How to spot your new Otp - NSN/SNS

1.) Their first scene together is unforgettable
Jealously and the kiss (omg the kiss😍😂).

2.) They work great as a team and they support each other
Does this one even need explaining I mean come on, I could write a whole other post about this one.

3.) They protect each other at all costs
Sasuke and Naruto started this in the first arc and continued it throughout the whole series. I could also write a whole other post on this one.

4.) There’s a height difference.
Sasuke is taller than Naruto slightly (I think)

5.) They respect each other as equals
Naruto is always after Sasuke’s recognition and respect and although Sasuke rarely shows it, he sees Naruto as his equal.

6.) They show concern, usually the person that offers them help and asks if they’re alright.
Naruto shows a lot of concern for Sasuke and always wonders how he’s doing and I believe Sasuke does as well in a much more subtle way.

7.) There are no gender roles, even in a heteroship, they exhibit simultaneous balance with feminininity and masculinity.
Both Naruto and Sasuke act manly but they have their moments.

8.) They have humour too!
The bickering is always pretty funny.

9.) They know something about each other that no one else knows.
Well I’m not sure about this one, but Naruto knew about the Uchiha mass slaughter and even Sasuke’s canon wife doesn’t know about it.

10.) One is the brains, the other is the brawns
Sasuke is a mix of both and whilst Naruto is more brawns than brains, he can have his moments

11.) But the brain isn’t only brains and the Brawns isn’t only muscle.
They are both mixed I think

12.) Tragic background story?? Not necessary but a bonus
Both had tragic back stories and looked to each other for acceptance in their darkest times

13.) They’ve had arguments but surpassed it.
Their arguments were always pretty extreme but they’ve managed to move past it.

14.) They keep things lively and interesting
Yeah, yeah they really do.

15.) You’ve acknowledged the fact that you’re not sleeping a full eight hours tonight.
Otp of happiness and pain demands I sacrifice hours of my sleeping time.

Credit to @roboemshasmoved for the how to spots, I just couldn’t resist kind of answering them.

What I didn’t post….

So when I was 16 I heard the song Dare4Distance on Pandora, I thought it was the sweetest song and immediately started to search for more music by Never Shout Never.  For the entirety of high school I would listen to his songs, as a pretty awkward high schooler his music was extremely comforting when I felt lonely, nervous or awkward, his music got me through my first heartbreak, it was and still holds such a special place in my heart.  So I finally decided to buy meet and greet tickets to meet Chris and the guys.  I was extremely nervous but Chris was so sweet and accepted a drawing of him I made as a 16 year old.  Getting called sweetie and a hug from  him was amazing.  Finally meeting someone who meant so much to you is such an amazing feeling.  I will always remember this concert, crying during Coffee and Cigarettes, thinking about how much I changed since 2012 when I first saw Chris, how different he is, but how in certain ways I am the same and how his music still means so much to me.