Hello new followers!!!  After clearing out the porn blogs, I find I’ve hit a milestone!  I’ve been seeing all sorts of new names on my dash notes - the only thing better than having new followers is having followers who seem to really like my content!  So here’s a picture of me doing a victory lap:

(I’m in the red car.  It’s always red.)

Basic set-up of the blog: I post almost nothing other than BBC Sherlock content.  Primary ship I post is Sherlolly.  I don’t tag those things since they make up the most content here.  But as a multi-shipper I do post other ships; I try to tag those; please give me a kind nudge if I miss some.  I tag stuff that’s not Sherlock as #notsherlock and personal as #personal (see if you can crack my secret code.)

I ship jlock; I think t*lc is bullshit.

Oh and I swear like a sailor.  I post no spoilers/setlock content (that’s not released by the production.)  I post no hate for characters or bloggers (but am not adverse to a healthy fight.  That stuff is tagged #wank and #fandom wank.)

I also have a couple of sideblogs, and I thought that this time around, since my audience seems to be broadening, I’d open them up to other folks:

@heypaulookitthis is a compendium of weird shit that I share with my honey;

@politicsman-politics is my cache of political posts;

@stuffbwouldlike is cute, fluffy, fun, G-rated stuff.

Feel free to follow or ignore, as the mood strikes. 

Thanks for following along!  *mwah*