Chip Foose’s 1956 Ford F-100 pick up.  Originally his father’s shop truck it went through a complete transformation in 2005.  Every body panel on the truck has been modified and the list of changes made by Chip’s crew is endless.  There isn’t a better looking F-100 on the planet.  SEMA Show, Las Vegas, NV.

im really disappointed with fallout 4 altogether. even the add-ons are just, sloppy, too heavily outpost related or both.
1.) the game itself is just, disappointing. it didnt keep my attention like 3 or NV. weapons are either extremely under powered or extremely overpowered. the power armor had some good added features and badly added features causing people to just not fuck with it at all.
2.) the mechanist was a lazily thrown together short throw back to 3.
3.) far harbor was a boring attempt at another point lookout, again, added way overpowered and away underpowered weapons.
4.) nuka world was pretty much, “be a piece of shit or this is gonna be a hella short dlc.” adding in the ak was literally the only upside. another dlc that heavily revolved around settlements.
5.) the rest are settlement dlcs and one mod dlc.

4 didnt have the depth of 3 and it didnt have the variety of story and shit to do as NV did.