Supercorp mermaid AU! Where Kara is the last mermaid after her mother’s failed spell killed all the others, and Lena is a princess who isn’t recognized for her brilliance, due to her parents preferring her brother Prince Lex.

This idea has no relation to my desire to hear Melissa Benoist sing part of your world

by the nape of my neck

part one of the by the nape of my neck/the pulse in your wrist series

otayuri week: day seven - soulmates

rated t - countdown soulmates - missed connections - angst w/ happy ending - read on ao3

Everyone has a counter that ticks down the hours until you first meet your Destined; your soul mate. Yuri Plisetsky has been actively ignoring his timer for the last eight years. That is, until it’s dwindled down to zero behind his back, and he has no idea how or when he met his Destined in the bustle of St Petersburg