— Eu amo ela, ela me ama. Mas não podemos ficarmos juntos.
— Claro que não podem, Thomás. Ela é louca.
— Ela não é louca! É apenas uma garota.
— (risos) Oras! Por isso mesmo. Garotas são loucas.
—  Contos para não serem lidos. 

You’re walking in Zion.
There’s no one around,
And your pip-boy is dead.
Out of the corner of your eye you spot him,
Joshua Graham.

He’s following you
About 30 feet back.
He gets down on all fours and breaks into a sprint.
He’s gaining on you.
Joshua Graham.

You’re looking for your caravan,
But you’re all turned around.
He’s almost upon you now
And you can see there’s bandages on his face!
My god, there’s bandages everywhere!

Running for your life
(From Joshua Graham.)
He’s brandishing a .45.
(It’s Joshua Graham.)
Lurking in the shadows
Former Legate Joshua Graham.
Living in a cave,
(Joshua Graham.)
Killing for sport,
(Joshua Graham.)
Converting all the tribals
Actual, Mormon Joshua Graham.

Now it’s dark and you seem to have lost him,
But you’re hopelessly lost yourself.
Stranded with a Mormon,
You creep silently through the underbrush.
A-ha! In the distance,
A small cave with a fire.
You move stealthily toward it,
But your leg! AH! It’s caught in a bear trap!

Gnawing off your leg,
(Quiet, quiet.)
Limping toward the cave,
(Quiet, quiet.)
Now you’re by the entrance,
Sitting inside, Joshua Graham.
Reloading pistols,
(Joshua Graham.)
But he doesn’t hear you enter,
(Joshua Graham.)
You’re sneaking up behind him.
Strangling Mormon Joshua Graham.
Fighting for your life with Joshua Graham,
Wrestling a .45 from Joshua Graham,
Shoot him in his kidney.
Safe at last from Joshua Graham.

You limp into the dark canyon,
Blood oozing from your stump leg.
But you have won.
You have beaten Joshua Graham.

Os seus sentimentos serão a sua ruína, garota! Isso aqui é a vida real, isso não é um sonho e você precisa acordar. Agora!
—  Contos para não serem lidos.
I really want to get a somewhat accurate head count of the number of Welcome to Night Vale fans on tumblr

Inspired by a recent post made another tumblr poster for Hetalia I thought I’d start one for WTNV.  So if you like WTNV then reblog or like one or the other but not both.   Sorry if someone has already done this.