Tackling The NWO/Jewish Banking Conspiracy From a Leftist Perspective

Original Editorial by Nova

The NWO conspiracy theories, recently dragged into the spotlight by the likes of Donald Trump among others, come from an ignorant and inaccurate understanding of history that benefits the rule of the rulers and the poverty and persecution of the working class, Jewish and gentile alike.

The Jewish diaspora in Europe has arguably been the most persecuted population on Earth for two millennia and with this considered it is incredible that they are still living and thriving as an international community.

But it’s the history of reaction to that anti-semitism which, not very ironically, fuels the most common anti-semitic narrative in the modern day.

You see, the original justification for anti-semitism is the death of Jesus Christ. If you’re familiar with the story of the “Passion of the Christ” a.k.a ‘Good Friday,’ there is the common element of “a Jewish mob rioting to have Jesus executed”.

This two thousand-year-old propaganda originates from the Roman Empire.

In reality, if the Jewish people in Roman-occupied Judea wanted Jesus dead they’d’ve just stoned him to death for heresy. Crucifixion, on the other hand, was a Roman execution. With this considered all signs point to the Empire executing him for inciting rebellion, however as soon as this idea became embarrassing, blame was shifted onto the Jewish people.

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This is where we get to the basis of why anti-semitism exists. In around 66 AD Judea rose up against the Romans, but the revolt was put down. With this the Jewish people were exiled and the long diaspora began.

Anti-semitism was a Roman reaction to resistance from the Jewish people and their continued “rabble-rousing” as a displaced people within the Empire. What started as a practical tool for  maintaining social order became an ideological necessity once the Christian religion was adopted and adapted by the Empire.

This narrative was utilized further by the Catholic Church, who saw the Jewish people as being outside their governance.

What this lead to was a large community of people spread over a large distance who maintained international ties for their own safety, due to the hostile institutions of the countries they lived in. Jewish people that lived during this time had all the reason to not only engage in merchantry, as it was an advantage to never settle anywhere long, but to pick up skilled labor, since a trade can be practiced anywhere and does not tie you to the land like farming does. It is easy to seize land from a family, but not knowledge or skills.

An example of a skilled trade, made easier by the Jewish community’s access to Arabic numbers, was mathematics and therefore accounting. Here it can be seen how cruel the “Jewish gold” stereotype really is.Traditionally wealth was seen in relation to land and its harvest/uses. Jewish people were systematically barred from this wealth. It would be to the great advantage of Jewish families to have a form of wealth that could be hidden or traveled within such harsh circumstances.

Then a new element arises: Christians begin to take part in the large scale military campaigns known as the Crusades, and thus find themselves in need of finance.

The problem? Christians view usury (loaning money with interest) as a sin.

But being merchants and tradespeople, the Jewish community had access to finance and the skills to manage it, in a way most others didn’t.

It’s from the dynamic of European leaders seeking finance and the Jewish community being the only group capable of providing it that many prominent Jewish financiers have their origins, the Rothschilds being a favorite among those that ascribe to anti-semitic conspiracy theories.

This is where nuance is important. In the same way only certain European Christians profited from feudalism, only certain Jewish families and individuals profited from the new mercantile finance system. Prominent Jewish financiers did not represent the reality experienced by most Jewish people in the Medieval era and similarly do not today.

In fact, the Lord’s quickly found that the best way to avoid the repaying of debts was to whip up anti-semitism and drive the Jewish community out or slaughter them in Pogroms. This served to end their creditor’s ability to collect the debts and allowed for the expropriation of Jewish wealth into the State– a tactic that finds a modern advocate in Fascism and Nazism and that has been adapted for use against the African diaspora, especially in the USA.

It should be noted too, that the Catholic Church was hasty to change policy to make “investment” different from usury in order to allow themselves and other Christian organizations, such as the Knights Templar and Medici family, to take advantage of the new financial industry.

Over time, the rise of professional armies meant that ever greater level of finance was necessary, which lead to the State bonds market.

The international nature of the Jewish community, a result of over a thousand years of persecution, was at this point a part of the process by which Capital became internationalized. The Rothschild houses in five major countries started offering State bonds from other countries so that English capitalists could buy German bonds and so on.

This however was the result of the normal systems of demand under Capitalism and it would be ahistorical to suggest this to be the product of conspiracy to control nations. It was immensely profitable and a popular idea amongst their class to internationalize capital, which naturally ensured the stability of State finance. Because of historical circumstances the Rothschilds were in the best position to carry out this task.

Once again, they were not the sole Capitalists of their age, nor do their experiences as a prominent Capitalist family reflect the average existence of the Jewish proletarian.

But as the fervor of Christian anti-semitism waned, a new narrative was needed for those who continued to raid the Jewish community for wealth under pogroms and holocausts. Thus they bastardized Socialist ideas of the working class and capitalist class to shift it toward a racist, ethnocentric, and xenophobic narrative of a ruling “Jewish Banker class” with the exploited and deceived “Noble Aryan race”.

This is what is meant by “National Socialism”. A horrid twist on the ideas of Socialist working class advocacy mated with the features of Ultra-Nationalism.

And  inevitably it comes out of the mouths of those like Trump and Putin. Just another example of members of the ruling class looking for a scapegoat and an opportunity to divide, rule, and use the working class to raid their competitors and advance their personal interests.

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