Sanji’s reaction to Nami and Pudding as brides

Okay, many people are a bit upset or disappointed with Sanji’s behavior in chapter 861, but I’d like to point out some differences regarding the way Sanji reacted today’s chapter and how he reacted after seeing Nami wearing a wedding dress in chapter 463.

In Thriller Bark, Sanji never made any pervert face or had any heart eyes. Sanji was treating Nami as someone pure, like he said “that pure white fits Nami-san, just like rice!” Sanji called Nami a goddess, a heavenly nymph and even considered the possibility of her being an angel - it’s like a divine motif:

You see Sanji acting like a dork (more like an adorable one). He isn’t lusting over her. It’s different from the way he acted when he saw Hancock, Shirahoshi, Pudding’s picture… with all those heart popping out of his skull, which makes him look like a cartoon character. The rest of the confront against Absalom, Sanji would have a serious expression towards Nami as he was there to protect Nami at all costs.

In short, Sanji was acting like he was before a deity. He said she was pure, he couldn’t soil her dress with his blood. That perhaps explains why Sanji couldn’t bring himself to have lustful thoughts over Nami during that event. This is different from the other time he called her a goddess in Zou.

Now, seeing Sanji with Pudding, we can see that he is nothing but a pervert, as evidenced by his face, with large nostrils, he is consumed by impure thoughts:

It’s no surprise, since Sanji wa always like that. But I’d rather have him acting seriously in a moment like this. In his defense, however, this is how Sanji was behaving before Pudding tried to seduce him:

Sanji was acting normal. Just making conversation and wasn’t fawning over her. 

Pudding was the one actually trying to seduce him, which explains Sanji having a hard time controlling himself:

The teary eyes, the blushed face and innocent expression… she is a snake. Sanji knows it, but he is struggling. As a man, I can understand that (Oda understands too), he is sexually attracted to her, the body wants something, the mind knows it’s wrong. Not all men are equal, but Sanji is one of those who have a really difficult time resisting to a beautiful women being really suggestive:

Sanji was trying to keep his composure (although already aroused), even tried to say that she didn’t have to kiss him, but Pudding makes that face (innocent horny), making allusion to the “big event” that awaits newlyweds after the ceremony (”Kiss me on the mouth, silly. We’re going to be husband and wife, aren’t we?”). She was teasing him with sex, atlhough very subtle.

So, Sanji didn’t want this, he wasn’t having any admiration for bride Pudding before she started to throw herself on him with all those faces and cuteness. Now apparently, he is consumed by impure thoughts… women was always his weakness. However, I don’t think that Sanji lost the sight of the plan (like when he was struggling with Kalifa), if anything, that will make him being more convincing and unsuspected.

In other hand, Nami didn’t have to do anything to make Sanji feel like he was seeing something divine. That’s the difference.

We could say that bride Pudding is bringing the worst of Sanji (mundane sins), while bride Nami was bringing his best behavior towards women (divine contemplation).

anonymous asked:

You can adopt spirits?? Why would you want to and how does it even work? Sorry if that sounded rude; I didn't mean to. I'm just fascinated

I got you! 

About 99% of the time, the spirits who join me in my astral space do so just because they showed up and wanted to stay. (And agreed to the house rules.) For example, a local tree spirit/nymph liked me so much she just decided to stick around and hang out with me. She’s now one of my companions! (Adele, if you’re looking at my spirit family list.) 

But recently I’ve begun adopting spirits. I don’t buy them from stores, as I worry about the ethics of most of those places. (Also I like have no money lol.) Spirits aren’t something to collect to show off. They’re not like pets, either. They’re beings with their own wants and needs and thoughts and ideas. 

@faeryofblackstone / @faerys-spirit-adoptions is an awesome person who has a refuge for any injured or hurt spirits. (I’ve actually taken to forming my own refuge to help her out since it’s pretty full! Although none of the ones in my refuge are ready for adoption yet.) I adopted a set of twins from her refuge, and they’ve settled in quite nicely!

I love adopting spirits. It’s a lot like adopting a family. A lot of times they just really need a good home to stay and feel safe. Sometimes they need someone who can teach them magic or stuff about the human world. Sometimes they’re looking for someone who they can mentor. Each need is different. But I’ve loved adding to my spirit family. They’re all total darlings. I fully plan on adopting more once the twins are feeling more settled and my astral form is not well, almost dying, heh. It’s like having a bunch of friends and family around you whenever you want/need. Since I’m clairaudient and clairsentient, I can pretty much sense and hear them almost any time, and I can tell the difference between their voices. My clairvoyance is getting better, so I can even start to get pictures of who’s talking to me and what they look like. 

As for the actual adoption process, it’s fairly simple imo. In some cases, a spirit can be bound to an object and delivered through that. That’s the case with a lot of spirit shops: a spirit is bound to an object and you buy that object and therefore the spirit belongs to you. Some spirits don’t mind this, but some spirits hate being bound. It can be done against their will, which usually deals a lot of damage to the spirit and causes mistrust. That’s not to say that all bindings are bad. If they’re done ethically, it can be fine. None of my spirit family particularly enjoys being bound, although I do have one that has a specific vessel to go with if she so desires, but it’s 100% up to her. (Blueberry: damn right it is. I like my vessel, but I asked for it, and I don’t always go in the vessel. It’s usually only when I want to physically go with Petra and ask them to take my vessel along that I use it.)

With adoptions from the refuge, spirits that choose not to be bound (like mine) are delivered by some of Boo’s companions. I feel them at the edge of my astral space and let them in. Introductions are made, and everyone understands the nature of the agreement. My companions are personally allowed to come and go as they please, although I’ve found that most of mine just like hanging out in the various astral places I have set up. We watch cartoons together, play video games, and sometimes they help me out with the refuge. 

I honestly didn’t start my path with the intention of adopting spirits. It just sort of…happened. I ran into a spirit who decided they wanted to stay. I’ve had some spirits who have asked to stay, but refused to agree with my house rules. (Like not lying about their identity, not hurting anyone in my household including pets or in my spirit family, etc.) If they refuse, I politely ask them to leave. Usually they do. 

Spirit companionship can be tricky, and it does require a lot of energy and at least some form of being able to communicate with spirits. It’s a lot like making friends. You’ve gotta communicate and pay attention to them or they feel hurt/neglected and it’s not a healthy relationship. It takes time and practice. I wouldn’t even say I’m an expert at it yet. I still have a lot to learn. 

I hope I answered your question, anon, and if you have any others, feel free to send them my way!

🌿✨ fairy witch aesthetic ✨🌿

• Would rather be living in a garden
• LOVES the feel of soft grass on bare feet
• Has way too many quartz crystals
• Favors tiny treats above large meals
• Speaks very softly and not too often, but has a lot to say