fairy-like habits & self care tips ❀

❀ wander around barefoot, especially in the grass (please be cautious though!)

❀ sip some tea and admire little details about your surroundings – i promise you there’s always something to enjoy even when it doesn’t seem like it

❀ take a shower and sing out loud until all your bad thoughts flutter away

❀ blow dandelion seeds

❀  go for a long walk and collect things that fascinate you along the way, whether it be an old coin, feathers, flowers or lost trinkets. start a collection.

❀ sit in your natural state, learn to love your naked body with no make-up, nail polish, and your hair down.

❀ smile at yourself in the mirror

❀ play some instrumental or classical music (suggestion: yayo instrumental by lana del rey, it’s magical)

❀ sprinkle a little glitter in your hair, in a bath, or in dull areas of your room

❀ doodle things a fairy would see in their day to day lives, berries, flowers, leaves, creatures, butterflies, etc

❀ spend time with an animal friend, have a conversation with them

❀ wear your favourite dress casually, don’t be afraid to leave the house in it

❀ wear flowers in your hair around the house

❀ coat your lips in honey

❀ buy plenty of fresh fruit (especially berries) and enjoy

➳ i hope this inspires you to take care of yourself. requests on habits & tips (or more) are greatly appreciated!

Types of girls: magical creature edition

Mermaid girls: wavy hair, sea shells everywhere, wants to/lives by the sea, always happy, moon child, loves to explore creeks & lakes

Elf girls: blushes all the time, loves mushrooms, collects crystals, obsessed w/ their record player, adventures in the forest alone to take photos

Fairy girls: quiet, wears very pink shimmery highlighters, has tiny random braids in hair, sweetest creature, always wears a dress, sews lace on everything

Nymph girls: loves playing by creeks, eats cherries all the time, tons of gold jewelry, only listens to lana, acts like an angel, tangling long hair, writes in her diary

the nymph aesthetic
  • covering smiles behind fingers
  • singing softly and prettily
  • silky clothing draped gently over skin
  • reading poetry in nature
  • hair woven with wildflowers
  • laughing in situations you shouldn’t
  • hooded eyes and long lashes
  • skin that is soft to the touch 
  • flirty laughs and gentle touches
  • holding flowers in cupped hands
  • stepping bare feet into clear water
  • eyes glazed because a part of you is far away, swept up in stories and dreams and worlds that no-one else could understand