ppl are here making lifelong friendships and finding gfs and im just sitting on a lawn chair in a corner eating chips drinking agua de jamaica occasionally nodding at my mutuals

girls/girls/boys panic! at the disco rainbow hearts in Las Vegas NV lockscreen

drbread  asked:

so my hypothesis is that calling the player character "lone wanderer" in fo3 was actually an unconscious commentary on the game's content; all there is to do in the game was wander around not interacting with NPC in any way besides via guns

lmao that definitely feels like an accurate analysis. i mean, i always found fallout 3 to be one of the loneliest-feeling games on earth. which made fallout: new vegas almost jarring at first because it was like.. people talking to me? interacting with my character? amazing 

i’m so sick of fiddling with this steam copy of new vegas im just re-pirating it. I’ve owned NV for ages but on my other comp I used a pirated version for the same reason and I thought I’d fiddle with steam to get it to work this time but. its too much i just want this ENB to runnnn

The Fallout Series

Fallout- “Help, we need water!”

Fallout 2- “Help we need plants!”

Fallout 3- “Have you seen my dad?”

Fallout: New Vegas- You’re the immortal mailman, you get shot in the face by Chandler from “Friends”, go kill him

Fallout 4- That video of the “Heavy Rain” glitch where the guy yells “SHAAAAAUUUNN” for 20 minutes straight

the idea that latinx parents are automatically homophobic/transphobic for being latinx and should be portrayed like that in fiction to be “”“realistic”“” is disgusting lmao

  • me: *loves the mystery surrounding the friendly desert community of night vale deeply and truly and will defend it to the grave*
  • also me for the past six years: but? what HAPPENED here??? what is going oN. how come it's so hard to leave night vale. why does cecil exist across multiple time lines. how does mortality work there. also ! ¿ what the fuck ¿ ?