on the cusp of winter.

It’s more than cornfields and discarded cigarettes; it’s the promise of a future and change and… something (a family? answers? vengeance?)

“Beth Childs,” he mutters to himself, tapping the steering wheel absently in time with the nonsense on the radio, “I can’t believe I’m hunting down a cop…”

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