I’m sorry, but I have to set the record straight here. The man in this GIF is not Sherlock. This man is Bernard Black from “Black Books” a different BBC television series.

This is Sherlock: (Sexy man who solves crimes, has problems with people in general, and has an amazing Blonde assistant)

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This is Bernard Black: (Sexy man who sells books, has problems with people in general, and has an amazing Blonde assistant)

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This is the scene in “Black Books” where the GIF is taken from: (Watch it, it’s worth it)


Ok…I’m done ranting…You may continue with your day…

physicallyqueer  asked:

not a story forkie, but how many people on tumblr are gay?? and why is it always girls submitting these stories? i thought it was guys that were always masturbating??? what is going on??

Ah, Notsherlock. I’m glad you asked this question.

Fact of the matter is, everyone masturbates. Every last human on the planet. Perhaps a few of them are so repressed that they only do it once or twice, but they still try it whether they mean to or not. Most of us are smart enough to keep at a good thing when we recognise it, though!

And Tumblr is just gay. Just plain gay. WELCOME TO THE FOLD.

(by the way, I’ve got a bone to pick with you but that can wait for a more private conversation)

anonymous asked:

Can you explain "LAZARUS IS GO"?

I don’t get if you’re asking about my blog name or about it in the show so I’ll answer both

Sherlock and Mycroft had planned different ways for Sherlock to ‘not die’ 

“There were 13 likely scenarios, each one rigorously worked out and given a code name.” -Sherlock (explaining to Anderson) 

so Lazarus or LAZARUS was the code name of one of the planned scenarios and LAZARUS IS GO probably meant that operation LAZARUS was ready and Sherlock could jump off the building 

and it sounded cool and was a nice reference to the show so i used it for my blog name. not the most creative person. 

hope that answers you anon! :-)

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1)Do you have any pets?

I once had six cats. *sniff* mummy gave them away cause I was allergic and wouldn’t admit it. Very sad time of my life.

2) What is your favourite drink?

Mmm. Lame but hot chocolate, must be consumed with (1) book and preferably just before bed.  

3) How do you feel about smoking?

Never tried

4) Do you have any siblings?

5 brothers

5) Can you draw?

6) What fictional character would you want to be?

For how long though? For a day, The British Government :)

If forever, Princess Lucy from The Last Battle

7) Do you watch any kind of sport?


8) What are you reading at the moment?

Question 9.

9) Do you believe in love at first sight?

I don’t believe it will ever happen to me. Maybe for other people?

10) Favourite band/singer?

A mix of stuff – From Howie Day to (yes, cringe) Nicole Scherzinger. I listen to, and am open to, a lot. Currently love The Hush.

11) Favourite OTP?

Ross and Rachel

My questions

1. Are you at school, college, uni, or other?

2. What fictional character would you want to be?

3. What is your favourite film and why?

4. Films or books?

5. Dream job?

6. Actual career/career plan?

7. You have one day to spend with anyone of your choosing. (Doesn’t have to be famous). Who have you picked?

8. How did you first find out about Sherlock?

9. Favourite drink?

10.Hedgehogs or otters?

11. Tell us something that might be unique about yourself