Sho Sakurai was mentioned in a tv show in South Korea,for his work as newscaster on News ZERO on Nihon TV. He is an idol who also works as newscaster since 2006. He has graduated from Keio University in 2004. He has been olympics games news caster for 2008,2010,2012,2014,2016 olympics. He also has become main caster for NTV during public governmental election. He takes the newscaster job very seriously. Kudos to this korean show to mention him :)

P.S : I saw someone said this show’s name is “Non summit”. If there’s any of you know the date of the show/episode number of this show, please inform me ^_^


(Live) Perfume - FLASH (NTV Best Artist 2016.11.29)

Including talk segment.

Aiba’s schedule/tv appearance/etc starting in April

Mon: Drama “Kizoku Tantei” (FujiTV)
Tue: Gutto Sports (NHK)
Wed: -
Thu: VS Arashi (FujiTV)
Fri: Recomen Arashi Remix (radio)
Sat: Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen (NTV)
        Arashi ni Shiyagare (NTV)
Sun: Aiba Manabu (TV Asahi)
         Ichigen-san (TV Tokyo)

Wow, sugoi na~!
The only missing is Wednesday and from TBS station lol 😁😁

NEWS will appear in a new show NEWS no NEWS ni Naranai NEWS, to be aired 2017.02. Actually rather than a talk show, they will be acting in mini-dramas and delivering news at the same time. Sadly, they are all acting in different mini-stories. For example, Tegoshi’s story focuses on a new selfie app and it’s a romantic story about two employees, while Massu will act as a detective investigating a murder case. The description also promises a lot of miracles in the end.

16.12.10 Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen - Aiba Masaki

Aiba-san brought a mobile zoo of around 120 animals to a primary school in Iino, Kumamoto. 

Iino was the center of Kumamoto earthquake, many houses were destroyed, temporary houses were built near the destroyed ones, many kids live in these these temporary houses, watching their original houses, destroyed, everyday. The teacher in the school said that some kids do not even dare to go to toilets alone now because of the earthquake. Many pets are not taken care of.

Masaki.com in this episode was obstacle race, a system aiming to make the kids and animals have fun together. Aiba-san was tender to watch over the kid during race to make sure the kid wouldn’t fall (picture on bottom left).

Light decoration was made in the gymnasium, Aiba-san dressed as Santa Claus, Christmas gifts were given to the kids.

I haven’t posted any Hey! Say! Jump news in tumblr in a while, I usually do it in our twitter these days. 

*drum rolls*

Mark your calendars February 15, 2017 will be an awesome day!

Hey! Say! Jump will be announcing a surprise news in NHK Premium Live 8PM JST

Hey! Say! Jump “Tokubetsu Bangumi / Special Program” in NTV  filming with live audience on Feb. 15 - Sorry no air date yet

There’s not a lot of details yet, exciting times for any Hey! Say! Jump fans! on the 15th its also Itadaki High Jump & Little Tokyo Life, We just might see Jump all day on TV.