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@danielhowell recently made a video talking about his depression, and it really made me sad.  Somehow, I got lucky, and don’t have depression in a family that that majority do.  I thank my lucky stars for that, but even so, his video really put into perspective what someone with depression might go through.  Never the less, this image was done bases off his journey through depression.  I know it will never truly be gone, but it was nice to know that he was doing better. I’m sorry the last Dan kind of looks like a potato. I’m better with drawing motion, so a stand still was a little tricky for me.  Btw, this picture was highly influenced off szin’s picture of Eliza.  So I give her proper credit, and I will leave a link to her video, and twitter below~ (You should check her stuff out)

szin’s speedpaint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVAjTMm5G5A&t=548s

szin’s twitter: https://twitter.com/level9trash

justice-turtle replied to your post “Sam, do you ever have nothing days? I’m also an Adult with an office…”

Didn’t you used to call these something like “Doona Days”, or am I misremembering?

I’m sure I have referred to them as that in the past! It’s what Australians call them, or at least, what my Australians call them. :D 

clockways replied to your post “Soooo, my home inspection meant to be today (ACTUALLY meant to be…”

*hugs* I’m sorry. Something you might want to measure but gets forgotten is floor to window sill btw! Good to know what can fit under windows.

OH SHIT good idea *adds to spreadsheet* Though frankly *looks around* I don’t really have that much furniture that would have to fit under windows, just the two tables really. 

Working out how I’m gonna put the furniture into this place is proving somewhat difficult. I’ve got a rendering done in a free online floorplan maker, but no matter what I do with the living room, it’s Awkward. I’m sure I’ll have it more figured out once I get in the space, and at least my living room won’t be essentially a hallway anymore. :D 

Gonna miss the fireplace though. My stepdad is thinking of getting me an electric one for Christmas, I think. 

angeliquethedemon  asked:

If any of you’re ocs were in modern day what would they look like? (Btw I was the one who asked about swapping oc facts I have no idea what I’m doing :^o)

Lea Surana:

Male model Harry Curran for face claim. Would prefer slim fit suits. Never wears any clothes at home, answers doors wrapped in a silk shawl, entirely naked underneath.

Spiridon Lavellan: 

Has no face claim because I’ve yet to see a face that in any way resembles that skinny mean mug he’s got going on. Maybe David Bowie during his Thin White Duke era. Actually, yeah, the Thin White Duke Bowie is the closest it’ll ever get to Spiridon Lavellan.

No suits though. Wears linen clothes, plain white T–shirts with a v-neck or even a bold over the shoulder neck because heck off that’s why. Pants are never tight. He loves the way his legs look when he’s naked, but in tight pants they just look comically long and very skinny.

Wears his hair in an unironic man bun.

Mace of the Marches:
Lara Stone for faceclaim. Tall. Probably scouted for modelling and makes it too for a while, as she’s handsome and bold. But in the end she gets tired of strutting someone else’s creative vision, someone else’s dream like blank canvas that’ll be crumpled and tossed when it becomes too used. She quits the fashion industry, establishes a shady organisation of a little something terrible, but retains the love for perverse, useless luxury. In small amounts, of course, but she’ll never leave the building without having something obscenely expensive hung on her or dabbed on her eyelids. 

anonymous asked:

You are a little too dramatic when it comes to Taylor sorry to break it to ya


anonymous asked:

(NSFW???) Jared (I’ll platonically marry you if it’s all of the frick dorks) hcs to having a VERY FLEXIBLE s/o

you know what i like bby (also im just doing jared bc i’m working on a long ((hopefully)) halloween fic but i still wanna get something out whoops) 

  • okay so originally he didn’t realize you were flexible bc the opportunity to show off your skills never arose 
  • until one day you’re over at his house just chillin and hanging out. he’s sitting on the couch playing video games, and you’re on the floor stretching and stuff
  • i’m imagining that you’re doing something like this btw
  • he dies in the game and so he looks down at you and as soon as he realizes you’re /that/ flexible, he legit makes the “:O!!!!” face 
  • “how….are you even doing that?” 
  • you giggle a bit and sit up and you’re just like “that? heh, that was nothing.” 
  • he raises his eyebrow and says something like “oh really? well then show me what you’ve got.” 
  • you move into this pose and he fuckin loses it
  • when you look up at him again he’s definitely at half mast, at least. you kinda blush and he’s like ???? and then he realizes and he blushes too 
  • i’m not gonna delve too far into the explicit stuff but 
  • he loves trying new positions and seeing how far he can take it 
  • semi-advanced bondage? yep. 
  • jared,,,,,,so good 

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Are there any pics/videos from behind the scenes or something of Martin and Bill? Cos I really loved them in Simple Simon! Do you know if they are good friends?

I don’t know if they’re still in contact, I haven’t really seen pics of them together except for the time they were filming Simple Simon (but I would seriously fucking die if for example Martin tweeted a new pic of Bill and him reuniting hjhjhjhj)

Aaand about the BTS stuff. 

1. Here is my favorite fucking thing in the world, this pic:

idk what the fuck this is btw lmfaohfj but Martin lowkey looks like Jake Gyllenhaal here hjhjhjhjhjhjh.  

2. this video saved my life, seriously, just watch it. 

3. and let’s not forget this. fuckin. picture. I am in love

entirely bonkers #5 | you’re the prince of the playground

“if you dangle that diploma and i deck you, don’t be surprised”

horror + angst, teamiplier/egos


He didn’t look any different from his mortal. Like Peevils, he had cold, black eyes. He glitched and flickered like Dark, but he didn’t leave the boy’s body at all. He was as quiet, if not more, than Stoneface. He didn’t emote or react, either. He simply moved from the sleeping bag on the floor to the armchair upon waking up, and he had remained there since. His hand twitched every now and again, but he said nothing at all. Peevils and Stoneface just stood around him, looking at him curiously.

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Cp and gg look like a real couple. 😞wish it were really real. They look so pretty. Oh and what’s with that fans weird twitter link? Why does he have the @g i his twitter bio? Btw he looks like my cousin. I thought it was him.

Agreed, they need to cut the BS and get together already lol, btw director Larry Teng posted that pic of GG and CP, loi idk why his Instagram handle is  tengstagram.

@thisshouldbegayer‘s Galra Keith to match my Altean Lance.


“So stop making that face at me…”


“Feindesliebe” (ger.) - loving your enemies

“They sent me to kill you. And I tried… I really tried.

But I couldn’t do it.

Because he loved you.

And when I look at you like that, I know the reason

why he did.”

Okay, so today I finished watching s3…. And hooooly shit. I totally understand why a lot of people think the “new” Shiro might be a clone.There’s definitely something wrong with him. Not sure if he’s really a clone or they just put something into is brain, though. But something’s fucky.

So here’s some clone!Shiro (or Kuron?) stuff I made after watching the last episode. Because… what if the real Shiro is still out there and the Galra sent their “Project Kuron” to infiltrate the castle and kill the Paladins one by one?

But since Kuron seems to have acess to all of Shiro’s memories and emotions, he falls for Keith instead of killing him. And he falls hard.

Keith in return knows exactly that this isn’t his Shiro… It’s just small things, like the way Kuron looks at him or touches him with his Galra-tech arm, without noticing. It’s the way Kuron lets himself fall for Keith in a way Shiro would’ve never allowed himself to.

So… what if Keith falls for the clone instead of the original?

(btw, I’ll still stick to my smol bean Kuro and the headcanons I made for him… Kuron is just…another Shirogane? :) Like Shiro, Kuro, AND Ryou aren’t enough already. One can never have enough Shiroganes.)


The two 1A vs 1B matches!! Incidently they included two of my favorite characters in the series, and for that I’ll always be grateful~

my bpd ass: i have literally no idea who i am

some fucko: but do any of us really know WHO we are? surely it is the deepest part of human nature to question existence, and wh-

me: thanks denise, but every time i look in a mirror i dissociate five inches to the left, i forget what my name is, and if you asked me what things i enjoy i would be UNABLE to tell you unless i had already made a list


MarkiplierTV presents Resident Enis

(bloopers because Dark needs a few more takes to even say that in a straight sentence)

Dark is usually the Evil Guy TM in most of my portrayals, but sometimes I remember he was claimed to be an evil vampire in his earlier years. Also I was watching Resident Enis so why not

✨The language learning tip you have not heard (works for all written languages)

The tip: Copy down (entire) passages of text

Why it works: You get WRITING SKILLS since you are writing down every word. You become familiar with the spelling, grammar, different writing styles, script (if you are unfamiliar with it), etc. You get READING SKILLS because obviously you are reading, exposed to the written text in context. You can even incorporate SPEAKING and LISTENING SKILLS by listen to the audio format (you can try google translate audio if you find nothing else) and/or read it aloud to yourself. Since you are limited by the speed of your writing, you will pay more attention to pronunciation. *Also, everyone knows you retain more information when you write by hand.*

How to:

1. Select a text. Make sure it is appropriate to your level and desired new vocabulary set. If I want to know more political vocabulary, I will read a news article. But for colloquial language/slang, I will read a YA novel.

(Btw you can find tons of texts for novels online if you search: “title name” + pdf)

2. Get a paper and writing utensil (you can dedicate a notebook to this if you want).

3. Don’t stop until the text is done or your hand hurts

4. Limit looking up vocabulary. If the text is more challenging for you, allow yourself to look up about one word per paragraph. If it is at your level, then wait to the end of the session to open the dictionary. Chances are, you’ll figure out the word’s meaning a few lines later.

4. Go back to the text later to review and/or make vocabulary lists from what you learned (flashcards like anki or memrise would be great especially if you put the sentence on one side with the word indicated and a representative picture on the other side

Ex. Side one: I planted a *rose* today

Side two: picture of a rose in a pot)

**btw I don’t know if this is an “undiscovered” method. I used this to learn spelling and writing structures in my native language when I was little. I would even put the writing right in my picture books**

Inktober day 13 - Teeming

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Okay we have done some monster Stans…but how about monster Dipper? 

Please enjoy this, the least dramatic scene? but the one I love the most from the excellent, spoopy, and perfect-for-Halloween fic Hive by @marypsue

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