the 5h fans need to chill out…yall ready to slit throats over a fan voted award and for what? yall are so fucking ruthless and have no knowledge of how rude you’re being to someone who doesn’t deserve it. okay are yall gonna keep using the same insults over again? ashton cuts, he doesn’t have a father, michael is ugly? it’s getting old. and it’s not cute. bullying is not funny i don’t care how mad you are but if you have the audacity to make suicide and cutting and fat jokes about people who you don’t know and don’t know you even exist just please delete yourself goodbye


Character Aesthetics : A l e x a n d e r (Alec) L i g h t w o o d 

“I always thought I was happy being the dark star to your supernova” & “Not the flawless one, I’ve never been” ~ Lyrics from Tove Lo’s Moments (via alexanderlightwods wonderful playlist x)


Magnus Bane Trash Network: Team Immortal

Challenge 2: Favourite Friendship

Ragnor Fell, Catarina Loss and Magnus Bane

Magnus tried to escape several times, and had to be forcibly restrained. Later Catarina and Ragnor liked to act out the time he tried to take the guinea pigs with him, reportedly shouting “Freedom!” and “I am your leader now”.

- What really happened in Peru, The Bane Chronicles

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Magnus Bane Trash Network- Team Immortal

Challenge #2-  Favourite Magnus Bane’s Friendships - Magnus Bane and Ragnor Fell

“Oh, I am positively green with envy,” Ragnor snapped.
“Come now, Ragnor. That’s not fair,” said Magnus. “You know I love it when you make jokes about your complexion.”